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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She Asked for It!

There's a new editor at Country Living. Her name is Sarah Gray Miller and she seems like a nice gal. She's making a few changes, but was nice enough to ask for feedback. That's what I'm giving her today...a little feedback.

The cover is still beautiful and every time I get an issue, I still want to brew tea and sit down immediately to read. This has been going on for well over twenty years.

It's the back cover now cleverly called "back page" that I want to whine about. I mean nothing against Idaho, but this is not what I want to see as I am leaving Country Living.

This is what I am used to seeing and what I wish would be returned to CL readers...a beautiful picture, a poem or a quote. Yes, please return to Simple Country Pleasures. It's such a nice way to say goodbye.

Really, I ask you, which would you prefer to see at the end of your Country Living?


  1. Clearly (to me in my opinion)the old way is much much better.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!
    Have a great day!

  2. You have a very good and beautiful point. The former page was definitely gorgeous!

  3. Agreed. I have been getting this magazine for 20 plus years and do miss that back page. I am amazed by how many magazines have folded. I had 3 that just went out of business after I renewed and now I am getting other lesser magazines in their place. I am glad CL is still in print but I did prefer the older look.

  4. I'm right with you there - I always flip to the back to see what beauty they have for me there...hope they go back to "Simple Pleasures" I'll let them know as well..thanks for the idea :-)

  5. I prefer the old way as well! Thank you for shedding likght on this small but obviously missed pleasure. Maybe someone will take notice and listen!

  6. No doubt about it, the Simple Country Pleasures is far more pleasing.


  7. The old way is far better but I have a feeling it is all about $$$$$$.

    That page is valuable advertising space although I couldn't tell if it was a "paid for" page.

    I only recently found out the reason many magazines stop being published (even though they are popular among their readers) has to do with advertising income... same for newspapers.

    Since the economy crashed last year, a lot of magazines are having less advertising money come in.

  8. A beautiful picture of course. The new page looks like an advertisement. I quit reading Country Living years ago. I can't remember why but at one point I preferred Country Home.

    - Suzanne

  9. OH MY WORD!!! Vee, we do think along the same lines. I almost cried when I got to the last page of Country Living. In fact, I plan to write to the editor and let her know how disappointed I was. Funny thing--I have the last page (the one you feature) hanging on my fridge. Idaho may be lovely--but it isn't the same as the beautiful thought provoking images I am accustomed to. ~Kathy

  10. I agree and LOVE the magazine for all the great ideas and lovely photos! Hope you get your message to her!

  11. Hi Miss Vee! I have to agree! I too am a subscriber and much prefer a simple, relaxing last page. Especially since, when I re-read it I tend to begin in the back! : )
    Hope you're doing well!


  12. With out a doubt the old way!!
    I used to get this magazine but I stopped years ago. It seemed to me that it was mostly advertisements. I usually look at them in the library now.

  13. I agree! I thought it was always a simple, but pretty way to end a magazine, instead of more ads.

  14. I am with you, Vee, I'd rather leave the country with a pretty picture in my head. a very merry un-birthday to you! Your birthday goodies below are delightful. Have a sweet afternoon and I am intrigued by drinking a cup of syrup.

  15. Hi Vee,
    I am with you on the Country Living back page, I am always puzzled by the fact that when someone new comes in as editor of a magazine that they just want to put their stamp on it right away. I guess it might be their own way of saying"hey i'm here now." who knows??
    I am so glad you got to enjoy the maple drink. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Good for you taking the time to respond. I was a big Victoria Mag. fan. They changed it to much...it went out of publication...came back...still not wanting to sit down with cup of tea and read it anymore.

  17. Mmmm...it doesn't really bother me either way. I have been happier with the recent issues of CL. I used to really not like it at all. I much preferred Country Home and could understand why that magazine folded and not CL.


  18. I miss seeing a beautiful photo and quote at the end of CL too! Other than that, I think the new editor is doing a great job! And you're right ... she did ask! :)

  19. How nice of you to take your time to let them know what you think...I love the beautiful watering can filled with flowers too.

    A Picture says a thousand words...right?

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  20. I completely agree with you on this.

  21. Hi Vee, It is great to see another version of Country Living, we get the English one here, so I really enjoyed reading this post and hearing all about the traditions and layouts. hugs Margie.

  22. I'm with you Vee.. . what do they call those protests down your way ..tea parties? I think we should have a Country Living Tea party to oppose the new back page.

  23. I agree with you Vee. I would much rather see a beautiful picture, poem, or a quote. I have always liked Country Living too. I hope you are having a happy day ♥

  24. Good for her, for asking for Feedback!

    And good for you, for giving it to her.

    Wondering if -- If the old 'Victoria' had asked we readers, for Feedback on the way it was going... Back when it was straying away from the original 'Victoria' view point? Wonder if we readers could have staved off the demise of the original magazine?

    Actually, it did _try_ to return to its roots, so to speak, toward the end. Because I began reading it again and I know. But... was that too late?

    And could we have helped stave off the change - the change back - the loss of readers meantime - the demise of a lovely mag - all that time we waited, for it to return? Wondering... Maybe... Maybe...

    But I applaud this Editor of this magazine! Wise, wise woman! :-)

    And I hope there are lots of readers, who do as you did... Reply to her. Good luck!!!

    Aunt Amelia

  25. I've been reading Country Living for many years always looked forward to that last page picture. I agree with you 100%. I think I will write to the editor too! Have a restful evening! Hugs, Loretta

  26. I would prefer the older back page as well,you could almost rip it out and frame it. :)

  27. I agree wholeheartedly, Vee! I have subscribed since issue #1.

    I actually was not as happy with this last issue. It seems more and more magazines are puting less and less subatance and instead filling the pages with big pictures and short blurbs. I don't just want to "look" I want to "read"!

  28. I have my new copy and haven't gotten to the back page....I'm with you! :)

  29. I love my Country Living magazine too Vee and I couldn't agree more!

  30. I totally agree with you. Our country living magazine here in the UK has an interesting last page at the moment. It's called "My country memories" and is a short article about childhood memories of living in the country by someone famous or at least well known in the UK.

    Anyway, Thanks for your visits and lovely comments. It means a lot to recieve them. I am making the most of some forced rest time, to get my knitting needles out again.
    Bye for now

    PS Love your posts about the maple trees. I had no idea about syrup production. Very interesting. Thanks.


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