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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flea Market Finds...Again

In spite of the weekend's busyness, we still did our flea market rounds adding a new one to the mix. Sadly, the "new" one is going out of business as even the flea markets feel the pinch of the times. Our state levies particularly heavy taxes on businesses and many are not able to hold on. (I won't launch into political commentary here, but I could and how.)

So we found two very large BALL jars (I'll be using them in the sewing room), another teacup and saucer, vintage hankies, two doilies, and this wonderful old frame! I'm in love with that vintage frame made of cherry. Shhhh, don't tell John.

This is what I'm going to do with the frame:

photo courtesy of Dawn at The Feathered Nest

If you do a search of "old window project" at Dawn's, you'll come up with all the posts referrring to this project.

Oh, the first photo was taken in the corner where I will hang the project below the clock and where the branches will provide a natural veiling of sorts. I hope it turns out well, but either way, I'll show you.

In the same way that I missed Mosaic Monday with Mary, I have been missing out on "Thrifty Treasures" at Southern Hospitality. Hope that I may connect one of these days. You may visit Rhoda right

Wednesday...enjoy it!


  1. Good morning.

    Vintage hankies and doilies! Yummmmmm........

    I think the rest of the week will be tough. What with the hospital things, and all. Courage, my Friend.

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia

  2. More good finds and what a great idea for the use of an old frame.
    I might give that one a try.

  3. I was thrifting too but that's nothing new...Love your finds. One of the stores I frequent when in Washington is wondering if they can stay open, too. Blessings...

  4. Ohhh we did some thrifting, yard sailing and some flea marketing too.

    How could you not "love" that window frame?! lol

    Wishing you a sunny day!


  5. I had zip, zero, zilch luck searching for treasures this weekend and I did try! You did well and I can't wait to see the window frame! Thinking of all of you this week.

  6. I love thrift treasures and I am becoming addicted to stopping at Goodwill 'just to look'! lol You found some pretty things!

  7. Hi Vee,
    I have so missed not being able to come by for a visit, but hopefully i can as some of my projects are slowing down, but not food preserving it is in full swing.

    I enjoy all of your finds that you share, I really would enjoy a trip to the flea market with you it seems you know exactly where to find things.

    I went back to other post to see what you had posted on, especially to find out how your mother was doing, I now will also add your grandmother in my prayer journal, as well as you and John as caregivers.
    I am always blessed by your insight into situations.


  8. Vee, I love your flea market finds.I can not wait to see what you do with the frame!Hope you have a great day! Blassing, Faye

  9. I love anything with old windows, frames or screens! Can't wait to see your finished project. Dawn is such an inspiration,huh? Love her blog!

    Good finds - I'll post what I found in Colorado (yep, we can't go anywhere anymore without stopping at a flea market, or garage sale!)

    Have a great rest of the week -

  10. Since you say 'we'...I'm thinking John goes thrifting with you. My hubby would surely find something else to do if he knew I was heading for a thrift store or flea market. Well...maybe if he knew they had tools he could be persuaded. Your frame project will be lovely!

    How long have you had those lily-of-the-valley sitting on your sidebar? I like!

  11. Oh what terrific things you found at the flea markets. I can't wait to see the frame when it's done. :)

  12. I am sure there is room in your heart for John and your new window frame. It is going to look awesome in your home. I know just which corner you speak of.

    I hope you have a sweet day.

  13. Thinking of you often these days, Vee. Just not blogging much. I love your thrifted treasures. I too live in a state that's not very friendly to business. What a shame. I can't wait to see the finished frame results. ~Kathy

  14. I love the frame idea! It's amazing! I'm eager to see how yours turns out. I have a white frame with glass that needs 'finished'. It has a little window lock key on a satin ribbon and hooks at the bottom to hang things on. I have played around with adding lace to the back or chintz. I'm not sure yet and now you give another great idea! I've also thought of using my dried flowers from our woods. Too many choices!

    :) Enjoy a blessed day!


  15. Love the window frame idea. Great resources. Thanks

  16. Love, that precious tea cup. I need to add a few more to my collection due to breakage...that's all I'm saying :/

  17. I love vintage teacups and that would be the first thing that catches my eye at a flea market.

    I like what you are going to do with the window frame!

    I hope your Mom is doing well Vee. I'm sorry I have been away from my computer a lot this holiday weekend and have not read your blog as much as I'd like. Catching up now.

    Hugs, Pat

  18. Wonderful treasures Vee! I love the idea for the window frame, very cute!
    And we can relate to taxes, as business owners ourselves, it is a constant headache...enough said!
    Have a blessed day!

  19. You find the most amazing things on these flee market hunts. I really have to get my hubby to go out with me :>) I hope everything goes well this week. I will be thinking about you and sending prayers your way.

  20. I just adore those prints with the eggs and birds...... sooo sweet.... I will have to pop over there..

  21. I have been catching up with you on all the post I have missed. Live keeps getting in the way of my blogging time. LOL
    Have a great night...m.

  22. Hi sweet Vee! I know your window project will be just beautiful ~ I can't wait to see it!! xxoo, Dawn

  23. I love your finds. Gee whiz, between you and ellen whom I just 'visited'...I am getting the bug to go thrifting. This is a relatively new 'sport' for me...but I had so much fun this past Christmas collecting my gifts...so now I am ready to go again...hmmm...love that window idea. I'll skip back to Dawn's blog to check it out. Happy Wednesday!

  24. My husband has learned not to ask me to do anything or run errands on Thursday and Friday mornings. That's when the estate sales and some garage sales open. 7:00 a.m. I can usually hit several before I have to be at work at 9.

    That's a pretty tea cup you have there. I've got about 12 - they're all different. I like it that way.

    Yes, about Adam coming home more often - whatever it takes to get him here. I'll be posting a photo of our two lovebirds. It's happening pretty fast!

    I'll have to visit Dawn's blog. I really like those frames with the bird stuff in them. How unique!

    Thinking about your mom and grandmom and you. Hope things go well for all.

  25. Hi Vee, That is a great idea to do with the old window frame! Thanks for sharing it!

    Hope your mom and grandmother are doing well! Praying for them and your safe travels as you travel between the two hospitals! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  26. That's going to be a cute project to do with the window frame! Terrific finds!



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