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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday So Soon?

The Conference is keeping me on my toes. My day gets restructured in interesting ways to accomodate the schedule and not as much is being accomplished about the house nor with blogging visits. Still I'm trying to get it together because I just learned that we will be hosting Easter dinner for my side of the family after all. Yikes!

As much as I'd love to hop through all the hoops of creating a memorable dinner, I think we'll be keeping this one a little more low-key. No sitting at one table, no Grandmother's china, no big to-do tablescapes, no polishing of silver. It's going to be spiral ham and Green Ivy Corelle dishes all the way baby. That and much joy. Easter should be filled with joy.

Backing up to the conference, I just know that you want to know what I thought of Melissa's presentation. I. found. it. fascinating. One thing that I'm learning across the board with the presenters, many of them bloggers in Blogdom, is that all are a little shy. Everyone feels as if she has stepped out of her comfort zone. One even suggested today that many bloggers are shy. I know that I am. I feel much more comfortable chatting with you here than I would in person. Much. So Melissa comes across as one who has stepped over that comfort zone line...a little surprised to find herself where she is today yet so willing. Refreshing!

So this was my funny story of the day... John decided to talk budget at 9:30 this morning just as I had taken my seat before the computer screen. I tried to ward him off with "the look." Eventually, wouldn't you just know it that one of the speakers talked about having a good marriage and little tips that would help. One of those tips included greeting the hubby at the door with a smile and a kiss. Fine. I'd give it a whirl just as soon as I could boot him out the door.

Fast forward to one o'clock when I greeted him at the door. More like startled him at the door, actually. He later said that he wasn't sure that he had the right house. After dinner, we were discussing the afternoon — what he'd be doing and what I'd be doing. I told him that I didn't care what he did as long as he left me alone between 3 and 4 as I would be listening to Melissa and that. was. that.

This is what the poor man did while I listened to my seminar session...

I tapped on the window...
he looked around wondering. When he saw me, he waved. Look at that lit-up face! Well, I just know that I can make my face light up the same way whenever I see him. Shouldn't be tough at all.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!



  2. Have a blessed Easter. It is not about the dishes, at all!

  3. You make me laugh! Our guys are the best, aren't they?

    Glad you enjoyed the conference. I was not in a position to be able to watch this time but it sounded interesting.

  4. You know, it's about the memories, the laughter and the love - not necessarily the "setting". Enjoy your Easter in a fully 'there'
    way instead of being exhausted -

    You are a lucky woman - our hubby is a real gem - and he has such a kind and loving face! Now that's love if I've ever seen it!

    have a great day and enjoy every minute!

  5. oops -I meant "YOUR" husband - not "our"...

    Can't type with a pup in my lap I guess :-)

  6. Aw, what a guy! =)

    I'm wondering what this seminar stuff is. Perhaps I'll have to do a bit of investigating.

    And happy Easter! Tuesday I bought groceries for two different Easter meals, supposing we'd have company over. That afternoon we got two invitations out! So all I need to do is make a frozen ice cream dessert! I don't even have to clean the house. How did THAT happen!?

  7. Isn't it wonderful to not only feel the love but see it too - in their smile and eve in the houshold chores!

    Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  8. Easter at your house sounds great! This way you can enjoy the day too.

  9. I love that you are keeping things simple for your Easter dinner, it should make if more stress free. We are going to my aunts and we are doing it even more low key, paper plates all the way baby!

  10. Good morning Vee - thanks for your always uplifting comments! You have a honey of a hubby there, and my face would light up, too!

    Have a wonderful, comfortable Easter dinner with your family! I know it will be superb, and ya'll won't miss the china & silver at ALL!

  11. Vee - how tender you are! - and the beautiful thing about you is that you are always learning and growing and sharing your faith - but more than that - you live it! Thanks for the story of your greeting your husband that way and putting into practice such practical things. Yes, we do make our men and influence their days!

  12. Relax about Easter, it is WHO it is about, not the fancy decorations, you will still have wonderful memories of spending the day with your family to hold on to! By the way - you two are so cute!

  13. You will have a fine joy-filled Easter dinner...whatever you serve...on whichever dishes you choose. I don't even have to think about my Easter dinner menu...it never changes from year-to-year! I do, however, need to think about when I will be preparing those dishes.

    Just keep lighting up his life, Vee! That's what marriage is all about.

  14. Happy Easter Blessings to you and your family...m..

  15. That's interesting Vee, the idea that bloggers are shy, there may be some truth in that. Introverted probably as writers usually are.

  16. Vee, I agree that you should keep that Easter dinner as simple as possible.

    I feel like the bad student in the back of the classroom who fell asleep because I can't remember any mention of a conference. OOOPS. I get a "D" for the day. If you feel up to it can you explain what it's all about?


  17. I sure enjoy seeing ya'll love for each other..... it glows...
    ; - )

  18. I had such a busy day today that I wasn't able to look into the video conference Melissa was in -- will they keep archived videos up online? I hope so, as it sounds interesting.

    I'm a little shy too! I never like to be the center of attention.

    Enjoy your Easter preparations! I'm in charge of dessert so I'll be baking the next few days.

    Happy and Blessed Esster to you and John and all your families!

    Hugs, Pat

  19. Aww Vee, John IS so wonderful....you are TOO!! He's sweet to let you have "your" time ~ xxoo, Dawn

  20. Vee,

    I am just now getting around to the blog thing over at my place and I came over to inquire exactly what I said in the email that you thought would make a good blog post. I am always up for good blog fodder!

  21. So I love your new header. I want a water can like that! So charming with the forsythia in it.

    My Easter is shaping up the same way. Low keyed, spiral cut ham and a few sides. Sounds good to me this year. We have been so busy this month...I just don't have the energy for a big to do.

    Have a blessed weekend and enjoy those grands :)

  22. Oh, Vee, I popped by to thank you again for coming to the conference and here you are sweet as can be talking about it. :-) THANK YOU!

    And, the stories and photos of your hubby just make me smile. What a sweet couple you are!


  23. Now that is interesting to read that you are shy. Answers a question for me as to why you seemed keen to keep our phone conversation short!!

    Easter blessings.


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