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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Proper Tea Pot, etc.

There's a consignment shop that I've always wanted to visit and have never found open because of their unusual hours of operation. Wednesday, they were not only open, but I had a willing driver. You know, the kind who is willing. to. stop. I'm not familiar with consignment shops so perhaps they all operate this way, but there are dates marked on each item and if that date has been reached, the item's price goes down accordingly. This tea pot was originally on sale for $36. I thought that I was buying it for $21, but it was actually $17. How can I have my grandmother live with me if I can't make her a proper pot of tea? ;>

Thanks to Linda at *Restyled Home,* I knew that a trip to the Christmas Tree Shops would be in order, too. You can read about her purchase if you follow the link. I purchased an even less expensive version...$19.99 for what will be my grandmother's beside table/bookshelf. It's a little cluttered with her lotions right now, but we'll be switching to books.

This pillow was also at the consignment shop. I thought I was getting it for $7; I got it for $9. Guess everything balanced out in the end... The lamp was also a Christmas Tree Shops find. Nine dollars and ninety-nine cents including the shade. It's so cute. I just love it and now wish that I had purchased a couple more.

Though I'm not a fan of plastic (except I do love plastic bags from the grocer for the *obvious reasons* ), I really like this tablecloth for the deck table. That metal can get pretty hot and the table is easier to clean.

These were the not so fun items to purchase, but necessary. John took the first shower using the hot-stop-safe-water-temperature-every-time-hand-held shower and had trouble getting the temperature that he likes. I'm not sure if anyone'll ever be able to take a hot shower again. Nana won't like that.

Just tossing in these kitty photos. She used to be fed in that corner and hasn't adjusted to the fact that her feeding station has moved. It has taken me weeks to capture these two rather poor pictures. Every time I get the camera, she steps out of the frame. Ha!Hey! Wait a minute, I think that I've been framed!
Finally, this message is for Carol and anyone else who has seen me pop in and pop out on your blog. What in the world can this mean? I think it means that my service provider (Fairpoint) is on the fritz. I'll have to Google it if IE will let me. Don't worry, Carol, I'll find my way back as soon as I can.
Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. I got those messages a lot yesterday and after reading of others with the same issues some have come to the conclusion that it may have something to do with the followers feature. You got some great finds yesterday!

  2. Happy Friday Vee! I love the treasures that you found on your shopping trip, especially the teapot. There is nothing more refreshing than a cup of tea in the mornings...and in the evening. =) You are too sweet to fix everything up for your grandmother. She will LOVE it, I am sure!

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

  3. Hi Vee

    I love the teapot! I can't ever figure out the costs at consignment shops either. I always figure that I'm willing to pay the marked and am surprised when it's less! Enjoy your Grandmother's visit, you are blessed to still have her in your life!

    BTW - The cat photo's are soo great!

  4. Love the teapot! I've been reading about the Christmas Tree Shops and need to visit one...but the closest one to me is Dayton Ohio--close to my "real" home, but 4 1/2 hours from where I live now. I've been getting the error message lately on a few blogs, and it's the same one that almost shut down blogger several months ago. Try using the Mozilla Firefox Browser or the Google Chrome Browser...no error messages (but I don't care for either of them on a regular basis!)

  5. Lovely finds! Especially that tea pot and lamp shade.

    Sorry about your service provider being off "having a bad hair day"! El yucko. I don't really understand, but I do know, it's not good. Bleahhhhh...

    And don't know if you want the video of the ocean's edge, to show... But happily it does, via my Google Reader. And I could hear the heavenly sound of the waves crashing on the shore!! Thank you!!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia
    Dear you,

  6. Hi Vee,
    Your tea pot is lovely. I love it when consignments shops do that kind of pricing. I love roaming around consignment shops, and the Christmas Tree Shop. Another favorite of mine is Home Goods. I love window shopping so these three kind of places make my day.


  7. There is a blogger programming problem with Internet Explorer. It is working better today, but some sites are still crashing.

    Those are beautiful treasures you got on your shopping expeditions!

  8. I am having the same issues with my computer. Glad to know I am not alone. Just hope it is fixed soon!

    You are going through some changes...but it looks like you are working it to the good. Love your finds! The teapot and lamp are my favorites.

    Your kitty cracks me up. Great shots!

  9. I believe you misinterpreted what Kitty was trying to communicate with you. Every cat pose is worthy of a photo, and every cat photo is worthy of framing. She was politely pointing out the frames, and suggesting you need to aquire more.

    She also needs a more artistic name. May I suggest Cassandra?

    Purrs and Nose Touches....

    Tiggie, a Faithful Orange Cat

  10. Vee I have been getting the same message on my computer for a few blogs today --it tells me Internet Explorer can't open the page. I have a feeling it's a Blogger issue!

    I love all the goodies you bought! Your Nan will be very comfortable and cozy.

    One thing about the Christmas Tree Shop -- don't buy any toys for your grandsons there --they often sell stuff that is on the "worst toys" list for lead paint and other chemicals. I'll be blogging about that soon.

  11. Vee, I love that teapot!!! Now, shall I send you some Yorkshire Tea? Let me know, Nana will love it! Just email me...really! What wonderful things you came across, I'm jealous lol!

  12. Vee,
    More fun goodies! I love the tea pot, too cute! I have to run some errands today and I am hoping I might stumble across some garage sales on the way and fine some goodies myself!
    By the way, thanks for entering my giveaway, hope you win!

  13. Hi Vee - my internet is doing that, too. I don't know what it is. It's frustrating. I have to go back and click on the actual post and open up the blog page, then I can click on the blog header or somewhere else and bring the whole blog up. I thought it was just me.

  14. Oh yeah, I think your grandmother is going to love her new space! Cute little table/lamp, and she'll be thrilled to have tea out of such a lovely tea pitcher! I wish I had my grandmother back, my Nanny. I miss her so much!

  15. How thoughtful you are to your dear Grandmother... making everything just right for her...... that tea pot is lovely ..... love the flowers ....

  16. Great finds...and what a fun way to spend your day out and about! Have a fun time with your grandmother...sipping tea in style from a proper teapot.

    My computer is also not allowing me to visit certain blogs. Hopefully that is soon resolved.

  17. LOL I think it's fixed. I have no idea what happened but I was having trouble getting through to other people too. You have found some great finds on your shopping adventure. That little teapot is absolutely beautiful! Your grandmother will love it ♥ Your little kitty is so sweet ♥ Well, I'm off to plant some more flowers. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  18. You got a good deal on that teapot.
    I love teapots! Have a great weekend :)

  19. I do so hope I have a loved one to care for me if I become infirm. I am 72 and hubby and I are doing good. I guess I started to read my blogs later (keep my fingers crossed) I have not run across any trouble.
    I love the teapot.

  20. I love the pillow and especially the lamp!

  21. I was getting those error messages on a couple of blogs too. Seems to be cleared up today though, thank goodness!
    I love that lamp! I actually really like everything that you got! It's all lovely. Good deals too.
    Don't even get me started on the grocery stores charging 5 cents per bag! (I'm a Canadian remember so it effects me). As a family of 6 that spends roughly sixteen hundred dollars a month on groceries it really burns me big time that I have to pay for my bags too! I think I'll take my chances with the toxin's Thanks Loblaws!!! :)
    Anyhow... everything looks wonderful! I bet Gramma loves it!

  22. I had trouble all day yesterday and today with that same pop up. Also when I tried to leave comments at some blogs there was no "Publish Your Comment" button to click on. I have read that it may be a follower, Blogger or Internet Explorer problem. I have no idea what, I just wish they would get it fixed.
    Anyhoo, beautiful teapot you found and all of your purchases are sure to make your grandmother feel loved. I also enjoyed your kitty pictures. What a pretty kitty you have.

    Have a happy Memorial Day weekend.

  23. Vee
    The teapot is a great find!

  24. Hi Vee...LOVE all your purchases. I wish there was a Christmas Tree Shop in my area...I miss them.

    That cat in the frame photo is purfect!

    We just got back from a lovely walk to the Arboretum near the lake..I took a ton of pictures...everything is in bloom.


  25. I also got that message in a few diferent blogs that I visit.
    Such a lovely itnes you bought.

  26. First of all I am getting that same message on some blogs I visit. I do not know what it means either. So whacky.

    I adore the teapot and the little lamp. So very pretty. I do not like plastic tablecloths either but do use them outside. Have a great weekend my friend...m.

  27. Great post!
    The kitty photos are cute, how creative of you to frame them up that way.
    Like your Christmas Tree shop finds, always lots of treasures to find there.

  28. Oh my Vee....you have some pretty great photos going on there! I do love that teapot too. And your cat photo...you have soooo much patience to wait for a good shot...but it was well worth it!

  29. Now, that's a beautiful teapot if I ever saw one! Wishing you many wonderful teatime moments to treasure for always. :)

  30. It looks like Nana will be well taken care of in proper style. You are so thoughtful to see to her needs.

  31. What a sweet teapot for your grandmother! I ran into a consignment shop like that and didn't understand the pricing. Thanks for making that clear. You got some real bargains and they look great all put together!

  32. Wishing you a blessed "Memorial Day" weekend too Vee.

    Sorry to hear your having problems viewing and commenting on my blog, hmmmm wonder why. Haven't heard of any other bloggers having this problem. Well I got your comment this evening though.

  33. Everything is looking lovely and comfy at A Haven for Vee! I love your style --- kindred spirits --- I feel right at home! I enjoyed the ocean video and all the great ideas and gentle graciousness you always share. And I have something to tell you about! You know I have always loved your window frame with the hanging teacups, right? Yesterday we went to our cabin and our homestead cabin (a second one; very old) was broken into and the window frame was damaged beyond repair for cabin use. So, I carefully carried it (avoiding glass shards) back to our vehicle and brought it home with me so I can create a scene like Vee with my teacups. It's, errr, a bright spring green -- but beggers cannot be choosers! I will make it work somehow!

    Enjoy a great holiday week-end!

    Love from

  34. Hi, Vee! I love of all your finds, especially the lovely teapot. If you keep having trouble, try Google Chrome. There are a few sites that I cannot access at all with IE8, so I have learned to use Chrome for those.

    p.s. I would be all out of sorts if I couldn't visit Charli & Me. Isn't she great?!

  35. You sure find the cutest things!! About the error message...I just found this post. I am Soooo glad you mentioned the computer problem....I have beennhaving it too lately and had not idea others were too...Thanks!! Jody