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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Have you noticed all the playing with headers around here? Oh my! I've been so taken by what's been going on at Whispering Poppies (long gone) that for a second or two I thought that I could actually do what Louise does. Silly, silly me! Needless to say, I fell back upon my old standbys from Big Huge Labs.

Still, there is something that I am planning to participate in on April 15, besides taxes that is. I'm going to accept the invitation from Whispering Poppies and display some vignettes. Romantic ones? Not sure, but I have been practicing lately. Why here's one that I did yesterday and I seriously apologize for the light...there's been precious little around here for days and days.

Isn't it beautiful? A real Monet as they say... I couldn't risk showing the real before close-up, it would frighten you! But if you'd like a hint you can visit *this post* and you'll find the location just to the right of the apron nook. Okay, enough goofing around...this is a little tidying up and shifting about.

Recently, I read a little decorating tip that wouldn't cost a thing, but time. It is to gather all decorative items and place them on a table and then to redistribute them throughout the house. Kinda labor intensive, but I'm thinking it could work.

My daughter visited last evening and brought her latest painting fresh from the framer's to show us. We've been watching it evolve over the weeks so I was quite tickled to see it all done and framed. Can you tell what it is?

Not sure? Can you tell now?

John sat looking at it for some time while my daughter and I were busy elsewhere. He said that he got the same sense of vertigo as he has when truly lying on the grass looking up through the tree limbs. I didn't get the chance to look at it for that long, but I am looking at it today and I do wish that its new home were that spot. It isn't. Shoot!

One last thing...I miss the "widget within" a wee little bit. If it actually chose one or two (not three) former posts and if it stuck with that post, I'd have left it alone. The constant rolling about was frustrating to me. Nevertheless, if you want your numbers to go up by at least twenty-five per cent, it's just the thing. At this point in blogging, I think I'm nearly done with the where are you from, how long did you stay, what post did you enjoy, and what my numbers in general are doing. My new goal? A tightened, less-cluttered blog. Perhaps in the future I'll aim for concise speech, elevated thoughts, and significance. Right! =D

Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. Lovely painting! I too could imagine laying under that tree and I am looking at it on a webpage!! I admire such talent. My husband has a painting on his easel right now and I can't wait until he finishes it. It is large and will sit on our mantle to hide the doors that hide the tv nook. What a gift to be able to paint pictures that look so real!

  2. I love that vignette! They are not always easy to pull off, but you have done a bang-up job!

    Lovely photo, too! I wish I were lying in a grassy field somewhere...alive, of course!!! :)

  3. I am lovin how we all decorate our blogs and change our headers. It's so much fun to see everyones creativity and the best thing about it is that it's free except of course for the internet fee. Your daughter is very talented. The painting is beautiful. You must be so proud of her ♥ I hope you have a happy day!

  4. Oh goodness. .Vee. yesterday I had hours of time to fiddle with my Mennonite Girls Can Cook header while watching the ocean cook up a storm of its own. It is awfully fun but very time consuming and I think I'll leave it alone for a while now.
    The painting is very good. ..nice spot . .I think she should leave it ..shall we vote on that?

  5. The painting is beautiful - oils or acrylics? I have done a lot of landscapes in both mediums and I am sooo impressed with this one. I love the perspective, but I can see how it could five one vertigo! Can't wait to see your vignette. An I think your blog is perfect - but it's fun to change the headers - I think it's like anything else- if it's around too long, we start NOT seeing it!
    Have a great Spring day :-)

  6. Oh, we have that very same oil lamp. It belonged to my great grandmother. Oh how I remember the storms that the power went out and we sat a many nights by the light of that oil lamp!

  7. You've got such a lovely home - I can't wait to see what you have to show us for vignettes! =) What a BEAUTIFUL painting your daughter created!

  8. I love the painting. It's absolutly beautiful!!

  9. Lovely painting and lovely photos, as always. I with you in the need to clean up the clutter on my blog. Unfortunately I'm missing the techno-gene that would allow me to figure it all out.

    Have a great day Vee.

    - Suzanne

  10. Did you tell me that your daughter is an artist, too? Good job- Vee's daughter!

    Oh to be lying under a tree today. It's a bluebird day, with temps in the 70's and green leafy trees everywhere!

  11. Your daughter's painting is beautiful! Is it a view looking up through the trees or down at a pond reflecting them? I thought the latter.

    I don't mind the revolving "Linkwithin widget" as it helps me remember old posts...and the more it flips the pages the merrier for me as I've gone back and revisited a few that I had forgotten!
    I keep a blog to help keep my brain exercised --better than doing crossword puzzles--- and now I've found that like a journal it's been recording my life.

    Visitor numbers don't interest me -- I don't want to be a star blogger, I'm really shy by nature -- I just enjoy learning new things and meeting new people and visiting places with a click of a computer mouse. Blogging is a wonderful adventure isn't it?

  12. Yes, her painting does give the feeling of looking up at tree tops. Excellent work. Wish I knew a more precise way to say it... Other than "excellent work." But hope you {and she} will know what I mean.

    Heh, heh, heh... got the 'change around blog stuff' bug have you? Me too. Then I switch back. ,-) Never can find a background, which is simple enough for me. Grumble, grumble. ,-)

    Never saw 'Whispering Poppies' before, so all I know about "what's going on there," is what shows today. But oh my! How ever did she make that gorgeous composite header pic??????????????

    I take it that you meant, that she made it herself... Since you considered doing it too. Whatever it is. And you stuck with Big Huge Labs.

    May I ask, does BHL now allow one to change the placement of one's header title? I always figured that you did that huge feat of magic, yourself. And placed your blog name, where you wanted it, etc. Which of course, I can't. I just have to settle for where Blogger places it, sort of high and centered. Which is very often, not my personal choice.

    And I guess I should have taken this question, backchannel. So if you'd prefer, please e-mail me, with the answer.

    Aunt Amelia
    {Who is dancing in the sunlight, over here -grin-}

  13. Your daughter is a talented artist. I love her art and I understand why you wish it could remain where it was in the photo!


  14. That is a very pretty painting your daughter did. It makes me want to go lay on the grass and take in nature's beauty. Better not do that here today, however, or I would be soaking wet.

  15. Beautiful painting. I was standing under the most enormous holly tree this morning, looking up at the sky. I took photos too. Amazing.
    I like the idea of putting all the decoraing bits in the middle and re-distributing them. The touble is that I have too many. De-clutter. I know. I am full of great intentions!

  16. Oh Vee...grin...I loved the whole post and I am so withyou on less clutter. I think some people ONLY add to their post...not redistribute...like your decorative items n'est pas?


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