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Monday, February 15, 2010

Show and Tell

Do you remember Show and Tell day from kindergarten or first grade? I do. Very well, in fact. I even remember the one item that I most loved showing — my dolly. She was all dressed in a coral crocheted number that my mother made for her. It included the dress and a little sweater with pearl buttons and a hat, too. Plus booties. Oh she was a vision was that little doll baby of mine.

Anyway, perhaps it's because I know the quality of my mother's workmanship that I have a difficult time making things for her. I know that I can't do as well as she does. Case in point...tea cozy #2. The design is a bit off center and it stands a bit wonky, but I did double turn it so that the inside seams are not raw edges. That's an improvement over mine. As John likes to say, "By the time I get these projects perfected, I'll be on to the next thing."

Still, I was terribly impressed with myself for creating this pot holder for my sister. It's partly made from a vintage tablecloth that used to be on our childhood home's table. It's a lot of fun to make, too. *Here's* the link for figuring it out for yourselves or you can watch it below. This gal does a great job of explaining! I think she used 8-inch squares, but I used 10-inch squares for a nice big one.

Did you think that I was going to make you look at tea cozies every few days for nothing? Noooo, it's time for a giveaway! (The drawing will be March 1, 2010 at 7 pm EST.) I'm offering a tea cozy like one of these wonky ones pictured. Nothing special and only for those who find this post and read this far shhhhhhhh. All you have to do is tell me what your kitchen/dining room colors are and what your favorite tea is. (Yes, and don't you know it, this is really a test to see if people actually read my posts. I've had the sneaking suspicion...)

So that's my Monday story, I'm eager to hear yours!

Edited to Add: March 1, 2010 @ 7: 08 pm Comments have closed, which feels ridiculous to say since no one has commented in days and days. Guess tea cozies don't make the best giveaways. ;>


  1. Well, you can't fool me...I want to be entered! My kitchen colors are green and tan. I drink Cranberry Spice tea or Orange Spice...depending on the mood.

    You are so industrious.

    I'll be putting up a give away for my 1,000th post soon. Keep an eye out!

    Becky K.

  2. I love tea cozies....but, I don't drink tea! I drink coffee....sometimes, but it has been awhile, I will drink Chai Tea. Does that count as tea? My kitchen is done in earth tones and red.

  3. Oh, I'd love to win a tea cozy that you made. My kitchen is blue and red! :-)

    When we lived in Scotland and my mom was visiting, my son David took grandma to school for show and tell. :-)

  4. Mornin' Vee - I love Orange Spice or just a regular breakfast tea, sometimes an Earl Grey. I do like mulled cider, too, when it's cold out.

    I think you did a wonderful job on your cozies! See, I need more wintertime indoors I guess so I could do more handwork like that...

    My farmhouse kitchen is light green/yellow/pink with a little of everything else vintage thrown in!

    You're so sweet to have a giveaway - I need to have one. I missed my 100th post, so I need to come up with a reason (or NO reason) to have one... hmmm... let's see...

  5. Here I am on Monday morning ...reading your post! Your tea cozys are precious and I would love to have one! Have a happy day, sweet lady! HUGS! ♥

  6. My kitchen colors are the same as the potholder you made (vintage looking yellow and red).

    I have lots of favorite teas but I be sure to stock up on Candy Cane Lane at Christmas when I can. It is decaf so I can have it on a cold winter's night.

    It's probably tied with Bigelow's Earl Grey Green.

  7. What a beautiful blog! I hope you wont mind if I become a follower?!

  8. Hey, this background is cute!!! [I know, I *can't* vote. But did that ever stop me?!?]

    I think you are amazing, doing all this crafting. And I so understand John saying; "By the time we get these projects perfected, we'll be on to the next thing." ,-)

    And NO I did not read to the end of the post, and so therefore am NOT eligible to join in the trying-to-win. ,-) Why??????? Because I've never had a give away and I am not, not, not allowing myself to enter any one else's give-aways!

    Plus, I don't drink tea but that's beside the point. I just can not, not, not be entered in give-aways.

    Yes, I have even gotten ready to do a give-away, way back on 'smilnsigh.' Never followed through. Know I never will. So... that/s my story and I'm sticking to it. :-))))

  9. Your tea cozies are adorable! My boring little kitchen is renter's white with almond appliances...so I've added red accessories. Favorite tea...Constant Comment. I'm drinking it now as I enjoy a snow day--the library is closed due to snow!

  10. Hahaha, you can't sneak this one by us! My kitchen color is a screaming YELLOW right now. We are in a rental home and everything is yellow. I used to like the color but am not sick of it! Our future kitchen is going to be a mix of brown earthtones. My favorite tea is bigalow mint. Yum!

    And that is how I make coasters! They are smaller, of course, LOL. And I use iron-on interfacing in the middle (ironed on the bottom square) instead of the heat resistance layer. This helps prevent moisture from bleeding through. I have made tons of these for gifts!

  11. I love that quilted tea cozy in the back, it has such happy colors and yes I do read your posts! I am on a berry tea kick lately - blackberry and raspberry being current favorites.

    I hope your Monday is filled with happy thought and good cheer!

  12. Love this background, too. Change is the spice of life, right? Or something like that. lol

    Those tea cozies are so pretty. I don't see "wonky" anything. Too, thanks for the tutorial for making hot pads. Probably a year ago I purchased the heat resistant batting but have yet to do anything with it.

    My kitchen is completely torn up. Right now it is predominately white. I'm thinking yellow and white with blue accents, but I may change my mind ten times. I prefer Tetley brand of black tea. I drink tea all day, so...

    Do you still have your doll?

  13. Good Morning Vee,
    Great job on the tea cozy and tea towel, well does that get me any extra points? I would so like to be entered, in this giveaway, my kitchen is done in earth tones and red. As far as tea, I love them all and will try any new one, now see I am not hard to please am I?lol

    Thanks for your comment on my first date post, and yes. I am all of 107, but that was suppose to be a secret, you see Mr. P keeps me young. Oh! well now that the secret is out, I guess I will have to share all my other secrets. lol
    Enjoy your day.

  14. Ha! I do read your full posts! I would love to be ebtered into your wonky tea cozy giveaway (BTW- they don't look wonky to me!" By kitchen colors are cobalt blue and white and I love Earl Grey tea.

  15. Hi Vee,
    The tea cozies are beautiful! My kitchen has too many colors to share but red is the main one that pops out everywhere! Tea- not fussy but my favorite is peach flavored.
    And I do so enjoy your blog!

  16. Just thought...I did not sign in properly and I am not writing from my computer so don't think you will recognize "Sue" who likes peach tea...it is Sue of Thistlepatchhill

  17. adorable...and thank you for the instructions.

    alas, i don't sew! but i will forward this to my
    super creative sewing daughter.

    your doll story reminded me of my emily. she
    made her 3 year old daughter a rapunzel with the
    most gorgeous, soft yarned LONG hair. she
    found an antique bird cage that hangs from the
    ceiling that serves as rapunzel's tower.



  18. You are so crafty! My kitchen is yellow and red and my new favorite tea is sugar plum.

  19. First off...let me say thanks for the pot holder idea...and the great tutorial. I love it!

    Of course I read your blog...through to the end...each and every time. But you do know that I'm not a huge tea drinker...though I serve tea to my guests regularly...so a tea cozy by Vee would come in mighty handy. My favorite tea is Twining's Earl Grey...and a tea cozy to match my tea towel from Vee would be more than perfect!

  20. Re: Gluten Intolerance

    Recent possibility, and not sure if I am allergic to Gluten, or not. Only way to find out, is to go gluten free for a while. See if it "helps." :-)

    Ahhh, Gluten. Think of all the things which have flour in them!!!!! Eeeeeek!

  21. Love your tea cozy and adorable vintage pot holder. I definitely read to the end and am so glad I did. A giveaway of one of your handmade tea cozies ~ how exciting.

    My favorite tea is Constant Comment and kitchen colors are blue and yellow.

    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  22. Very tricky Miss Vee :)

    My colors are black and cream and my favorite tea is______. Just checking to see if you read my recent post :>

  23. Oh, I adore tea cozies! You can't fool me. I read every last word of your blog. Sometimes twice. (smile) I enjoy black tea--English Breakfast (or Yorkshire) My kitchen? I love red and black and just painted the island green. Hope you are having a happy day! ~Kathy

  24. Okay, now I not only WANT one of those tea cosies I NEED one! So please please please include me, Vee! My poor little cosies are so old they need cosies to keep warm, too!

  25. opps, forgot to tell you, I prefer white so that I can put colorful things on the walls and nothing clashes!!!
    Sandi (again)

  26. What a fun giveaway and apparently we all read your blogs to the end!!! My kitchen is barely pink with dark browns and beiges. I like pomegranate tea.

  27. ohohoh! I love your wonky-stuff! Count me in...and wouldn't you know it..red and yellow and a light sage greean are my kitchen colors ! Yay! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the potholders! I need to make a bunch for next Christmas - who doesn't need potholders, right??

  28. Vee! Not really sure what my kitchen colors are, but a tea cozy that matches the lovely tea towel you sent me a few years back would be awesome!! And, I love tea, preferably a fruit-flavored tea, a berry tea would be great!

    Love the story of your dolly! As a poster above asked, do you still have her?

    I never come to your blog without reading each and every word of each and every post I've missed! I even read the captions to your photos, which really gives me an idea of what you've posted!

    Have a lovely day!

  29. From: OldNuffToKnoBtr

    Navy and yellow are the colors in my kitchen.

    English Breakfast tea before lunch. Constant Comment decaf after dinner.

  30. The tea cozies all look perfect to me Vee! I loved the pot holder too...made special by a sentimental piece of fabric!

    A friend of mine recently made a beautiful pillow for her two sister's using the fabric of her Mom's favorite nightdress. She made a heart in the middle with buttons from her Mom's button collection. It was a such a nice memory for them to have on the anniversary of their Mom's passing.

    I love Bengal Spice Celestial Seasonings herb tea. It has lots of cinnamon in it. Mt kitchen is beige and gold, with green and red accents. I never had a tea cozy and would be thrilled to win one to go along with my Vee original apron :-)

    ♥ Pat

  31. Wonky? I don't see anything wonky about your work...It looks wonderful to me! I would love a tea cozy! My favorite tea? hmmmmm I usually go to the tea shop and get an ounce of whatever suits my fancy at the time. This morning I am having Nilgiri with some raspberry and rose petal tea mixed in with it. YUM!!

  32. Well aren't you the sly one. I may not be fast, but at least I do read to the end. :) Now, asking me to tell you my favorite tea is another thing altogether. I suppose if I have to choose, I have to go with Bigelow's Constant Comment (decaf). And my kitchen is a buttery yellow textured... think Italian Trattoria with olives and olive oil in the decor.


  33. Woah ..I'm late to this one. . but wanted you to know that Judy had used your tutorial post and sent me a set and I loved the pot holders and am now making some sets to give away myself. It seems that everything I ever want to make from blogs .. .starts here.


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