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Friday, February 12, 2010

Tea Cozy

Thank you all for your wonderful comments, which have buoyed me considerably. I know that behind those comments are a lot of prayers. I can sense them and am so grateful for them.

And, I am taking your advice to heart. It may not be possible to get out of the house for a getaway very often, but I can get away in the house. It had been weeks and weeks since playing in my craft room. Though I'm not a very good crafter, I do enjoy my puttering time. Nan had her silver bell to ring for me and that gave me a few hours upstairs. She read. I sewed. It worked. She only rang once. ;D

So now I am in the tea cozy business (do not take this too literally...no Etsy shop in my future). My hope is to make all the ladies in the family a nice tea cozy because I have been enjoying my tea times tremendously. Chamomile is wonderfully calming and I need all the calming I can get.

Using Insul-Bright, yesterday's project was a repurposing of a torn pillow sham. Since it was going to be the prototype and the pillow sham was a gift from my daughter and I was keeping it, there was little fretting and lots of fun. I mean, look at it! What could I possibly have done to harm it? Ha!

Here's the finished cozy sitting on the jelly cupboard with a rooster button covering a patched hole...

Next up...

The thing that is really floating my boat is that there's enough old pillow sham to make a kind of matching cozy for my daughter. She doesn't drink tea, but who knows? One day, she may want to give the cozy a try.

Hope that if life should become stressful, you'll try a project and a cup of chamomile tea. A blessed day to you...


  1. Your tea cozy is so cute. What a darling idea! Have a wonderful Valentine's day!!

  2. Very sweet! I love that you are getting to be creative.

    Warren calls chamomile tea camel hair tea. Makes me smile each time.
    Hmmmm...perhaps that is why he does it...lol.

    Becky K.

  3. A project with a purpose...a good way to spend a few hours! Will we see the line-up of cozies when you are all done?

    Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend...you two...and Nan. Smile.

  4. Very nice. What a great idea! What about a toaster cover instead of a tea cozy? Would your daughter use that?

  5. How pretty! I hope your day is good and less stressful! I'll remember the tea! I think my cold coffee drink with chocolate soy milk calms me and gives me energy! I use to love hot herbal tea though! ♥

  6. The Chamomile tea is indeed good for calming and what a great idea for the cozy. I have a lot of things my kiddos gave me that I would never part with but get tired of looking at or they wear out, so this idea is great. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Awwwwwwwwwww HON! I could squeeze the living day-lights out of you! You let your insides [or gut feeling] guide you [and maybe some commenters helped too] and you found A WAY!

    A way to give yourself a real break! Which you so, so, so, so much need. I can feel "burn out" right around the corner. And then, what will happen to ........ Those depending on you? [That includes your Beloved too!!!]

    You are lucky that you can do these crafty things! And lose yourself in them, for a while. -happy sigh-

    Did I say I could squeeze the living day-lights out of you? :-) Yes, I did. :-) And I mean it. You know I mean it.

    Multiple hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Vee, Your tea cozy is so cute! I hope you are able to find more time to yourself and create more beauties! Praying for you in your situation as a caretaker, dear friend! Hope you have a wonderful Valentines! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  9. But................

    You knew I'd have a "but," didn't you?


    With all your family members, why can't you get out of the house for a get-away of sorts, on a regular basis? Oh I know, they are allllllll busy. Yada, yada, yada, yada, yada...
    When all else fails, hit 'em with some guilt. There IS a place for that, you know!

    When family members are too good at *not noticing* where their help is needed, for a measly few hours of Nan-sitting... Well, you can just *open their eyes.*

    And are there any services which 'give a break to caregivers' in your area? Sure they cost money, but if she was in a Nursing Home, her money would be flowwwwwwwwwing out the window. Use some, for this.

    And pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't say that she forbids it. Do not say that. Do not. If you do, you may *force* me to drive across a couple of state lines and come over there and.........

    Well, just the knowledge that I am within such distance. The very thought of that, will certainly insure that you will not say that she will not allow it.



  10. adorable! who wouldn't want a quilted tea cozy?

    doesn't it make you feel good to creat lovely


  11. Dear Vee,

    I love it...it is so cute! I look forward to seeing the other ones you will be making. I am so happy that you are finding some peaceful time in your crafting room!


  12. Wow! You did a beautiful job! I love all of the colors. I'm glad things are going a little better. I'm keeping you close in my prayers ♥

  13. Oh that's so pretty! I love the colors.
    I've been enjoying tea lately too. My favorite this week is Orange Spice.

  14. I just LOVE this Vee!! Your tea cozy turned out wonderful!!! I love it when you take something that you're not using and turn it into a one of a kind goody that you will enjoy using from now on ~ I hope you are doing great sweet friend and I'm so glad that you and John were able to have a little time to yourselves. Wishing you both a sweet Valentine's day!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  15. It's been so fun to come by and see you lately as we are not only treated to a new post, but a new blog background as well. :-)
    I adore your tea cozy and the litle rooster button is a great addition. I look forward to seeing the next ones too.
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend.

  16. Crafting is a great way to get away even when you can't leave the house. Love that tea cozy!

  17. Gorgeous! Oh my, let us know if you want to sell any, LOL! And I am sooooo glad that you have worked in a little "me" time!

  18. I love it! Just think, you are not only creating beauty you are trendy... green and recycling and all that. :)

    Yes, you are in my thoughts and my prayers. Thankfully, His mercies are new every morning.

  19. What an enjoyable post today Vee. My late mother and I collected tea pots, chocolate sets, lemonade sets and I just love the tea cozy you have made. It is so cheerful! I love iced tea (being a southern girl!) but just don't care for it hot! I do love to smell the tea brewing though. As a caregiver previously for both parents and now my husband, I do understand your need for a pleasant distraction. In addition to crafts, my blogging friends' prayers and encouragement are what gets me through the hard times. God bless and I wish you a sweet Valentine's Day!

  20. You do good work! Glad you got some time away - even for just a few minutes - for a change of scenery and stimulate those creative thoughts.

  21. OH, I love them! I have a fondess for tea cozzies. They remind me of childhood and my mom and grandma's and great aunts. I have been saying for a few years that I want to find the perfect one! Lately, I have been dreaming of making one myself. Thank you for the inspiration! The one you repurposed out of a pillow sham is perfection!

    Mermaid Debbie

  22. What a great idea! They are all very pretty as well as useful.

    We love chamomille tea..Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea is a favorite.

  23. Sewing is great therapy, isn't it. Your tea cozy is darling!!


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