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Monday, February 8, 2010

Head for Margo's

Since I've got nothing, I'm sending you to Margo's for a laugh. It's probably only funny to those who weren't nailed with that big snowstorm last Friday and Saturday. This guy missed his calling...he might be better suited for a pulpit somewhere. :D Oh, and be grateful if he's not giving the warning to your corner.

(I'm still much too busy fluffing in here. How many changes does this make so far? At least 27. Aren't you glad that you didn't see all of them? No voting allowed. ;>)


  1. That was a funny weather report Vee! His scream woke me up! lol

    My son went to college in DC and he thinks the city had only one snowplow. If they had two inches of snow the whole city would be paralyzed...lol

    The NY area is expecting heavy snow on Wednesday so we might get the same...oh oh!

  2. I liked it! He told it the way it would be instead of "can I be any more boring when I give the weather report?".

  3. i am sorry your youngest is going through a tough
    spell. our children certainly keep us on our knees.

    and now i am hearing that teenagers don't reallly
    cause any more heartaches than adult children can.

    oh brother.

    my comfort is psalm 112:1, 2
    "blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who find great delight in His commands.
    his children will be mighty (have great success)
    in the land"

    i can't control my children, but i can fear and take
    great delight in His commands.

    thank you for being the mother hen of all bloggers.

  4. He is scary... but funny!

    That certainly was he most unique weather report I have ever seen.

  5. Was that for real...that video clip? I haven't seen a meteorologlist dressed like an evangelist since I was a kid...and he was pretty good at impersonating one as well.

    I'm thinking the east coast has been chosen for all winter weather this year...and we in the Pacific Northwest have been passed by.

  6. All we can do is pray for them and seek wisdom and peace for ourselves.
    Thinking of you Vee.

  7. Good afternoon Vee, All of the backgrounds on your blog have been just beautiful! I'm still giggling about the animated weatherman. I know the snow is not funny and it's cause a lot of problems but I have never seen a weatherman give a weather report quite like that one LOL

  8. hahahahaa! Too funny - I'd like to have a little of his energy! And, the background(s) are looking faBUlOUs!

  9. Hey Vee- I did go over and visit Margo - loved the weatherman! I'd watch the weather more often if our weatherman was a little more animated! Very cute!

    I DO like your background. It's very easy on the eyes to read with that little flourish on the sides - very Valentine-y, too. Good job! I like mine, but I'm thinking I might want a change soon, too!

  10. Hello My Friend

    Thanks for the laugh! We ended up with 18 and are expecting another 12-18 tomorrow night. At lease our office will close and I won't have to deal with driving.

    See you soon!

  11. Glad you liked that Vee, Apparently all of his forecasts are animated like that. He's got several on youtube and even a little documentary about him. He want's to put the fun back in weather. Thanks for sending folks my way. Be sure to pop over for a give away.

    Love the backgrounds.


  12. I couldn't find where on your previous post to comment...but I wondered if you were in our car today. Sometimes, I am so weighed down by what I wonder the Lord wants to be, say, do...other people don't "seem" to have those concerns....
    I really enjoyed this post. Thank you.

  13. You do NOT have to send me elsewhere for a laugh. YOU give me a chuckle. -giggles-

    Fluffing, hu? That's what you call changing your blog look. Fluffing! Why didn't I think of that?!?

    And awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... We don't get to vote?!? Awwwwwwwwwwww... No fair. No fair. No fair.


    P.S. I still vote that I like this one!!! -running, ducking & hiding-

  14. I think that guy needs to switch to decaf! LOL.

    And my, my. It's looking very pretty in here!

  15. Hi Vee. Going to check this out. Love the new look!. Thanks so much for those secrets. I visited the blogs today and have book marked them, as I don't usually follow direction very well on the first go around.

  16. Vee, my daughter in Northern Virginia said they got 33 inches of snow and now they expect another 10-20 inches tomorrow! DC is NOT prepared for such an onslaught, for sure. The weatherman had reason to scream. It made me laugh!

  17. Very pretty background Vee. .I like that it can still be faintly seen behind your post. That wasn't a vote. .just a compliment.

  18. Your blog looks great with the new touches! :-) I checked out the hilarious video clip....I experienced everything he was talking about here in northern VA, and we're getting more snow tomorrow! :-O

  19. It is snowing here in Ky. again!!!!!...smiles...m.

  20. I am not officially voting...but I do like the header with the photo opts from your home...I'm just saying =>


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