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Thursday, February 18, 2010

China Cupboard Before and After

I can ignore problems staring me right in the face. Pam Tillis may think that she is "The Queen of Denial," but actually I am. This is true of every situation across the board. Yup, Vee is my name and Denial is my game. Not so very good on sooooo many levels. Okay, moving right along because I am also the Queen of Vague. Specificity always makes me a titch nervous. ;>

First up...my china cupboard. You've seen the top decorated just so...
What you haven't known is its secret inner life. (I should save this for a Sunday analogy. :D )

What a disaster! I dared not put the following picture in first or you'd not have stopped by. Every time I opened it, something fell out. That might have been an indication for a normal person that it was time to do something. Not for me. I've lived this way for months.

Yesterday, I finally concluded that enough was enough. I removed every single thing placing what was going back into the cupboard on the right side of my dining table and what wasn't going back on the left side. I washed the cupboard with Murphy's oil soap...love that stuff...and placed my dishes back inside. Some fine day, perhaps I'll paint the interior something nice and light so my dishes show up better.

The only problem was that now I had a pile of stuff
that wasn't going back.

What to do with it? How about this?
I've seen this often in Blogland, but my mother was the first woman I know to do it with a big old punch bowl filled with ephemera and goodies gathered from kitchen drawers and hiding spots.

So there it is...

Oh, one last thing...
This is a little decorating idea that I love. I found it at Brocante Home on a post called The Quiet War. Her six-year-old son Finn came up with it. He has an excellent eye for charm just like his mother.

(Yes, you eagle-eyed, folks. This was before I put all my stuff in the apothecary jar.)

Have a splendid day!


  1. Wow, Vee, you did a terrific job! Very pretty display! And just to let you know, I'm right there with you in denial. :)

  2. I have the same problem!! You are not alone!

    Your cupboard looks great!!

  3. Cleaning out a cupboard is so liberating to me. Motivation? I have to find it first! =) Your cupboard looks so nice and organized, and I really like your punch bowl of goodies.

    I hope you guys are thawing out!


  4. That is seriously clever!
    I must get a big apothecary jar.

    Everything looks so very good!

    My table is still holding the extras removed from the top of my entertainment center. That is the part I dislike. Knowing what to do with leftovers.

  5. Seems you've found a new display. And it's lovely too!

  6. Oh Babe, I know that you are the Queen of Vague! -giggles- But never knew the reason... That specificity always makes you a titch nervous.

    But now, you are the Queen of Do It! Such an amazing job of cleaning out, and of culling, and of finding a cute spot for the Not-Putting-Backs.

  7. Sorry, you aren't the queen, Dear. Just one of many of us. I can't even get to my china cupboard. (Not my fault this time.) Especially love the book with the bird.

  8. Hi vee,
    I got a chuckle out of all your leftover stuff.... we all have that but you found a good way to keep it contained.
    It always feels good to have it all pretty again!

  9. Hi Vee, nice to find your blog.
    Great clean up!... Now , doesn't that feel better?...
    ( sounds like something a mother would say!)
    I love organizing ...sometimes catch myself organizing the organizing...Not good, Lol.
    Have a great rest of the week,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...
    Stop in when time permits...love to have you!

  10. I think we all have cupboards like that! I too have that same problem when I finish cleaning-up...what to do with all the leftover stuff! LOL!


  11. Everywhere in blogland people are organizing cupboards. So far...I've managed to fill my days with other stuff...like Olympics. One of these days I will make time to join all you organizers. Everyone has such good ideas...like putting all the knick-knacks in a lovely jar...and keeping the china cabinet simple.

  12. Great before and after pictures. You did a good job.
    I was organizing yesterday too. :-) I'll continue later today.

  13. Vee...first, I really like your new blog background, shabby chic.

    Well you are very brave for posting a picture of the inside, but hey look what you turned it into???

    It looks marvelous dahlink!

  14. Good job Vee! Your china cupboard looks so neat and organized now. Filling the apothecary jar with all the little things you removed is brilliant! I don't think you need to paint the interior as you can use the trick of putting pretty scrapbook paper as a backing, and that way you can change it when you want to.

    When I reorganize all my excess knick knacks goes into a box in the basement. if it stays down there long enough it goes out to Goodwill. What I have trouble getting rid of is books...I need intervention in that department..lol

    Love the little bird and bird book vignette!

  15. we are just going to have to change
    your name to "obi-wan!"

    the little bird vignette is precious.

    you can't imagine the relief to see your
    'before' cupboard (just like mine) and
    then the 'after'.

    i think i can, i think i can...

  16. Fun to see your before and after pictures and the creative way you used the apothecary jar to display mementos. Enjoy your afternoon.

  17. This looks beautiful. I was just over at Laurie's from Bargain Hunting with Laurie and there is a Klotch party tomorrow, are you going to show yours off? I love to rearrange my baker's rack each season, but I have to admit you are inspiring me to tackle my cupboard.


  18. Good job Vee. How 'bout coming and cleaning out my kitchen junk drawer(s)? I started out with only one junk drawer, but now it's become contagious to the other drawers. I don't think I have a glass container big enough to put all my leftovers!

  19. Hi Vee!
    I'm so happy you visited my blog & left a comment! Hope you come by again soon.

    Your reorganized cabinet looks awesome! I have the same problem with one of my storage cabinets. Everytime I clean & rearrange I end up with items that I don't know what to do with.


  20. Good afternoon Vee, I see you have been a busy bee. I have to take my inspiration from you and get started on my spring cleaning. I like to get it overwith before spring so I can enjoy those lovely days outside :>) Everything you did looks beautiful. When you get the time you are welcome to come over here and do mine LOL

  21. Love the new "do" for the cupboard. What a great idea for putting special things into the apothecary jar. I am a big proponent that less things to dust is a definite PLUS!!


  22. I have 3 cupboards I need to do this with!! You mentioned about painting the back of your china closet. Have you seen where they are using old music sheets and pages of books- I think that is a neat look- tried it in my corner shelf and used just a tad of stick glue on corners so that I could pull it up when/if I get tired of it.


  23. You've got me laughing this morning Vee! I have the same issues! It feels good when you get things organized... it's just getting the urge to do it!

    Well you did a great job and your cupboard looks neat as a pin. I think your dishes show up nicely against the dark wood and I love the apothecary jar idea! I'd need a dozen of them!!

    hugs, Sherry

  24. The mere thought of dealing with those leftovers is enough to prohibit me from taking on the task of cleaning a cupboard or closet. You have found a very clever solution to that problem. Hmm... now what excuse can I use?
    It looks great and I also love the little bird and book idea. I think I need to try that one.
    Thanks for your comments and to answer your question, once the last Christmas goody was consumed I began on my new eating plan. So far it is going very well. I hope it continues as I plan to make it a new way of life.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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