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Monday, April 27, 2009

Nonni Night

It was a "Nonni" evening helping Auntie watch the grands who were proving to be a handful until...

We Love Thomas

Look At Those Wheels Go

Are You Talking To Me, Nonni?

Let's Get On With The Show

The note to parents accompanying these photos: Yes, while you two are away, your children are allowed to do terrible things as you can plainly see. (We only allowed this because we couldn't find the volume button!)


  1. And look at the gorgeous hair on the Grand, who is watching! Sort of blond and perfect waves/curls. Oh sigh! I *ordered* that, 5 times. {Grands} Never got my *order* filled.

    Oh even our youngest son, filled the bill {Blond and soft curls}, till after he was 2. . But! Typically! Both blond and curls fled, with age. -sigh- Even though his older sister and I, used to plaster his hair with lemon juice, and take him out in the sun.

    Naturally, he was only about 2-3 years of age, and even this 'experiment' didn't last long. *Somehow,* son didn't like the plan! Imagine that?!?

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, btw, the First 100 Days are over now...... -heh,heh,heh-

    'Aunt Amelia'

  2. What beautiful grandchildren! They look so content :>) What a great time you must have had ♥ I hope you have a happy day....

  3. It looks like a good time was had by all!. We are allowed to take a few liberties...it's what grandparents do.

    Did you think to ask your grandsons about the volume button? They know it all from the get-go!

  4. They are soooo cute!!! I could just pinch their cheeks!

    Vee, you scones look awesome! I have never made scones but sure do love to eat them!!


  5. What beautiful children..and I love Thomas the Train. Isn't it amazing that they can get sooo involved..where as just a few moments before, they would even light for one second??

  6. I have one grand that watches the childrens network with the attention span of a gnat. . (you didn't hear that from me). . .and the other with rapt attention. . and I confess I long for the day, when I can depend on both of them sitting with rapt attention when this grammie needs a break.

  7. Now that's a duty I would take on any day! Funny, but I can't work my son's TV either, good thing my two year old grandson can show me the ropes. Happy Monday

  8. Kailei was a Barney addict and Rush was partial to Blue's Clues. Those pics are soooo cute....you can see it better the closer you get I am finding out. :)

  9. Hi Vee,
    As Grandparents we get to spoil as much as we want!. I think Thomas the Train is a favorite of all 2 year old's. All the little ones in our family love Thomas too.
    Great pictures and beautiful little ones.
    Enjoy your day,

  10. Looks like fun!
    We love Thomas at our house too..

  11. What adorable grandchildren and such cute pictures. My son will soon be 21 but I remember how much he used to love Thomas.

  12. Hi Vee,
    What beautiful children, and that expression on the little guys face, priceless. So glad you got to enjoy time with them. And I say hey! go ahead and spoil them, but I would rather say they are just loved a lot.

  13. Oh those dear faces..... oh my ..... our days with Thomas are long gone..... sigh..... it goes too fast..... you let those angles do what ever they want.....

  14. Oh Vee, those are such darling little faces! We watched Thomas the Tank Engine when he was part of that wonderful show Shining Time Station. My son, now 17, is an incredibly serious rail enthusiast and it all started with Thomas . . . and with his mom, who once wanted to be a railroad engineer. We still love to watch Thomas - and anything else railroad - trains on the brains at our house!

  15. Hee Hee...so cute! I love it...looks like Thomas the Train is still in vogue then...even after my son enjoyed the stories 114 years ago!

  16. They are so precious!!!! have a wonderful week my friend...m.

  17. What little darlings...Nonni!

    Stay Cozy,Carrie

  18. We have Thomas on the TV a lot in this house. I just bought Oliver a new DVD, with Pierce Brosnan narrating. My favourites are the Ringo Starr era, but this is quite pleasant too. Great classic TV.

  19. They'll go blind if they stand that close to the television! LOL...that's what I was told :)

    What a cherished memory, that's what grans are for isn't it? :)

  20. Sweet Vee, I just love seeing those little fellows. It makes me remember back to when mine (now 17 & 15) were that size and they did love Thomas and Sir Topham Hat. I am making the rounds and trying to catch up with all my buddies out in blogland since two of my art shows are behind me. Hope you are doing well and that I haven't missed too much over these past couple of months. I haven't posted yet, but hope to soon.

    Love and blessings,

  21. LOL! Your grandsons are adorable. I had a few Sesame Street moments myself last week...amazing that it can hold a almost five month old's attention long enough so we could have a peaceful breakfast! :-)


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