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Friday, April 17, 2009

Pencil Caddy

Here's a vignette — the telephone table where the rolodex, tape, phone, and pencil caddy are kept. Until three days ago, the caddy was the holiday one made from an old L.L. Bean Christmas catalog cover. This one is made from a couple of pages of my Laidlaw Basic Reader titled Making Storybook Friends. The "spring" side features this little poem:

Sing a song of springtime
Skies are blue today,
A swing hangs from the treetops,
And spring's the time to play.

The "autumn" side is this picture of a little boy raking leaves in his knickers, suitcoat, and tie. It is a bit of a joke on John who always lets me know how much he hated basal readers. (He never thought those little boys were doing things that ordinary little boys were doing.) I, on the other hand, loved basal readers and still do. You just know what John thinks of this little guy, especially since I slapped that lace at the top. Ha!

Enjoy your Friday...


  1. Whenever I see pictures from those readers I get such a warm feeling of familiarity and "hominess". They bring a piece of my soul back to those classrooms of days gone by and it is good! How nice to use the pictures in a piece that gets so much use. (Sorry John!)

  2. How sweet.
    I love the little things that we learn about ourselves and our spouses that enter into our daily live.

    I just had to chuckle at your last statement regarding John.

  3. What lovely memories and what a great way to decorate your pencil caddy! I especially like the touch of lace!

  4. Oh, I just love this Vee!!! The pages from those readers remind me of simpler times...wishing you a wonderful weekend sweet friend! xxoo, Dawn

  5. I love this idea, Vee!! I am going to have to stop by the thrift store when I am in town today and see if I can find an old Basal. Thanks for the inspriation:-)


  6. Love it! And, did we see a peek at a decorated card in your rolodex? Very cute and I love how vintage it looks!

  7. I love it!! What a great idea.
    You're a little stinker though, aren't you? Hehehe...

  8. What a cute idea. I always get warm, fuzzy feelings from the pictures in those readers. So sweet.

  9. Great springtime poem...and cute pic's from your old reader.

    John may have a valid point. No boy that I knew ever dressed like that...especially not when working. Too funny.

  10. Vee,

    You are so funny, knickers and lace, Ha! Cute idea and I love those readers too. Have a great weekend!

  11. I know I'm treading on thin ice here... Agreeing with John yet again. ;-))) But I do!

    Cute and old fashioned yes... Such Laidlaw Basic Reader books are.

    But realllllllllllllllllllly. -Harrumph-
    Who ever saw a boy raking, in knickers, suitcoat and tie?

    OK, I'll run away now and try to find a pretty swing, to play on. :-)))

    Actually, I got my back hurting yesterday, being on my own computer too long... And *Someone* is hollering at me, to get off!!! {As I asked him to do}

    'Aunt Amelia'

  12. I loved those readers. . .and wish I had a collection of the ones that taught me to read. .oh and your little pencil caddy is great. .such a good idea.

  13. Thanks for sharing Vee. As usual your home looks so pretty. You have a good eye. I found 2 pictures framed of Spot and Dick and Jane at the used store a while back. Now you gave me a idea to copy a picture out of one of the used readers I have to do something to add to the look. Maybe I could cut out a print and past it on the back of the straight chair near it? Ya got me thinking thanks Vee! Jody

  14. A cute little poem and a cute pencil caddy. I love all those old pictures!

  15. What a clever idea! I may try to make one, too! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Weekend!

  16. So charming Vee! I love illustrations from old books.


  17. Very sweet and I love your new header too!

  18. Good evening Vee, I think the lace was a lovely added touch. The little poem was great too. I hope you and your hubby have a beautiful weekend.

  19. Love your embellished pencil holder, Vee! Your comment had me wondering ... now I know! lol!

    Have a great weekend!


  20. Aww - such a cute little caddy! Where do you come up with these darling ideas?

  21. Very beautiful --- both the pencil holder, the vignette, and the photograph. Sweet as can be!


  22. Maybe if the cute little boy were jumping in the pile of leafs instead of doing what he was told..... ha.... now we know about John..... lol
    Sweet poem......

  23. Very nice idea to use an old LL Bean catalog page and your basic reader illustrations to wrap around your pen & pencil holder! Those illustrations are charming.

    I love Norman Rockwell's paintings in the same way because they always invoke a feeling of nostalgia for the old fashioned days.

  24. Really cute idea Vee. I have some of those old readers myself somewhere...hmmm time to finish unpacking the boxes in the garage.


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