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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Windows Live Writer Experiment and Much More

I am writing this on Friday evening (4/03/09) using the new Windows Live Writer and will post it sometime next week. You know, I’ve been complaining for some time about the limits of Blogger. When I want to set a paragraph in, I expect it to happen. When I want to center something, I expect it centered. You know, the usual formatting issues. I just downloaded Windows Live Writer and I suddenly have my MSN Messenger back, along with a lot of other neat things. (ETA: Not everything works. The new picture program nearly crashed my computer.) The screen looks like this by the way. (This photo was added Monday night from the regular Blogger program.)

Let’s see if I can center this.

Oh yes I can!

I am brilliant lucky!

Just was able to add a picture albeit an artsy, crooked one from the photo album using the button pictured above. It's on the right side of the screen. Oh, I don't like that "view full album" feature one little bit! It shows up automatically and hyperlinked below any photo uploaded using this program. I was able to remove it, but that will prove to be a pain because it needed to be removed using Blogger in Edit Html.

View Monitor

Surprise, surprise! I think that I will be sticking with Blogger after all! Otherwise, I would have to go back and forth between programs to get the best features of both. I'd go with the Live Writer if the photos worked the way that I want them to.

Google "Windows Live Writer" if you’re interested in learning more. I don’t dare to try the hyperlink. If you've used this program, please let me know how you like it.

You may already know that I am one of the most blessed gals in Blogdom. Truly.

Yesterday, another package arrived. Though the resident prankster tried to keep me from getting my hands on it, even he couldn't manage to keep it away. Gheesh! The things some gals must go through!

This is a wonderful package from Miss Sandy who shared all about it here. I have also added a button on my sidebar so that you may check out this event for yourselves. What a wonderful seminar for Christian women, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home! So far, I've listened to one live session, but I will be able to download all the sessions in the future and I plan to. I'm so excited about Wednesday's session with Melissa who spoke about it here.

The pretty package picture story follows...

Is it any wonder that I feel so blessed?

Click on any photos that you'd like to see better. You may even be able to read what I circled at the bottom of the page. Nope, it's too tough. It says: Prayer is not all that you can do. It's the best that you can do.

Thank you again, Miss Sandy. You are a blessing.


  1. I am wanting to try this but I haven't ventured into it!

  2. What a sweet surprise gift. Something that I'm sure you treasure. And she's right!

  3. Another drawback of Windows live writer is the pictures you post do not show up in other's blog rolls. I loved the program but hated that.

    Love you little surprise.


  4. First...I can't agree more. Windows Live Writer is NOT the be all for sure! In fact, I tried it and then went back to blogger. However, posting from Picassa if you use it can be okay to at least get your pictures where they should be! Sigh...so many complicated things....I am keeping that blog simple and thus not getting as frustrated.

    What a gift Vee....and you deserve it! Happy Tuesday

  5. Oh my...... I have been thinking of switching to blogger..... but I hate change...... with computers anyway...
    And why is it usually our last resort.... PRAYER..... is the best...

  6. I'll stick with my old ways...the tried and true. I'm usually the last to change...still remember when I resisted getting a calculator when they first came out (how would I practise my math skills if I used a machine to do my calculations?) What was I thinking?

    The women's conference on-line sounds wonderful! I think I will try to catch some of those sessions later (especially Melissa's).

    Thanks for the great idea of what to do with the 'domed lid'. I have one just like it...and it looks perfect on the antique china.

  7. I love Windows Live Writer...I never liked posting from Blogger and find that I have actually blogged more with Windows Live Writer.

    Anywho...What a great package!!

  8. Thanks for checking the livewriter out for us all .. .you are a peach.

  9. What a beautiful gift! I am sure it will be truly enjoyed for a long time to come!

    I think I will stick to blogger... I haven't the time to try anything new (which is probably why I haven't even unpacked my bags from my NYC trip and I've already been home over 3 days)! lol

  10. Miss Sandy is a lovely and most creative woman! I have some special items in my china closet from her --- and they mean much to me! What a sweet package she sent to you!


  11. Just clicked over from Blue Gate and found you. Wanted to say that I've been using Windows Live Writer for about three weeks now. Actually the part I like best is the way my photos come out. I am from Wordpress.com. I have had no trouble whatsoever. Blogging is so much easier with this program.

  12. Good afternoon Vee, I enjoyed your post. I think I will stick to blogger too. Sometime in the future I would like to try to make my own backgrounds though. Your gifts are just lovely! I also like the way you added the butterflies and flowers to your post. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day ♥

  13. Hi Vee,

    I did download and try Windows Live Writer once after reading someone gush about how good it was. I was disappointed. I already use Google Picasa to store my photos,and actually had to pay them as I had used up the "free" storage option, so I didn't have a problem with that, but even though the Live Writer allows you to "place" photos in the post wherever you want them, and make different margins, etc, it did not show up exactly as planned when my post was posted and it even cut off the beginning to some words! When I went back to Live Writer to try to edit the mistakes it could not retrieve the post in draft, so I had to edit on Blogger, and ran into conflict trouble -- so something that was supposed to make things easier made things harder.
    Perhaps if I used a different Blogger template I'd have more success. I'd love a template that allowed me to have a bigger blogger writing area, and only one margin, but I really don't want to play around with my templates and mess everything up right now.

    Perhaps if I have time to play around with Live Writer in the future I'll give it another chance, but right now I'll stick with Blogger.

    Lucky you getting such a nice surprise gift from Ms Sandy! Enjoy the tapes.

    Hugs, Pat

  14. Hi Vee.

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving your kind comment.

    After reading your post about Windows Live Writer and all of the comments posted, I think I'll just stick to blogger for now! Besides, I'm still learning how to edit HTML code and "personalize" my blog template!

    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  15. I love using Blogger and can center words by using HMTL.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my front door.

  16. Vee,

    You are such a sweetie! I am glad you enjoyed the little gifts. Have mercy you are an adventurous one trying all kinds of new technology. I think I'll stick to Blogger for now. Good luck!

  17. Love your prayer quote Vee - we need that written down somewhere too...it is a gentle reminder isn't it?!!
    Thanks for popping by today - lovely to hear from you as always!!
    Karla & Karrie

  18. Wow...love your gift!!

    I am just now catching up on visits...we have had the BEST weather here the past few days and the kids are on Spring Break but Kai is sick...poor Baby.

    I hope you are having a great week!

  19. Hi Vee! Thanks for mentioning the conference and for hopefully being able to hang out with me tomorrow :-) at least online :-)

    You are a blessing,


  20. There couldn't be two sweeter ladies out there in blogland!

  21. You're the second person I've heard this from about Live Writer. Keep us posted on how things go, and specifically if we should all give up Blogger. =)


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