Saturday, March 6, 2010

Springing it Up

Spent the morning roaming around looking for spring things and Easter things. Time to put away the Friendly Village dishes that I used all winter in favor of pastels. A week or so ago, I was wondering about forcing forsythia. It was just as easy as anything. I cut off the ends of some branches and put them in water. In just a few days they began to green up and then the blooms came shortly after. Since my forsythia lives behind the garage, I don't have much benefit of it without doing this.

A few more images for you to enjoy this lovely Saturday...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Packrat's Package

The most beautiful spring-like day has arrived. We'll even suffer the breezes to enjoy such a day. The past few days have been spent in the sewing room where I've been able to enjoy the scene you see in my header. Must say that I was surprised to find so many buckets this morning when I took the picture. For now my sewing is done so I'm going to go for a walk.

Packrat, it's on its way!

Comments are off today so that you may scoot along and enjoy your day, too! Oops! Got caught with my comments on. Happyone just wants to give me a little encouragement to get out for a walk.

Edited to Add: Just in case anyone wanted to see what was in the package, visit *this post* at Swatting at Flies.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keeping Hearth & Home in Old Massachusetts

My daughter-in-law's family originates from Cape Cod so perhaps that's why she picked up this primer for my birthday last week. That and she actually listens to what I enjoy.

Clicking on the title of this post will take you to Google Reader where you can take a peek or two, if you are interested. It really has been a fun read.

I want to tell you yet another story about the grands who are old enough now to enjoy the excitement of someone else's birthday. They were happy about sharing some time having cake and ice cream and visiting last Saturday. (Not my birthday, but close enough.)

When they arrived, they made a hasty advance on the picnic basket where the toys and books are kept. After opening my gifts, I offered to read a new book I'd found for them, but Sam wanted me to read them Keeping Hearth & Home in Old Massachusetts instead. Oh I'm sure that he thought he was in for a great adventure.

So I read from the front flyleaf in my best keep-their-attention voice.
Wise advice for husbands: Husband, counsel with your wife and be assured that light will flash upon your darkness. Woman is far more a seer and prophet than man if she is given a fair choice. If you are in any trouble or quandary tell your wife all about it at once. Ten to one her invention will solve your difficulty sooner than all your logic; what is wrong of your impulse or judgment, she will detect and set right with almost universally right instincts.
Sam sat very quietly throughout and when I finished he said, with the foggiest look imaginable on his cute little face, "Uh?"

We all cracked up laughing, even Sam. Finally, he asked through his giggles,"Nonni, what's so funny?"

I reenacted his "uh moment" and we all laughed again.

It wasn't two minutes later when I said something else and Sam responded with an "uh?" Again we laughed. Okay, his poor parents. Though laughing, I could see them begin to realize what they were in for. I can only imagine what the week has been like. I'm afraid that Sam has likely had his first lesson in "what is funny the first time, isn't so funny over and over again."


Went shopping for a month's supplies yesterday afternoon and wheeling that non-functioning cart around Wal*Mart (there's not a decent one in the entire store) nearly did me in. I'm seriously considering a chiroman.


It's someone else's birthday today. He's celebrating many anniversaries of his 26th birthday. I really did rob the cradle now, didn't I?!

He's asking for strawberry shortcake today so I will certainly oblige. He's an easy man to please.


Fioré in the Window=Automatic Win

By way of explanation concerning my little sidebar picture and caption...we used to play the "Animal Game" on car trips when the children were bored. Teams are divided by sides of the car and sides of the road. Right-seated passengers must look for animals on the right side of the highway while left-seated passengers obviously look for critters on the left side. Each time anyone sees an animal on his/her own side it's a point. Birds are the exception as they fly left and right and go all over. No birds! A cat in the window equals an automatic win. Anyone else ever play this game?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Matching My Marches

Let's see, it's March 3, 2010 and I'm just getting around to changing the calendar. As much as I love my Laura Berry calendar this year, I did not like what I saw this morning. In fact, I uttered an audible "oh yuck." Perhaps this March picture would be better suited for New Yorkers or even Georgians, but not for me! ;>

After all, this is what I'm seeing beyond my windows — maple syrup season in full swing. Note the two means of collection: old-fashioned buckets and the new-fangled tubing.

My little problem was solved by going back through my stash of calendars (I'm especially fond of "Country Welcome" ones apparently, though I do have Sandy Clough tea themed ones and Americana ones, etc.) I found my answer with Fred Swan's 2002 Country Welcome calendar.

Ahh yes! That's a much better match. Wish that all of today's troubles would be so easily solved. Yours, too!

Have a lovely Wednesday...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tea Cozy Winner

The names are gathered in...

Honey, I need you! (He's not nearly as excited about playing the role of "the hand" as he used to be.)

But he's still a pretty good sport...

Just announcing the winner of the tea cozy. It may be that I buried that giveaway too deep as few there were who found it. So it's as it should be and as I like it. One who reads here regularly and comments often has won — Packrat @ Swatting at Flies!

Packrat, please email me your information and tell me a little more about yellow, white, and blue. The Tetley black tea I understand completely.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Wish that I could make you all a tea cozy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My "Flea Market Style" Story

By now, I'm quite certain that many of us have one — a Flea Market Style story that is. I've been waiting patiently through February for my golden opportunity to slip out of the house with money in pocket and head for the marketplace. Last Friday evening was the perfect time. Mother had come out to visit for the afternoon and stayed for supper; I took her back to "the city" to meet her ride home; I didn't turn right out of the parking lot to go home; I turned left instead and made a beeline (in a driving rain no less) for the bookstore.

The magazine was found on the shelves right off quick. And, though I almost made it outta there without spending another cent, wouldn't you know that I had to trail by the Christmas discount shelf so now I have a lovely Christmas box, too. Oh well! The hazards of shopping.

Although I was sorely tempted to sit under the parking lot street light and have at least one peek, I was well aware that I would be expected home at any moment. Sure enough. I was. Not only that, I was "overdue." (John had had a lot of calming to do to get a certain someone to call off the all-points bulletin.)

My neighbors' outside lights shine through the trees

So I didn't have much of an opportunity to look at Flea Market Style that evening, but Saturday morning I was out of bed at six a.m. It was still dark. No matter. What's more cozy than a snowy morning, a fresh cup of coffee, Blue Boy (my chair), my beat-up hassock, and a brand new, brand-new magazine?

Such a lovely cover and not pristinely staged — I noticed the unfluffed pillows immediately. (Of course, every aspect was thought out, just saying that it looks real.)

I discovered right off that my tastes lean more to Matthew's sense of decorating style. Why I even have a platter similar to his. It's just that he has so much more of a collection.

Matthew's collection of blue and white dishes in a magazine rack

My "collection"

Does one piece a collection make?

OOps! I see that my tiered table may be in a bit of trouble if I try this idea and it was a good one. I won't be doing enough entertaining or serving enough cupcakes to make it worth my while to chop it up, however. Who knows? Maybe next year.

Time for a second cup of coffee

One thing that I noticed about reading this magazine is that it took time. TIME. It was not a quick read. I was not done in half an hour. I am not done even now after reading for an hour and a half. The attractive and subtle advertising really helped, too. It was so tastefully done. I find it jarring to see an ad tossed into a magazine willy-nilly with no thought for context.

And lastly, it was great fun to read more about the women that I have come to know in Blogland and to see their pictures. I hope to find many more bloggers featured in the next issue, too. Oh yes! There is room for this magazine in the publishing world! Hearty congrats to all concerned and may we all get to see a fall issue and a winter issue and a spring issue and a...

Check back tomorrow for giveaway news!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Psalm 23

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

I learned this as a child in first grade in a little red brick schoolhouse just down the way. That little red schoolhouse was a public school, but in 1960 teachers still taught scripture and this one was recited daily along with the pledge of allegiance. I learned it in the King James version so no other flows so beautifully from the tongue. I found it comforting as a six-year old and I find it comforting fifty years later.

Be comforted today, Dear Ones...