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Friday, February 26, 2010


Yes, as I was saying, I've been going back through my posts and doing a bit of tidying up. One post has been lost to me. Oh, yes, it's still there buried somewhere in a pile of oodles of posts and with some title that means less than zip. Searches yield nothing, but I am not going to waste my perfectly wonderful permission to feature this artist. Her name is Tamar Mogendorff and you can find her work here and her blog here. (And now you also know the reason behind the title of this post.)

My former post includes a swan and we collect swans at the Haven. I'd love to collect one of Tamar's. She is a sculptor, an artist, a delight. I love her work!

Well, do see for yourself...

* used by permission
*hi vee,
thanks for your lovely post and e-mail.
and thanks for letting me know.. before the google alert.. :)
best wishes,

Before the Google alert? Wow! I am comforted to know that artists and photographers and anyone who'd like to so do can set up an alert. Still, how thoughtful of Tamar to give me permission. It's much appreciated. And, when I find that buried post, I'll be sure to put a link back to this one.
Have a wonderful Friday evening and a relaxing Saturday!


  1. oh yes, i would go to great lengths for those
    precious little bird houses.

    she is a very talented and gracious young

    thank you for sharing, especially knowing some
    extra details. :)


  2. Her bird houses are adorable and such a great picture of them all together. I must go check her out.

    Have a wonderful weekend at your haven, Vee.

  3. Tamar does very pretty artwork! Thank you for sharing!

    I have a google alert for my blog == it is very easy to do. Do a search for
    "google alerts" and there will be a box that asks for the information you would like an alert for. It can be anything you are interested in, even your own name!

    Then when a web page comes up that has that information Google will send you and e-mail and tell you what web page referred to that information. It is not instantaneous, but usually within 24 hours you will be alerted.
    It is a nice way to know if someone mentions your blog in their blog post.

    PS Did you see my e-mail? I'll resend it! Thanks!

    Enjoy your weekend! We are tired after shoveling 19 inches of snow :-(

    ♥ Pat

  4. How beautiful! I love finding out about artists that are so talented! Enjoy your weekend! I'm off to explore! ♥

  5. Most lovely...and nice of her to give her consent. And now I just learned something new...about google alerts.

  6. They are darling Vee.

    I have never heard of the google alert, thanks for keeping us in the know:)

  7. Hi Vee, I'm not familar with google alert either....

    Those bird houses are too cute and just in time for a little Spring decorating.

    About my thrift shop job....yep I'm just about handing over my paycheck...lol

  8. How sweet!! Amazing work. How sweet of you to feature her.

    Have a lovely weekend, Vee.

    Hope all is better for you.


  9. Vee, you are a wealth of information! What lovely birdhouses.


  10. Those little bird houses are adorable! Oh it reminds me of spring ♥ I can't wait. I hope you have a lovely week.


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