Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2

Neighbors' tulips along stone foundation

How wonderful to have a cloudy, rainy morning give way to bright sunshine and clear blue skies by eight-thirty. When I awoke, I thought that it would be a rainy day. All day. Instead, I get this unexpected joy. It feels like a metaphor, a sign. All night long I kept wakening telling myself not to worry that it was all a dream, except that it wasn't.

Last evening, I was puttering in my sewing room. John had gone shopping for molding and other things from Lowe's and I remained home because I hadn't felt well during the day. My phone wasn't working and it had been unusually quiet...rather peaceful really. I saw a car come roaring in and thought to myself...Ha! that John! He went as far as the ice cream shop and then decided not to continue. Then an insistent rap on the door and I knew it wasn't John.

My poor mother. Nearly already in tears because she had tried all day to reach me and couldn't. And, she had needed me. She'd been waiting on the results of some tests and they had come back. Yesterday. The results weren't good. We sat there trying not to cry and then we just had a good talk and when John came home, he sat right down to pray with her taking both of her hands in his. He prayed for healing; he prayed for comfort; he prayed for courage.

Caregivers...I tell you. They are God's angels on earth, but they must learn how to take care of themselves. The doctors have told my mother that this cancer could well have been brought on by stress. It's stage three. We have eleven days to wait before the next step...specialists in a large city. I hope not to turn my blog into an ongoing health report, but I will keep a record from time to time and mostly for myself.

My azaleas about to bloom

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Vee is my name and procrastination is my game. I am such a procrastinator that I didn't even get a post together to participate in Melissa's Procrastinator Party. On time that is. What you are seeing above is an antique jelly cupboard retrieved from my grandmother's shed. It had its original buttermilk paint when I first hauled it home. The first mistake I made was to paint over original buttermilk paint despite its unattractiveness. I did my best at sponging (all the rage then) and wound it all up by asking my daughter, a teenager at the time, to paint the ends. I was going for that ubiquitous "country" look. She, her mother's daughter for sure, never finished. I have long endured by keeping an antique high chair in front of it. I do hate painting.
I found some BIN and painted the end yesterday afternoon. Looks better already. Yes, I plan to paint the entire cabinet. Stay tuned for what happens next and what color I go with. I'm thinking something a little Daisy Cottage. Kim is unafraid of color and I'd like to join her, even if I am scared out of my wits to do so. Then I'll have to work on properly decorating the top...maybe.

A happy weekend to you!
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Piano Top-The End

So what do you think? If one sits before her blank screen with glazed eyes wondering what to write should she even make an attempt? Right. That's what I thought. Later...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Indiana Custard

Indiana Custard - (1933-1935) Indiana Custard was made for only two years. It was made by the Indiana Glass Company. Indiana Custard must have been extremely popular during this period because you see quite a few pieces of this pattern today. Indiana Custard came only in Custard or Ivory indictive of its name. The only extremely hard to find pieces are the sherbets, salad plates, and luncheons. They were probably sold as an addition to a boxed set and not as part of one. This pretty set goes with almost any decor and would be fun to collect. ~Source

That's an understatement for this gal. I recently turned an aisle at the local flea market and stumbled right into a table laden with these amazing dishes. The color is so rich and yes, I'll say it — delicious. Each dinner plate is selling for $38 so it is unlikely that this set will ever grace my home. But oh to have dishes that are so elegant and able to fit in anywhere. Do any of you have this collection? Have you ever seen it?

source (These photos and their source have been carefully considered and are being allowed to stand.)

For those of you who arrived here today hoping for a recipe, I hate to disappoint. This one for Custard Bread Pudding is great and it hails from Indiana!

I did buy a teacup and saucer for only $2.52. It was badly stained from having actually served as a teacup, but cleaned up well. It's featured in the center. (You can click on the photo to see it better.)

Enjoy your Tuesday...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nonni Night

It was a "Nonni" evening helping Auntie watch the grands who were proving to be a handful until...

We Love Thomas

Look At Those Wheels Go

Are You Talking To Me, Nonni?

Let's Get On With The Show

The note to parents accompanying these photos: Yes, while you two are away, your children are allowed to do terrible things as you can plainly see. (We only allowed this because we couldn't find the volume button!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blessed Are...

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3 New International Version

You're blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule. Matthew 5:3 The Message

Hmmmm, sometimes I just want quick answers to the problems of life. Sometimes I find that I am far more interested in that quick answer than in my relationship with the Lord. Gee, wonder why God allows these problems in the first place...

A blessed new week to you!