Friday, February 19, 2010

Blogging Annoyances

This photo, taken a few days ago, has nothing whatsoever to do with this post. Okay, maybe a little whatsoever. After all, pileated woodpeckers can be very annoying and repetitive just like the spammers I've been finding here lately, ten or so just this morning.

You'll not believe what I've been doing for the past twenty minutes. I've been knee-deep in manure photos because that's what I really want to talk about this morning—c.r.a.p.

"So," I can hear you say, "tell us what you really think, Vee." Sure!

I think that spammers are lower than the scum off a lizard's hind tooth. I think that Blogger should have figured out a way to dispatch them long ago. I think that it is unfortunate that bloggers must add word verifications, etc., because it prevents many good comments from coming in and bogs down blogs in annoying ways.

This blog will not accept "anonymous" commenters any longer. This is a problem for me because I have a few friends who sometimes wish to comment, but do not have Google accounts and so forth and I will miss hearing from them in this forum. As for word verifications, I'll rail against them forever and pray that I don't have to wind up using them myself.

So that's my rant for the day. Have any of you come up with alternative solutions?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

China Cupboard Before and After

I can ignore problems staring me right in the face. Pam Tillis may think that she is "The Queen of Denial," but actually I am. This is true of every situation across the board. Yup, Vee is my name and Denial is my game. Not so very good on sooooo many levels. Okay, moving right along because I am also the Queen of Vague. Specificity always makes me a titch nervous. ;>

First china cupboard. You've seen the top decorated just so...
What you haven't known is its secret inner life. (I should save this for a Sunday analogy. :D )

What a disaster! I dared not put the following picture in first or you'd not have stopped by. Every time I opened it, something fell out. That might have been an indication for a normal person that it was time to do something. Not for me. I've lived this way for months.

Yesterday, I finally concluded that enough was enough. I removed every single thing placing what was going back into the cupboard on the right side of my dining table and what wasn't going back on the left side. I washed the cupboard with Murphy's oil that stuff...and placed my dishes back inside. Some fine day, perhaps I'll paint the interior something nice and light so my dishes show up better.

The only problem was that now I had a pile of stuff
that wasn't going back.

What to do with it? How about this?
I've seen this often in Blogland, but my mother was the first woman I know to do it with a big old punch bowl filled with ephemera and goodies gathered from kitchen drawers and hiding spots.

So there it is...

Oh, one last thing...
This is a little decorating idea that I love. I found it at Brocante Home on a post called The Quiet War. Her six-year-old son Finn came up with it. He has an excellent eye for charm just like his mother.

(Yes, you eagle-eyed, folks. This was before I put all my stuff in the apothecary jar.)

Have a splendid day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Little Bikers

I'm sitting on top of the world,
Just rolling along
Just rolling along

I'm quitting the blues of the world
Just singing a song
Just singing a song

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Red Food

On Valentine's Day, I described how I would honor the day with red food. That was it. No flowers, a little candy, a few cards, and a kiss here and there. Nothing more special than that.

Since I had already lined up Monday's post, I didn't respond to Aunt Amelia's suggestion to provide a menu, until now. Soooo, as one who aims to please and as one who needed a Tuesday post...

How's that for product placement? Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger tea is fast becoming a favorite around here. Since I am sipping on that very cup of tea writing this post, I can assure you that it is delicious.

And the sweet Valentine? Made by none-other than the very talented Miss Sandy of Quill Cottage!

The cookies? Oh, they're my "go-to" cookie anymore. You may have your chocolate chip, I'm taking Boggles. Boggles is a cookie recipe taken from a Hannah Swensen mystery written by Joanne Fluke called Fudge Cupcake Murder. Nan was reading it last fall and recognized an excellent recipe when she saw it. Well, as I say, it's incredibly delicious with just the right texture for me — crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. (The recipe will be at the end of this post.)

Nan has lots of ideas about good recipes. Not long ago, she told John and me that we eat "funny." She wondered about all the chicken. She didn't have chicken only once or twice a year before she landed here. Ha! She carried on about some recipe for tomato scallop from her childhood that she loved and fervently wished to have again.

Serendipity struck when I mentioned this to my mother and she gave me my grandmother's own recipe. I've been saving it for Valentine's Day. It was also amazingly good and Nan was very pleased. There's none left so that's a good indication of how wonderful it was.


A *Hannah Swensen* recipe


* 2 cups melted butter
* 2 cups brown sugar
* 2 cups white sugar
* 1 tsp baking powder
* 1 tsp baking soda
* 1 tsp salt
* 4 eggs (beaten)
* 2 tsp vanilla
* ½ tsp cinnamon
* ¼ tsp nutmeg
* 4 cups flour
* 3 cups Craisins or dried cranberries
* 3 cups rolled oats


* Preheat oven to 350°
* Melt butter
* Add sugars and allow to cool a bit
* Add salt, vanilla, and spices
* Add eggs
* dd flour and mix with electric mixer
* After the above ingredients are well incorporated
* Stir in cranberries and oats and mix all together
(Dough will be stiff)
* Drop onto parchment lined cookie sheet with a cookie scoop and bake for 12–15 minutes.
* Allow to cool on pan for two minutes
* Remove to cookie racks for further cooking.

This makes a nice large batch of cookies and good luck keeping them on hand!
Printable Recipe

Snappy Tomatoes

A Nana Recipe


* 2 cups canned tomatoes
* ½ cup cracker crumbs
* 2 TBS chopped onion
* 1 tsp salt
* 4 TBS melted butter
* ½ cup finely grated cheese of choice...I used cheddar
* dash of paprika
* dash of pepper
* 1 well-beaten egg


* Reserve some of the cracker crumbs for the topping
* Mix all together
* Place in a 6×9 inch pan
* Top with reserved cracker crumbs
* Bake in 350° oven for 25 to 30 minutes.

Printable Recipe

Now, as I took a lot of pictures for this post and didn't use them, I'm tossing in a mosaic. I can't waste them!

Enjoy a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Show and Tell

Do you remember Show and Tell day from kindergarten or first grade? I do. Very well, in fact. I even remember the one item that I most loved showing — my dolly. She was all dressed in a coral crocheted number that my mother made for her. It included the dress and a little sweater with pearl buttons and a hat, too. Plus booties. Oh she was a vision was that little doll baby of mine.

Anyway, perhaps it's because I know the quality of my mother's workmanship that I have a difficult time making things for her. I know that I can't do as well as she does. Case in point...tea cozy #2. The design is a bit off center and it stands a bit wonky, but I did double turn it so that the inside seams are not raw edges. That's an improvement over mine. As John likes to say, "By the time I get these projects perfected, I'll be on to the next thing."

Still, I was terribly impressed with myself for creating this pot holder for my sister. It's partly made from a vintage tablecloth that used to be on our childhood home's table. It's a lot of fun to make, too. *Here's* the link for figuring it out for yourselves or you can watch it below. This gal does a great job of explaining! I think she used 8-inch squares, but I used 10-inch squares for a nice big one.

Did you think that I was going to make you look at tea cozies every few days for nothing? Noooo, it's time for a giveaway! (The drawing will be March 1, 2010 at 7 pm EST.) I'm offering a tea cozy like one of these wonky ones pictured. Nothing special and only for those who find this post and read this far shhhhhhhh. All you have to do is tell me what your kitchen/dining room colors are and what your favorite tea is. (Yes, and don't you know it, this is really a test to see if people actually read my posts. I've had the sneaking suspicion...)

So that's my Monday story, I'm eager to hear yours!

Edited to Add: March 1, 2010 @ 7: 08 pm Comments have closed, which feels ridiculous to say since no one has commented in days and days. Guess tea cozies don't make the best giveaways. ;>

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Create yourselves the day that you'd most like to have! (I'm making red food. That's it. Red food.) And, to set a romantic tone, especially if you're of a certain age because my playlist is definitely vintage, feel free to listen to it multiple times.

God bless!