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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Search of Built-In Beds

How do ideas come to you for posts? They often come to me from other bloggers. (Ibloggers!) For example, I have always appreciated Swedish architecture and Swedish homes. I've told you about my love of Carl Larsson and all this before I married a Swede. So when I read Judy's post and found her little grandson cozily tucked down in Judy's closet, euphemistically described as "the other guest room," I thought about built-in Swedish beds and how much I've always wanted them and how perfect it would be for my grandsons. And I wondered if my Swede could be talked into creating some and on and on.

Let's begin with a photo of Carl Larsson's bed captured from my little book on Sundborn...

Although it appears to be a built-in as in up against a wall, it's really centered in the room. You can see another view of it here at Adventures in Daily Living. Though it's not up against a wall, it has those features that charm such as the curtains, which can be drawn and the curved lines.

Then, as it happened, I read Melissa's post about Winter Bliss(dom) and found the most perfect built-in situation, which sent me searching further.

Funny thing about this "searching further" as it often brings one right back home. And that's what I found in my search for built-in beds — a Maine architectural photographer and his amazing work — Brian Vanden Brink. You are in for a treat if you visit his web site. So much to see there...much more than beds! If the name sounds familiar, it's because his work has been featured in many books and magazines.

And I found what I think would be the perfect built-in for little boys, though mine would have to include a window. Those confined spaces get quite stuffy.

Or perhaps this...

maybe something like this, which is so charming again because of the curtains...


No, I think the first, which I learned was created in Norway for an American ambassador now living on the coast of Maine. How interesting! The wave flourishes are a nod to the sea, of course. You can read more about the design *here.*

If you require beds using very little space thereby saving room for work or play or if you just think being cocooned in such a cozy spot would be bliss, perhaps you'll be thinking about built-ins, too.

A happy day to you!


  1. What imagination these people have been blessed with! WOW!

  2. Like the first one particularly and it looks like there is no cleaning under the beds. I like that bit.
    Looking forward to eventually seeing yours.

  3. That is a great choice! I would love sleeping there myself.

  4. Such fun beds to think about. Those photos are dreamy. The grandchildren will certainly love whatever you come up with.

    Becky K.

  5. Wow! Those beds are what dreams are made of! I love those!



  6. Vee,

    We have been contemplating building our own Murphy bed. I love the designs you have featured here today. Wish we had room for such but living in a cottage does have its drawbacks.

  7. I've always like this idea too! In our early years, the boys shared a bedroom - I thought it would make them closer:)

    Enjoy this wonderful day!

  8. Good morning Vee - just a quick note before I'm off to work...

    Those are really sweet little beds. I think that would be great fun for little ones (or big ones). Just think of all the things they could think up to play in those cozy alcoves! Hope that works out for you and your little grands.

    Say, I was looking at your daughter's painting. She's very talented and I'd love to see more of her work. Does she have a website, a blog or do you have some more paintings listed on your blog? I tried to enlarge it so I could see it better, but it took me to your post. I hope she'll continue with that. I'm so interested in what young people are painting and hearing about how they are going to develop their art in the future!

  9. Looked at the beds again - they remind me of the Peter Pan movie! I can't remember if they had those beds in the movie, but I can just see Tinkerbell zipping around sprinkling fairy dust on your littles!

  10. Hi sweet Vee!! I just love built-in beds!!! These are gorgeous to me ~ when I was growing up a friend of mine had them and I always felt like a princess when I spent the night with her...thanks for reminding me of this sweetie ~ hope your day is wonderful, hugs and love, Dawn

  11. What a fairy tale sleep I could have in one of those beds! WOW!

  12. Oh Oh! The live-in-Swede has his work cut out for him! ,-)

    Wondering ~~ Does he kind of shiver, when you say things like; "I was thinking..."? My Husband does! ,-)


  13. These are so fun/functional. I'd actually prefer a bed that moves, but the built in storage underneath is fantastic.

  14. These beds are the epitome of coziness. I know that when I was a kid I would have been very happy with my Nancy Drew books and any one of these beds.
    I'm anxious to see what you come up with for your grandsons.

  15. Those beds are really cool, but not a good idea for me. I like to change things around too much!!
    Where do I get my ideas for blogging? Since I just blog about my day I get mine by just living. :-)

  16. i love them all and don't know if i could choose!

    one of my favorite blogs is also swedish, 'thelighthouse'. she displays the loveliest designs
    and is very sweet in her comments, too.

    hans and i are enjoying a brief trip to the mountains.
    so beautiful!

    i am still very grateful for your kind endorsement now
    over a month ago...seems years for some reason.

  17. Omigosh Vee! I'm crazy for these things. I cut at article out of a magazine awhile back that features a teeny tiny house, probably under 400 sq. ft., that includes one of these beds. I can't imagine anything in the world cozier. I wouldn't like the one in the middle of the room because I'd need that back solid wall in order to feel enveloped. I'm off to find that article. Perhaps it will be my post for tomorrow.

    The thing is - - you have a Swede that is handy and knows about carpentry and can actually create this. I, on the other hand, well, you know the Farmer isn't really handy with a hammer.

    - Suzanne

  18. Much more charming than my walk-in closet...I must say! So how enthused is the caprenter about your dreams? Smile!

  19. A very nice idea! The old Dutch homes in Brooklyn had beds like that. They were small and narrow and all tucked into a wall with curtains to block the draft and to allow for privacy as they were often one room homes.

    Your grandsons would love this! Hope John share sin the vision :-)

  20. I just stumbled across your blog and this post was really quite lovely! And happy belated groundhogs day to you, too! :)

  21. I love little bed nooks like that! One that I recall seeing is Thomas Jefferson's bed at Monticello. From what I recall, it is designed to get in on either side. It's been about 20 years ago since we were there and we must stop again sometime when we are in that area!

  22. I checked and you can see a picture of Jefferson's bed by googling images!

  23. They look so cozy and comfy. I have always wanted a window box to fix up for a place to recline and read! ♥

  24. What great beds.....I would love to curl up in any one of them and read, snooze, blog, or juswt day dream! Thanks for an interesting post!

  25. Vee,
    Thanks for sharing this fabulous post! I've always loved these little bed nooks. I've thought about adding one of these to my studio room, but then I'd probable curl up and take a nap and not get any painting done.


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