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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bell Tone

My goal was not to post today. BumbleVee said that I was loquacious a blabbermouth and it hurt my last feeling. Sigh. LOL!!

But something happened last night that I wanted to write about. A friend presented me with this little silver bell found at a local flea market last July. It says Merry and Happy on one side and Christmas and New Year on the other. And, as dear as it is, that's not the best part. The best part is its tone...pure, sweet, and delightfully clear.

So I said to him, "You must have watched The Polar Express last night." His puzzled look assured me that he had no clue what I was talking about. As I explained the premise of the story...that the little boy asks for and receives the first gift of Christmas—a sleigh bell from Santa's sleigh, that the bell has a quality unlike any other and that as one grows older it is difficult to hear the bell, but the little boy, now grown old, can still hear it...well, you should've seen my friend's face then. He asked me what I thought about it all and I said that, as a believer, I always take these things as allegories of the true meaning of Christmas. For me this story is about faith, not in Santa, but in the Lord.

My own faith has been wavering too much lately, but the gift of this little bell reminds me again that there is no happenstance in this world.

So it was just too good not to share and I agree with BumbleVee...I am certainly a blabbermouth!

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  1. You are NOT a blabbermouth!!! I must go scold BumbleVee! No of course not. I know you are both kidding. -gigggggggggggggles-

    Sweet little story to go with this entry. Although I don't 'do' any 'faith thing.' But I'm more interested in the possible story, to go with the gift from a 'he.' And such a sweet and thoughtful gift, too! :-) Yes, I am. I like this aspect, even better.


  2. Nah....we're not blabby.... either of us.

    We just find interest in more of what I call "everyday" things than most people do.

    I always say little things amuse me...and I don't mean stature or size wise..I mean... little happenings, little thoughts, simple but meaningful gestures... things like that.

    Plus... some folks just don't enjoy recounting things in an interesting or informative way. Instead, is you read their diary you see "went to work today". Huh??
    Surely they saw or spoke to someone...got splashed by slush from a speeding bus, noticed the birds, cats, dogs, traffic, sky, clouds, changing seasons, toilet paper stuck to somebody's shoe... etc...etc...

    Blab on my blogilogical (as opposed to biological...hahha) twin.... as will I. We're having some fun here....

  3. sheeesh..totally forgot how to do that name switch thingy already..some days our biodex is up...some days it is down... lol

  4. I love that story and have the book. I always cry at the end.

  5. I like the story that goes with the bell! You are good at object lessons, Vee. By the way, faith tested is stronger in the end.

    And yes, we have snow out here...it's still coming down. I like how it cleans everything up!

  6. We can hear it... you know...the sound of the bell!! We also love your writing (and bumblevee as well!!) LOL! Have a great evening!

    kari & kijsa

  7. Vee- I happen to believe that for a Christian, there is no coincidence, no happenstance. The Lord knows what we need and when we need it, and if you were needing a "lift", then your reminder to look UP came your way through this little bell. What a nice lesson for us all! All things work together for those who love the Lord. Vickie