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Friday, June 1, 2012

Time for an Adventure

Late last evening, I asked John of his plans for this day...the one sunny day in the middle of ten rainy ones. He had plans involving errand running and the work he's doing at the Ponderosa. I gently suggested that perhaps he could do some of those things on a rainy day as we have plenty of them in our near future.

~Day's End Last Night Suggesting a Bright Day Today~

He hemmed and hawed a bit. I said, "Well then, I am leaving you. I must get out and do something different for a change. I need a change."

"Oh," says he, "where are you going?"

"I have no idea. I am filling the tank, aiming the car, and allowing it to go where it will."

I remember when we used to do that more than we do now. That would've been  2008. ☺ The following two years, we came into a place of responsibility for others that prevented us from deciding on a whim to go anywhere. Those days are over for now. We are without an excuse!

So I'll let you know, on the next rainy day, how the adventure went.

When was the last time you struck off on a whim for nowhere in particular?


  1. You are doing one of my very favorite things to do in the world! I love to head out for what I call it adventure roading. I haven't done it in quite a while either.

    I read your post about being grumbly and can relate to that. I'm sure the rainy days are the biggest culprit. Last year, we didn't have rain, but we had gray skies for what seemed like the whole year. I learned to enjoy whatever sunshine I had when I had it.

    Go Vee!

    (And do not even get me started on worthless compulsory programs... )

  2. Well the rain keeps on here. Puddles everywhere. Won't have to water my tomatoes again. Enjoy your adventure "out there" and I will be waiting to hear. Like your b&A photos. Blessings dear sista.

  3. We're sort of where you were in 2008. If a weekend seems boring (not many of those!), we get in the car and go.

    I'm looking forward to reading about your adventure. I hope you decide to do more of them. We need to create lots of wonderful memories.

  4. It had been a long time! I am looking forward to your adventure...

  5. Good morning! Love this too. But after our LONG road trip last week, hanging out around here this week-end sounds good. ENJOY your adventure!

  6. Sounds like my kind of adventure for sure. enjoy...

  7. I am running away from home today, I will let you know how it goes, enjoy aiming your car towards adventure.

  8. Love it!! Sometimes we have to take drastic measures to get the guys away from the neverending chore list. Can't wait to hear where you end up.

  9. I think the only time we've ever done something like this was many, many years ago when our daughter was a baby and we headed to the mall without telling anyone where we were going. Years before cell phones! My mother was frantic by the time we got home, she lived a few blocks over and had no clue where we were all day. Can't wait to see where you went!

  10. What a brilliant ides, Vee! I hope you have lots of fun, you and John together...I haven't done this for a long time, but now that I can walk again you are sort of inspiring me.

  11. I know just how you feel! After being sick for a week and cooped up inside...I'm ready to BUST out, too! I love to take off on and adventure. I'm better now....stop by and pick me up! heehee!

  12. The hemming and hawing ended with him joining you on the adventure, right? I'm looking forward to seeing where the gas tank took you!

    Your wet season sounds like what we experienced last year. We are having a wet week...but are hoping the sun returns on the weekend.

  13. Yes, yes, YES! Please GO on an adventure!!! You got in a rut and the only way to get out of it is to break the spell.

    LOL, our trip to New Mexico last year was on a whim. I turned to Jim and said, I need a break from all the (consulting) work, so let's go out west! A week or two later, we were off! I'd like to do some more whimsical trips, but this time with the car. Pack a bag and then just GO, looking for fun (or mischief) along the way.

    I await your trip report!

  14. Oh we do that all the time. : ) You never know what we will do next!!
    Hope you enjoyed your day!!

  15. Striking off, on a whim!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like a perfectly heavenly idea.

    And a really wise how-to-keep-a-marriage-humming-along one too! ,-)

    There will always be those ding-dang rainy days, in lots of forms.

    So when the sun is shining, GO FOR IT!!!

    Hooray you!!!

  16. Good for you! We do that every now and then. It's needed to just get away without a plan. Good for the soul! Enjoy your day and tell us all about when you get the chance!

  17. I think if we were both retired my husband and I would be off on many adventures...we both have wanderlust in our blood. I hope you had fun on your adventure, Vee, and that John came along and left his chores for the rainy days :)

  18. I know how you are feeling about the rain...it is like that here in the Northwest too. It is quite depressing looking at the forecast, more days of rain than sunshine! :(
    Enjoy your adventure!


  19. It's been way too long! I miss those inpromptu road trips with the camera. Go for it.

  20. I feel like it's been a long, long time :( I love that feeling of freedom when there's no place you have to be, no particular timetable. Enjoy it!

  21. Can' t remember when, but had a very similar conversation with Mr P. this week, enjoy your whim, and if I lived near by, I would love to go on this whim with you.

  22. Yea, for getting out and enjoying freedom and beauty.....each day is a gift.
    I've always been a very spontaneous person.....I loved doing something at the drop of a hat.
    Hope you all have a glorious day!!!

  23. Go! And have a wonderful adventure!! Unplanned trips are usually the very best!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Good for you Vee! Take the initiative and he will follow. I can't wait to hear where you went and I hope you took pictures! It is a beautiful day here too. Our whim trip was to St. Andrews. And we don't take those whim trips anymore due to his work. This summer is going to be the pits so I guess I'll have to take the initiative and go by myself!

  25. I admire your spontaneity! I'm afraid I'm more like John. I'm a homebody and I can always find things to do around here. But sometimes one needs a change of scenery and a fresh outlook. Good for you that you know when that is! Please let us know of your adventures...even if it was to go to the mall...or sit in Starbucks sipping coffee...or a grand and glorious foray into unknown territory!

  26. Good for you that sounds like fun. For me I must admit it has been awhile. lol sandie

  27. Go for the adventure when you can! We have the most fun on weekends when we just drop everything and hop in the car for a drive....

    Won't be doing that this weekend though...NASCAR race is in Dover just 10 miles up the road.... Traffic will be horrendous!

    Hope you had a great time!

  28. My mom and I used to do it quite often, before I had kids. We'd just get in the car, tell the guys we'd see them in a couple of days and we'd take all the little country roads...finding lots of the most interesting places.
    I do hope your mood is better now. :)
    love, bj

  29. Hi Vee!

    I love those kind of car rides! They don't happen too often with the price of gas these days but I appreciate it when we go!

    Wanted to drop by and let you know that I am now sharing Marie's blog @ Dolls by Marie Antionette. I posted a new post about the fire that occurred in her kitchen which pulled her away from blogging for quite sometime. Marie & I hope you will stop by to visit with us.

    Big hugs, Sherry "Edie"

  30. Hope you had fun on your road tripping. I have to confess that I do that quite a lot since hubby still works. I sometimes just get in the car and go...and that's why I'm behind on getting things done in the house!

    We could use some of that rain of yours. Send some our way!

  31. I'm reading posts backwards this morning, trying to catch up, so I already know of your adventure. I like the motivation behind it - just wanting to get out and DO something. I feel that way from time to time, too. And I'm so glad that John accompanied you.

    Here's to more sunny days! (It's raining here this morning.)

  32. My kind of adventure because I love to drop everything and go on the drop of a hat. It used to drive a friend of mind crazy because she couldn't do anything without a week of planning and that included something as simple as a trip to the store!

    The most recent last minute adventure was a drive out to the Mississippi River about two hours from here. The Farmer was going to golf and I said to myself, the heck if I'm going to sit at home. It was actually an adventure because the bridge crossing the Mississippi where I went is a very harrowing experience. I'm not fond of bridges and that one's a doozy.

  33. Sounds like such a good idea! You know us, we do take the occasional spontaneous jaunt and I really hope that when Mr. T retires, we will do so more often!


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