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Sunday, December 30, 2007


So there I was visiting Alison at Brocante Home when I saw a photo of a gal holding my new camera. She seemed to know what she was doing; wish that I could say the same. I settled back to sip on my drink...

and to read the manual (yes, it's no wonder that I have crumbs and stuff in my keyboard). I hate reading manuals. Who writes those things anyway? I KNOW that I could do a better job. After half an hour of that, I just decided to try experimenting. I apologize in advance because this means that you are going to be looking at a lot of awful, not to mention dull, photos for a good long while.

I experimented on objects that I already had taken pictures of (see sidebar), I took a photo of the sewing machine,

the stitching,

even my bed made up with my new Christmas sheets. Speaking of which, I could crawl right back into that bed...it was soooo cozy. What's better than new sheets and a sleepy cat?

My daughter, son and daughter-in-law are the givers of this camera. I am extremely humbled by it. My request had gone out months ago via a niece who usually organizes these things...going to each person in the family and gathering in the funds. I had hoped that I would receive this one gift of Christmas, but when my family gave me other beautiful gifts, I resigned myself to the fact that my request had gone overlooked. No biggy. I am patient...a birthday in just two months...I'd try again. ;> So it was an amazing surprise to open the box and find this gift on Friday evening. What a great family I have! (My niece had passed the info along after all.)

Have a wonderful Sunday! I'll be hauling trash and caring for my grandmother today, but I plan to take some really awful pictures, too. :)


  1. Yes! I was over at Brocante Home and saw the camera. It looks like my Argus, affectionately called "The Brick" because it's incredibly heavy. So please, tell us more about the camera. And yes, it's a challenge to learn to operate. Some people swear by their rangefinders.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaa!!! You and I are both in the same boat! The 'boat' of learning to use a new camera!!!

    Oh I am so glad you hate to read the manual tooooo! 'Course, I simply have to, some. But I hate it and have avoided doing so, as much as possible.

    Very nice shots btw. And I noticed how your kitty's paw is blurred, because she's washing her face. I have that problem too! Fast moving stuff, like snow flakes and "Lucy's" face are kind of blurred. But I know I have this point, to read up on and work on.

    Mmmmm, did you say 'baby steps' yesterday? Yes you did! ,-)

    Anyway, you are doing great already! Keep up the good experimenting. And remember, when you get frussssssssstrated, I'm probably %^&*^^%$# tooooo! ,-)

    Btw, here is mine.


  3. How glad I am that we are going to have lots and lots of photos.
    I have had my new camera since last Christmas and I still have not worked through the manual.

  4. Have fun with the new camera! What a fun gift!

  5. What's better than new sheets?
    Sheets that have been washed and hung outside to dry! :-)
    Have fun with your new camera.

  6. Happyone, you're right! There's nothing better than line-dried sheets. Wish that I could do that again...sadly, too much woodsmoke in the air. ;)

  7. Everytime I get a new camera, I have problems with the instructions. The best thing is just take pictures and experiment. I would like to take a digital camera course some day at a local collage I think..

  8. You know, I love the sleepy kitty in the comfy cozy bed but I like the picture of the stitching the best. It appeals. Manuals? I don't read no stinkin' manuals...I toss them in the corner for Mac to read then I ask him ever so sweetly how to do what I need to know how to do...works quite well for me...you might try it...you have a lucky family...they have you...

  9. I can't quite make out the model of the camera, Vee...but the manual looks just like mine (a Canon powershot A620). I've had mine two years, and should really spend some time with my manual...so I could use some functions other than 'auto'. Great gift...have fun with it! And we look forward to lots of pic's in 2008!

  10. I hate maunuels too. I am one who learns best by having it shown to me...or by playing around with whatever I am trying to learn about.

    I adore that bed...so pretty. And your sweet kitty. Such a pretty one.

    I am so sorry about your Father. I have been there and know how it feels. My Dad had his first stroke
    9 years ago. We lost him 6 years ago this past Summer.
    You have my prayers, my heart and a shoulder should you need it.

    I have seen your name on other blogs I love...especially via Mari Nanci's.

    I will be thinking about you. What a sweet family you have to give you such wonderful gifts!

    I will be taking those baby steps with you in the coming year...that is how it has to be. Baby steps will get us where we want to be.

    Happy new year Vee.


  11. Hi Vee! Oh I can't wait to see all the pics you'll be taking! We got a new camera a while ago and I still have NOT read the manual....and we forgot to charge the battery for photos on Christmas morning....hopefully we'll do better for New Years!!

  12. New sheets, a new camera and a happy cat! What more could you ask for? Oh yeah...the Starbucks *lol* Have fun with your new toy!


  13. Vee,
    I have had my camera for one year and I still don't know what all the bells and whistles mean! I just point and shoot and hope for the best. I may take a course in the spring that is offerd by one of our local colleges that teaches you how to use your fancy smancy camera and better technique than point and shoot. I looked at my manual but it makes no sense to me, I'm a show me how and then I learn it kind of gal. Best of luck with the camera. Have a happy New Year.

  14. so this is where the photos began . . .
    stitches, sheets, sewing machine,

    what a sweet story of your family's
    love for you. we need to be reminded
    occasionally. :)