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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Creating Tidy Links

Edited to Add...Disclaimer: Don't bother reading this if you have any other host besides Blogger or if you are not working with a PC. Just like to save people the trouble as this is picture and word dense.

This post is dedicated to Leann at The Old Parsonage who has asked me twice for help creating neat links. I've ignored her once and once is enough. =D Blogger covers this, but knowing how much I hated Blogger HELP back when I began, I have decided to give this lesson a go. Since Haven is hosted by Blogger, this is is how it works here. I'm not sure of other hosts. (Also, the new Writer program, which I discussed *here* makes the process easier.)

First of all, have two internet pages opened. This creates ease of movement between the two. Just open them and minimize them to the tray until ready to go. For example, you can see that I am 1. listening to *Leann's playlist* 2. working on my blog page 3. keeping a second "A Haven for Vee" open so that I can easily go find my links.

[Yikes, I'm already in trouble because John says that I should treat this post as if I were teaching him and he knows nothing. Okay, here goes...this could get wordy...my apologies. Minimize means to click on the minus button at the top right of your screen in the blue bar. There are three buttons: a minus (minimize), a double screen icon, which either maximizes or diminishes your screen, and the big red X that closes the screen.]

Since left and right clicking are going to be used, let me put this photo in while I'm at it.

All comments on each photo are from this point on going to be below the photo.

I usually use the word *here* set off with asterisks and italics so that it shows up as my intended word for the hyperlink. 1. Type the word/s you'd like to use 2. Get behind the word with your mouse 3. Click using your left click or what I call the regular click 4. Drag while still holding the left click down until the word is shaded at which point you can stop holding the click.

Now it's time to either minimize the blog entry page or open your second internet page over the top of your blog entry page. Find the page and copy the entire address showing in the addy line as pointed out with the red arrow above. You do this just the way you left clicked and dragged for the word you selected to be hyperlinked.

ONE MORE THING: after you have left clicked and dragged to get the address, you must then right click using the top right button on your mouse. A box will open and you will (left/regular) click on the word "COPY."

Now, believe it or not, you have everything you need to create a tidy link. You have a shaded word within your text and you have gathered your new addy. Now, once again back on the post you are writing, you click (regular old left click) on the icon you see in the picture above.

A box pops up with this beginning bit that must be removed. Just hit your delete button on your keyboard or backspace or whatever but lose it.

Now you have an empty box and you are going to place your new addy right there by right clicking on the mouse and selecting PASTE from the drop down menu.

The addy drops into the box and you regular click on the OK button as shown.

If I have left anything out, I hope that someone will rescue us because I'm pretty done with this lesson. I do think I should make John try this as that will be my test. If you have a question, feel free to ask. Thanks!


  1. You make a great teacher! Can I sign up for any courses? I still come back here for your 'drawing on photos' tutorial whenever I have the need.

  2. Good job Vee! It's hard to explain, but easy to do once a person tries it a few times, so I hope Leann tries it.

    We all had to learn computers one step at a time before it all made sense...at least some of it makes sense ...I still have a lot to learn myself, but that is part of the fun, and it is all hopefully exercising my gray matter so I won't get senile. :-)

  3. Excellent lesson, Vee.

    But it doesn't work quite that way for me (MacBook). You know, there has to be one very difficult student in every class, right?

    I'm just giving you a hard time --- now I will duck for cover --- but will wish you a wonderful day first!


  4. Yes John! Good advice! Telling Vee to write, as if writing to anyone who really is clueless on the topic. Because, after all, if one wasn't clueless, why would we need the instructions, hu?!?

    Mmmmm, does this add up to... that you/John and I tend to think alike? Mmmmm, are you afraid? Mmmmm, think you -should- be! ,-)))

    Vee knows from experience, that I am very, very wordy, when trying to instruct. Very! But that's 'cause that's what _I_ neeeeed!

    I tell anyone instructing me, to please give me "Kindergarden" instructions. Because it seems that most, are written at the Third Grade Level. And when I don't know something, I -always- need the Kindergarten Level info! :-)))

    Oh and... I didn't pay attention to this set of instructions, because 1) I don't know what she's talking about. {-grin- Might as well be honest}
    2) That's a Dell mouse, so Vee is on a PC. I'm on an iMac and my mouse is not split. It's just one pretty clear-over-white mouse. :-)
    So, no need to learn things, I can't use. :-)
    3) And anyway, Vee is miles and miles ahead of me, on her techy ability!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally admit that!!!!! :-)

    'Aunt Amelia'

  5. Aunt Amelia, you nut! Now this is scary because that's the first thing John said when he saw this post. "Too many words. I'd need to print this off." Sigh. Sometimes there's just no hope. You are, of course, correct to suppose that there's no sense reading that which you can't use on your Mac, which I've been told is far easier than a PC.

  6. Thank you soooo much, it was so easy to do!!!! I tried "Help", but couldn't figure out how to word my question so that I got the instruction I was looking for.

    I appreciate you taking the time, and as always I enjoy reading your daily posts. Tell John thanks too! Behind every woman there's a good man:)

  7. Thank you for posting this tutorial in understandable English.

    It took me forever to figure out how to do this, like anything once someone takes the time to show you how properly, it takes no time at all.


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