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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baby Steps

Lots of difficult things can be achieved with baby steps. It doesn't really matter if one is bounding and leaping along—far more important is some movement rather than stagnating.

I've been stuck lately. That's a lie; I've been stuck for some time. Double lie—I've been stuck for years. The time has come to move...baby steps. Wee, teeny, tiny baby steps will be an improvement. I'm going to start by making some yogurt slop instead of eating this danged Christmas candy. ;>

My dad begins baby steps as of today. He's been moved to Rehab where he'll begin learning to dress again, to care for himself again, to have conversations...he'll be required to dine with his housemates, to walk, to move, to live his best life.

Maybe I need Rehab, too.


  1. Awww Vee. Don't be too hard on yourself. we all do it from time to time...sometimes even for a few years (been to the very bottom and back myself.. so I know what I am talking about. ) ...but ya know? ...sometimes we need to be down and out a bit..in order to realize who we are... what we have..what we can do... and even what we want or would like to do next. No biggy.

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life... step forward Vee.! and... if you slide backwards a few steps every so often? So whut!! That is life. We just get up.. pull hard on the old boot straps and carry on yet again. All we can do really.

  2. Happy to see an entry!

    And happy to see you are trying... Baby steps are a beginning. Yesss! I need to begin some of them, soon, also. The new year seems like a perfect time, yes?

    So happy that your dad is in rehab. I wish him courage, for his road ahead. Courage and perseverance. And the same, for your mom.

    Thank you for noticing that I mentioned world news. See, I began my life in Pretty Blog Land, to escape from all 'the world,' so to speak. I'd spent too much time, totally immersed in 'the news.' I was very near burnout.

    So, I don't usually put anything like that, in my 'Pretty Blog Land' entries.

    But some days, it becomes too much for me to not say _anything_. And I suppose I should be totally ashamed that I can do so ~ so many days. Not say anything, I mean. But there are places on the Net, for that.

    And I came to Pretty Blog Land, to escape. And found others who wanted to, also. So, I figure, I'd better honor my "part of the bargain," so to speak. :-)

    And you have a perfect Header again! Oh sigh.. I have beat my brains out, trying to do mine. Can't, as of last try a couple of days ago anyway. Maybe I ought to try again... Or maybe, you will share your *secrets*. -grin-

    Btw, I can not make _any_ email links work, to any blogs. :-(((( So I can't mail to you, to ask you how to do this. But you could mail me at warrrmmm at yahoo dot com some time, if you have the time.

    When you have the time! I think a lot of us are kind of taking some time off, right now. And that's good. And I don't want to rush anyone.


  3. Oooops! Duhhhhhhhhhhh me. I found your email addy on the comment notice which came into my mail box! Duhhhh me. I have your email addy. Duhh me! LOL.

    Mmmm, did I say Duhhh me? LOLLLL


  4. Lordy Vee, we all need ReHab, every day of our life is a new beginning...didn't you know? I'm so glad that your Dad is moving, baby steps or giant leaps, moving is moving! Having been in a Rehab hospital for Physical Impairment, I can tell you from experience that encouragement and praise is the best thing to KEEP you moving. God Bless your Dad, he didn't give up. That's half the battle right there...while I didn't have a stroke (I broke my neck) I was told I'd never walk again but somewhere in my heart I heard another voice say "LIES ALL LIES"...and while I don't run, I walk very well, thank you...lol...and listen you goofball, water in biscuits? If you tell me you use Bisquik I'm going to really be disappointed in you!!!

  5. You can do whatever you set your mind to, Vee. Yes, BABY steps! That is the way to succeed at anything. Nothing is very overwhelming if a tiny step forward is all that is required. One day at a time, dear Vee.

    Happy New Year!


  6. There is light at the end of that tunnel, Vee! So glad to hear your dad is making recovery, however small it may seem. Hang in there...we're with you! I'll keep checkin' in on you.

  7. Good for your dad! He's making progress one baby step at a time! He doesn't know us...but we're all praying for him! And you shall be in my prayers as well. What everyone before me said...: )! You can take one baby step at a time too...that's a little thing called life! It's just one step, day, second, minute...at a time. Just lettin' it all happen as it's supposed to and letting Someone else take the reins. Let go and let God, my friend....let go and let God.

  8. Oh Vee, I'm so glad your back. Can I join you in rehab? I think I need some of those baby steps myself, but isn't God so good as to give us a fresh new beginning each day, a blank slate with no mistakes in it! Just put one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be walking across the floor, out the door, and onto victory! Much love and prayers,
    Miss Sandy

  9. Encouraging news re your Dad. May he continue to take steps each day and progress slowly but surely.

    Best wishes for a New Year that fulfils promises.


  10. Vee, I know you have gotten many many tidbits of "helpfull" information. So, I am going to put my 4 1/2 cents in...I worked as a nurse aide in a rehab center like the one your father is going to be in...I can see him in his jammers, angry, anxious and eager...patience you will need and patience you will be granted. May the Peace of The Lord be with your ENTIRE family. The outcome will be worth it. My promise to you.

  11. this made me sad to know what lay
    before you . . .

    and to not see any of these ladies
    around blog land anymore. i'm
    curious to see when aunt amelia
    bounces upon the scene. :)


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