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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where is Everybody?

It's been so quiet in Blogland. I hope that it means that everyone is enjoying fair spring weather, that planting has begun in earnest or even that lawns must be mowed. I'll mow mine today for the first time this year myself.

Don't forget to swing by tomorrow for the big reveal.

Wasn't I clever not to give a thing away? Have a wicked good Wednesday!


  1. Hi Vee! I need to update but have been busy puttering. Unfortunately I have not puttered where I should and may not be ready (probably will not) be ready for tomorrow's big reveal! Truly a procrastinator! Glad to know I will have at least one reveal to look at and spur me on!

  2. Yes it is quiet at the moment, isn't it - but then, you are right, Vee - the weather being kind means the lot of us are zapping out into our gardens to get some sun and warmth again!

  3. Good Morning Vee,

    I'm still here. In fact your the visit place I visit every morning (after my trip to the coffee maker). However, somehow I missed yesterday's flea market fun. I might try your crumb cake receipt this weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Sorry for the typo above. Is there an edit after you post that I don't know about?

  5. I'm here every day right with you - maybe not commenting but right here with you. Love your comment on having a wicked good Wednesday! :)

  6. Beautiful Vee!Have a Blessed Day! Faye

  7. Yeah, I feel the same way! I got out into the garden but I needed to get some other things done as well! So here I am!

  8. Good Morning, Vee! I guess everyone is doing spring cleaning and yardwork. LOL! SO...big reveal, can't wait to see what it is! :)

    Love your old tin can you found below! How cool is that! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  9. 1) Mother's Day Weekend. Those kinds of holidays seem to thin down 'Bloglandia.'

    2) May well be the nice weather returning, to the Northern Hemisphere. Be outside time!

    3) May well be the colder weather returning to the Southern Hemisphere. Hunker down by the fire time.

    4) But how would I know, for sure, hu? ,-)

    As to this Thursday Reveal Thing... -sigh- You are just soooooo sneaky. ,-))) But it's cute too. I like to spring things. I do. So I'm not gonna' rag on you, about it. :-)))

    And my die is already cast, as to seeing if I 'guessed' correctly. It will be Yes, or it will be No.

    But even if I didn't have the exact date, the wish is still the same. :-)

    There! See! Two can play at this *Vague Game*. -grinnnn-

    'Aunt Amelia'

  10. I've noticed how quiet it is around blogland, too. Such a busy time of year, end of school coming and everyone out working in the nicer weather or planning for vacations, I guess.

  11. I'm still stopping by...Just hardly no time to comment. We have been spending tons of time out doors. The weather is perfect here and the pool water is warm!

  12. I wanna come sit on your cute deck :-) Hmmmm...yep, days are getting longer and more outside fun (chores) to be done. Have a great day and enjoy this spring day!

  13. I think it is the weather calling us outdoors and away from our computers. I have told myself I can blog surf until my cup of coffee is finished this a.m.

    Looking forward to the big reveal.

  14. Hee! Hee! Did you know they don't say "wicked" anywhere else but in New England? At least that's what my daughters told me after going to school in Virginia!

    It's hard to sit and think and write when the sun is shining. Thanks for your great idea about the aprons. I might have to give it a try! Who knew such a little project would be such a big pain?

    Looking forward to your reveal tomorrow! Have a wicked good day! Kathy

  15. Hi Vee,
    I think maybe everyone is out enjoying the spring weather, either working as I have been or just soaking in sunshine. And that reminds me I have peas to pick that are calling, but I just wanted to visit a little while this morning.

    Commenting on your post yesterday, I so enjoyed watching the smile on John's face, was he smiling while holding that spatular because he knew he was going to have a cake iced with it, or is he like my dh just loves the camera !!! lol

    I would like to think that finding that special book was a God breeze, which I thing are the best kinds to blow our way. I know you both will enjoy it.


  16. Oh, I think we are all busy with spring cleaning and planting. As I get older it seems as though it takes me longer to get the things that neeeeeeeed to be done done.

    Have a wicked Wednesday, too.


  17. Good morning Vee! Hope the weather's allowing ya'll to get outside, too! Are you mowing today?
    I am sore after working in my garden yesterday. I'll probably do some inside chores this evening after work and let my muscles rest. I did bring home with me some huge chigger bites! I smell like Campho-phenique today!

  18. No mucking about the yard here, too muddy and floody! I have be closeted in my art room fingers and ideas flying getting ready for my give away and making some gifts. I can't wait for the big reveal, hey, will they be featuring this on the HGTV show by the same name? ;c) Have fun mowing the lawn.

  19. Our weather is not calling me outdoors...but I'll wait! Robert Frost had it all figured out...I like your poem of the month.

    What 'big reveal'? I'll be back.

  20. I'm here Vee! :)
    Can't wait to see what your "surprise" is. Have a wonderful day!

  21. Well I guess everyone is right here with you...... where else should we be....
    Ps Sherry and I talked about you...... how much we love you....hug....hug...kiss... kiss

  22. Yes, it has been quiet here in blogland. It's a busy time of year, and since we finally have some nice weather in Minnesota, I've been spending time outdoors in the garden.

  23. Hi Vee

    I had to take hubby to the airport this morning as he has a business trip and then I did some gardening and now I can't believe it is already 4:30! The day has flown by!

    I love the "wicked" expression --it is almost as good as fuhgeddaboutit" as a colloquialism..lol

    Looking forward to tomorrow! :-)

    Hugs, Pat
    PS I just found out "fuhgeddaboutit" is in spell check!

  24. Wow Vee, for blogland being quiet you have plenty of friends popping by .. but that doesn't surprise me. . you are such a faithful visitor yourself. . .have a great day out in your garden.

  25. Beautiful blog! I just popped over from Aunt Amelia's Attic.

  26. I think that everybody is in the garden Vee. I can't resist this beautiful weather, and I find it so hard to stay inside.

    Have a lovely day.


  27. Found you through In a Garden. I can't believe you say nothing going on.There has been a lot of visits here today. Come visit me in my Ky.home site. You have a lovely site.
    I'm now into the "reveal" thingie, whatever.

  28. I was busy re-vamping my studio...but it has been quiet. Can't wait for the "reveal". See ya tomorrow!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  29. Hi Vee,

    The lulls in blogland are interesting, aren't they. I think people do get busy with children, grandies, chores, and yard work. But never fear, we're all still here. . .being cheered on by your posts and awesome ideas!


  30. Hi Vee,
    It has been a little slow lately. We have finally had a lull in the rain down here and we have been actively been working out in the yard. Between that and all of the end of the year activities and spring sports with the kiddos my plate is full. I have so much to share, so I am hoping for a bit of a break soon.

    Looking forward to your reveal. I'll make the time to stop back by tomorrow!

  31. Hi Vee-
    I just found your blog a few days ago...I read Cindy's at Romantic Home pretty faithfully, and I think that's where I found you. Anyway, when I read your recipe this afternoon, I made the cake for our afternoon coffee break. It was great! Of course I had to put some nuts on ours, we love pecans on about anything you can put them in or on. We are gardening, mostly hubby's hobby, our strawberries are about to be ready to pick, can't wait.
    Keep on inspiring us, I would like to read the Bible through in 90 days too.
    Thanks again,

  32. Hi Vee - In answer to your question, I have planted 2 rows of corn. Might plant some more as I still have enough seed for another row. Moles, crows and dove. The little rascals sneak into my garden when I'm gone and taste whatever they want. Since Adam is not here, Josh will have to get out there and shoot varmints. Actually, Josh has the eagle eye on shooting!

    Hayley collects decor items, whether it's wall art, candles, flea market stuff. She does have good taste. Oh yeah, and clothes and fingernail polish and shoes. I don't know where we're going to put all her stuff...Since I work at a self-storage...

  33. Hi Vee, I have been sick with some pesty little bug. Ever since I retired I am such a procrastinator. It's unbelieveable. I used to be a highly organized person LOL I actually think I like being a procrastinator though.

  34. Not so much enjoying the weather but working hard catching up on all those spring chores both inside and out.


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