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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cheesy Corn Chowder and Dessert Too

What a beautiful day has dawned here in the Northeast. My corner missed all that snowy mess even though the storm clouds were gathered. It reminded me all day of a quote I like: For every ten problems you see coming down the road, nine roll harmlessly into the ditch before they arrive. ~ Calvin Coolidge

Yesterday morning was busy with taking my mother for treatments, but yesterday afternoon she surprised us by wanting to come here for the remainder of the day. After lunch, she sent John and me off with a good wish for enjoying the afternoon while she stayed with her mother.

John and I so enjoyed getting away. We ran some quick errands, took a drive through the back country and found the most wonderful new business sprung up...a maple syrup business...so I shall be sharing more about that once that season has arrived. We drove through Kentucky Fried Chicken and ordered some of their apple pies. Love those things! We ate them in front of the public garden closed for the season, but we enjoyed the winter view all the same. Then we went to the flea market.

Back home, I put on the potatoes for a delicious if.I.do.say.so.myself. cheesy corn chowder...recipe to follow. Then it was off for a walk with John. A walk! Oh joy unspeakable and I remembered to take my camera and so I experimented with some of Ree's techniques. You do all know that she gives great tips *here in the photography section*. Anywho, for seeing some truly beautiful photography submitted by her readers, take a look. It's enough to make one very humble.

Here are my pitiful offerings. (NOOOO! I did not submit these. ;> )

High Aperture (Background in focus, subject blurry)

Low Aperture (background blurry; subject in focus)

Then back home for the putting together of the chowder and the making of corn bread or Johnny cake. We enjoyed a tummy-warming meal together and then I quickly made my dear friend Mrs. G's Gourmet Pears for dessert. Since I have modified it, I don't think that Mrs. G would mind my sharing my version. (BTW, Mrs. G., should you be reading...hope that you and yours are well.)

Finally, it was back to the city with my mother so that she could catch her ride home. My sister was working until six, but her twelve-hour shift turned into a fourteen-hour one. (Nurses have brutal shifts!) It gave mom and me lots of time to chat.

So here are those recipes...

Cheesy Corn Chowder

(This makes a huge batch so don't hesitate to divide it for a family of four.)


* 4 lbs potatoes
* 1 onion chopped fine
* 2 cans evaporated milk
* 2 cans whole kernal corn
* 2 cans creamed corn
* 3 cans Campbell Cheddar Cheese Soup (1 can for a halved recipe will work fine)
* salt and pepper to taste


Cook potatoes and onion with enough water to cover potatoes. Cook until tender. Drain off the water and add remaining ingredients. Simmer over low heat until piping hot.

I also added some ground sausage to this pot for an extra taste sensation. Yummy!

Gourmet Pears


* 2 cans drained pears (14 ounce cans)
* ½ cup plain yogurt + 1 TBS sour cream
* 3 egg yolks
* 3 TBS brandy, rum or sherry. Yes, vanilla extract will work, too.
* 4 or 5 TBS brown sugar


In a small saucepan, combine yogurt, sour cream, sugar, and egg yolks. Cook stirring constantly until the sauce is thickened...you'll know...about three minutes. Stir in brandy or whatever you're using. Place drained pears in an ovenproof dish, pour sauce over the pears, and sprinkle with brown sugar. Broil for three or four minutes. (A toaster oven works well for this.) May be served hot or chilled. (We ate ours warm...so delicious!)


  1. Yes, I know! I'm such a baby! Seeing I might be first comment, and not being able to resist trying for it!

    Baby... Baby... Baby... Baby... Baby... LOL!


  2. OK, enough for the silliness, for now. ,-) So happy that everything with your Mother, seems to have turned out well. [I still have no idea about her condition, but am not prying].

    And you and John having time to yourselves! This makes my day! But I want you to have more such time to yourselves! So of course, I'm never satisfied. Hey, what can I say? That's me. ,-)

    Oh what is the kind of Japanese name for that kind of photography? Up close is clear and far away is not clear... And visa versa? Hoku or something. No, that's not it but there is a fancy-shmacy-name, I know there is.

    Great work on it, btw. Whether I can remember the name or not. ,-)

    Yes, both of us missed the 2nd storm! Yeaaaaaaaa! We did get some snow over here, and none, with the first snow. L-U-C-K-Y!!!

    But I suppose DC is getting dug out by today. No more days of Washington being shut down. But like one of my LJ pals said... While Washington is shut down, they can't do any more damage! >,-)


  3. So glad you were able to escape for a little while. Thanks for sharing the recipes, too. Gorgeous pics. Looks really cold, tho. Brrrrr.

  4. 'Morning Vee - I have had you on my mind so much with your weather and your Nan and mom! I'm so glad to hear that you and John were able to get out for a bit. It was a much needed get-away, for sure! I know you enjoyed it, and it was just the prescription for what ailed ya! Glad to hear ya'll missed the snowstorm of the century, too!

    That corn chowder sounds wonderful - we're actually having a little dusting of sleet/snow this morning and I'm gonna need something to warm me up for supper. That sounds like just the ticket! Pears sound yummy, too!

    I'm so glad to see your spirit lighter this morning! Have a wonderful day! (and I DO like your photos, too. I will have to check out Ree's photo tips!)

  5. Good morning, Vee!

    I'm glad the storm missed your corner of the world. I've been shivering from afar here on the west coast where the cherry trees are in bloom and everyone is wishing for Olympic snow.

    Hope your day is wonderful.


  6. Oh, Vee, a quick getaway sounds lovely! My hubby and I are plotting our own escape, we so need it!

    I know how easily it is to get irritated by little or big things (your previous post)...and letting ourselves escape now and then can give us a better attitude :-)

    These recipes look so yummy!!


  7. I'm so happy to hear that you and John were able to get out and enjoy such a nice day together. Sometimes even one day away from it all does wonders for lifting our spirits.
    The soup sounds delicious and a fitting meal to a lovely day.
    I love your quote today. It really is so true, but I need a reminder quite often.

  8. Thank you for the delicious recipe. I'm glad you were able to have a fun get-away day with your beloved.

    Be blessed!

  9. my husband will love the corn chowder. thank you
    for the recipe. i always forget about cheese soup!
    it is such a delicious addition.

    so glad you had a happy day after an unhappy one.

    we all love you so.

  10. A walk!! How nice! Once upon a time I walked every morning!! :-)
    Sounds like a nice day out.

  11. It sounds like you had a perfect day...walking, picture-taking...the best company...and good FOOD. Try to beat that.

    Pears are sure 'big' these days. I'm glad I like them. Your dessert sounds yummy.

  12. How sweet! I need to ask my hubby to go for a walk. I'll keep your mother in my prayers.
    It's a great idea to get away occasionally even if it's just a quick trip to the library, store, etc.

  13. So glad you had such a great break. Hope they keep coming.
    Don't be too hard on yourself. I checked the photo blog out and it could be that lots of those pics were taken with expensive macro settings.

    I keep the Ponsiettas going for as long as they have red leaves and when finished I bin them.

  14. Glad that you got some me/us time - you sounded like you really needed it.

    Prayer and gentle hugs for all

  15. Ah, my heart lept for you when I read that you got out and about, having a little fun with your sweetie! Just the tonic that you needed!

  16. Good Afternoon Vee and thanks for your visit. I rarely laugh out loud but that little fella' with Tennessee Ernie Ford did the trick for me!
    What a joy to read your blog this afternoon. So happy you and John had some respite. Lovely to take a walk and enjoy photography and a hot apple pie together. Thanks also for the yummy recipes. We actually had a little sunshine here in GA today. Glad the snow storm missed you. Wishing you a restful evening and more joy filled days and smiles.

  17. Hi Vee,
    What a lovely day!It's so nice to just getaway and do something fun unexpectedly. So gald Mom is feeling better.
    Enjoy your Valentines day!.
    Big hugs,

  18. Thanks for the recipe...looks yummy!


  19. It sounds just like just the little break you needed, Vee, to relieve some stress (I read yesterday's post late, and you had already shut off comments ..I have not been good about getting online early these days ..and yesterday all I did was shovel snow..we got over a foot of heavy stuff..and paying for that today with sore arms...good work out!) It would be nice if you had the opportunity to take a break like this more frequently as studies show caregivers need time to themselves too, to stay healthy. Hope your Mom's procedure goes well .. it sounds like she welcomed the little change of pace to be at your house too!

    Your chowder sounds very comforting and delicious. I've also been making a lot of soup this winter..warms up the whole kitchen doesn't it? :-)

  20. Wonderful photos! I must try the chowder recipe - the pear dessert sounds luscious too! Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a little respite--even a few hours helps! V.

  21. Thanks Vee for the yummy-sounding recipes. And your photos are really lovely. Someday I will invest in a good camera so I can try all those cool effects.

  22. So glad to read you had some escape time with your husband. I wish you could have more of them.

    Your recipe sounds so great....and your photos are wonderful. You're doing a great job!

    Hope your weekend is a good one. Dana

  23. I'm really glad that you and John were able to get away for the day. It's really important for caregivers and I'm sure your mom knows that. Anyway, it gave her time with her mother. I make a potato corn chowder but your version with cheese sounds wonderful.

    I'm very scared to think what the other nine problems were. You know, the ones that ended up in the ditch.


  24. Yummy post in more ways than one! The recipes sound delicious and even more delighting is that you and John got a much needed break! I am so glad you had such a wonderful day.

  25. Thanks for the wonderful recipes. They both sound so good! I am going to try the corn chowder this weekend.

  26. Dear Vee, I just read your previous post and my heart is with you sweetie. You are carrying such a heavy load. I'm so happy to read here that you and John were able to get out and that you are finding a way to get some creative time in, too. You really do have to take care of you in order to be able to care for others. I know that's easier said than done when you are overwhelmed. You are on my prayer list!

    Love that Coolidge quote. Sounds like something my mom might have said - along with You can't keep trouble from coming, but you needn't give it a chair to sit in!! Thanks for sharing those yummy recipes!!


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