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Monday, February 22, 2010

Too Soon Again?

Last Easter, I started a little early and perhaps I've been thinking about Easter a little early this year as well. This year Easter will fall on April 4th, which is six weeks from yesterday. If one is thinking about projects and rounding up items, though, this really is the time to begin. These three things are tops on my list for 2010.

1. Easter eggs tie-dyed What a clever idea! I have a few of these things on hand without going to Goodwill.

2. Easter Garland at Creative Breathing. So adorable!

3. Martha Stewart-Easter Oh yes! I can see that I'm early when I beat Martha Stewart. She's beginning her Easter fling on March 1st.

Hmmm, wondering when I can start forcing the forsythia...


  1. We began chatting about our Sunrise Service and breakfast yesterday. If it is too soon then I am ahead of the game, as well.

    I LOVE Easter!

    Forsythia are awesome too.

    Becky K.

  2. Yay to Easter and spring decortions! If you can beat Martha go all out for it! =) It is time for a little color to return to our days.

    I loved your thoughts from yesterday. It gave me so much to ponder as I was getting ready for worship.

    Have a great Monday!

  3. Thanks for the links - I am looking forward to Easter - my family will gather in Arizona to spread my brother's ashes in a spot he and his son's used to hike to and is filled with beauty - what a great way to (and time) to send him off on his final journey :-)

  4. That Easter Garland is so cute! My forsythia has a couple of blossoms that have opened. It's not quite committed to totally blooming (I guess it knows that we'll be back in the 20's by the end of the week) LOL!


  5. You are not the only one Vee. .I have a few things newly purchased but still tucked away. .now ..nearly it must be time.

    OH ..and the Today Show is in Vancouver right now during the Olympics so I will see it here .. not in NYC.

  6. That's funny...I was out shopping for Easter decorations this past weekend. lol I figure I can put up some St. Paddy's stuff for a couple of weeks and then get into my Easter stuff. I'm ready for a change of seasons, I think. :)


  7. oh my how that forsythia makes me long for spring!

  8. What...you have long hair? When did that happen?

    I'm smiling...you really are eager to put winter behind you! May forsythia brighten your corner...soon.

  9. Vee. my hair is just a little shorter than yours! I have lots of waves so it's hard sometimes to see that it is long Your hair looks thick and luxurious. I
    m looking forward to seeing your new style!

    Early for Easter? No! I already have my grandson's Easter "basket" (actually a soft cloth bunny bag) ready to bring with me to Colorado next month when I visit him.

    I think I see my daffodils beginning to poke up through the snow...spring is on it's way!

  10. wow! you have beautiful hair! unbelievable, really.

    now to easter...my favorite time of year!

    i am going to try to do all your fun projects, which
    would be a miracle for me.

    "up from the grave, He arose!"

  11. ps, i think i erased my comments, darn!

    no, you aren't rushing it! we have to savor
    every moment of it.

    love your incredible hair and can't wait to see
    what the stylist does.

    pss. my daughter taught me more about using
    pics for the blog, but i had a panic attack about
    plagiarism. how do i cover that?

  12. Why in the world do you want to chop all that glorious hair off? It's quite beautiful!

    I'm ready for Easter and springtime, too, and feel guilty even thinking it cuz I know mine will be here alot sooner than most.

    I loved your post from yesterday. I put pressure on myself STILL to try to be good enough even tho I know without a shadow of a doubt that I don't need to be and that I'm His child in spite of my own self. Thanks for the reminder - so well put, friend!

    My quince is blooming, the daffodils are blooming, the tulips are coming up and the fruit trees are budding and the weatherman says we may get another snow shower tomorrow evening! This winter has set records all over Texas! I've got to go cover up some of my plants again!

  13. Six weeks, really! That means it is less than 8 week to Rebekah's first birthday. How time flies.
    I will think about Easter the week before when I go shopping.

    Enjoyed your previous post which is so true.

    When I was in a dark place spiritually when young the one thing that kept me from rededicating my life to God was the fact that I thought I was not good enough, that I could not keep all the 'rules' etc.

    How glad I am to know that it is by grace alone that I am acceptable. Would have been very helpful to have known then but God is faithful and in His time we see.

  14. Your hair is lovely Vee - are you going shorter because of the time involved in drying it?

    Here in GA, the forsythia look like the blooms will pop open soon. It's always such a pleasure to see the neon yellow blooms among all the drabness.

    Can't wait for you to share your Easter goodies pictures with us. Such a glorious time of year.

    Have a nice day.

  15. Thinking of Easter seems a perfect thing to do right about now. The pretty colors alone are enough to lift our winter weary spirits :)
    I love the garland. If you make it, you will do a post on it, won't you??
    Your hair looks lovely. What I wouldn't give for that amount of hair.

  16. Great links. OH, and I've been away for a bit but wait....what is that hair shot...are you on your way for a 'new do'? Looking forward to seeing some more hair shots...grin.

  17. The forsythia - the bright yellow - is so wonderful. It is sunny, but very cold here. Want warmth! (Pretty soon I'll be complaining that it is too hot.)

    When we are tied down, our hair does seem to take over, doesn't it? Enjoy your trip to the salon. Even a trim can make us feel "new". Can't wait to see that after picture.

  18. Easter decorations sound like fun! I'm glad you pointed out how close it is!

    Have a great week...


  19. I have already begun to think about Easter too.We usually have a house full of people. I like all of the sites you referred us too. I also want to tell you how much I enjoy your Sunday posts. They are always so inspiring.
    I can't wait to see your hair :>)

  20. Wow! You have beautiful hair! I can't wait to see what you get done! Turn around!!! ♥♥♥

  21. Oh my goodness I loved that garland link, thanks for sharing!!! So, tomorrow is the big hair day, happy cutting!

  22. Vee, Thanks for your comment about wanting to put one of my blogs on your sidebar.... "It's A Beautiful Life" is my main one, if you'd like to post that one. I'd be very happy!

    I shall be interested in the 'after' hair picture.

    I used to love colouring eggs at this time of year........... haven't done it much in recent history, no little ones around now to spur the idea forward.

    Wishing you special moments of loving encouragement in your day! Remember, today is a fresh new one.... old things are passed away..... behold all things are new.......

    Hugs, Brenda