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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fudge, Fudge, Call the Judge

All that shopping went very well...I am done...almost...just a few last minute things that must be gathered in.

Last night I stayed up excruciatingly late...brain burning late...to finish wrapping gifts. Then, at two in the morning, I decided it would be a very good time to cast on some stitches for a scarf. Why am I making gifts at this late date? Yes, please tell me. This is not a rhetorical question. Please do not include "crazy" in the explanation, though.

Sis and I have decided that tonight is our night. No beloved! No kids! No parents! No friends. :> She's making a meatloaf, baked potatoes, salad, and some sort of veggies for supper. Yippee! Gotta love days when I don't have to think about making supper.

This afternoon, I am making peanut butter fudge. I am making peanut butter fudge despite the foul weather that may well affect its outcome. It's late, it's late, it's fearfully, frightfully late...

Leaving you with a photo of last year's peanut butter fudge session. Licking the spoon is always the best part!

P.S. Barbara and Alan are celebrating 48 years of wedded bliss today. Isn't that marvelous? Best wishes to them both on such an anniversary! (ETA: The date says 1959, but just now I could have sworn that it said 2353. ;>)
Allowed to stand


  1. We are known for many a last minute handmade gift! Wouldn't be a holiday without sleepy eyes! Have fun with your sis tonite (always fun!!) and Congrats to Barbara and ALan!

    Merry Christmas Blessings,
    kari & kijsa

  2. Vee,
    I am still crafting away on gifts also. I like the last minute rush. Yummy, did you kknow that I have never ever had penut butter fudge? We have a little Fudge Factory near here and I think I will try some. I hope you and your sister have a wonderful evening.
    Miss Sandy

  3. Vee, you are too funny! You can have the peanut butter fudge...and I'll stick to this huge bin of hot & spicy nuts and bolts I made last night. Let me know how you make out with the scarf...I'm half done the one I started on our winter road trip on Monday. We've still got a few days to go. Enjoy the evening with your sis!

  4. you're a nutter, you are..!

    hahhaha... but don't worry...you are in very good... if not excellent company.... all the rest of us !

    First I am off to find some new mascara.. exchange a little thing.. pick up a new movie or two..then home before the shopping crush..to bake.
    That never quits til the day before.
    I do some baking for people who don't bake...and don't like to bake... I give them some choices;they choose the recipe..and they are ecstatic to have somebody do it for them. They in turn buy me a HUGE bag of flour or pay me a nominal sum.... and love it.
    okay....off to do my hair... but then...who cares? Nobody will hve time to notice today..ahhaha wheeee... go as I am day! Can I wear my 'jammies and bunny rabbit slippers? Just call me Maxine.

  5. I am making fudge this weekend too.,..I'm sure I'll eat most of it too!! What can I say... I LIKE my fudge!!

  6. You goddess you! I love peanut butter fudge!! Generally chocolate is my thing, but there is something about peanut butter treats, especially at CHristmas, that makes me smile. My Mom always made several peanut butter things...never fudge though!

  7. My Lord, they're time travelers...that DOES say 2353 lol...making the velvetta fudge tonight, baking the cake tomorrow and then have to sit up with the gun to guard it til Christmas..have a grand time with your sister...now that sounds like fun! Bet she makes you do the dishes, lol!

  8. I have never made fudge, I suppose that is something new I will have to try! My son made a special request for chocochippecan pie this year. I just put a test pie in the oven...with me luck, ps your grandbabies are BEAUTIFUL!

  9. well you can see my pretty pie that turned out amazingly well for a first timer, i put it on my blog! yay!

  10. Husband always made Peanut Butter Fudge. And now, next door son and his kids come over, to make it with 'Pop.' :-) It's not my fav but it is fun, while they make it. :-)

    P.S. I'm with you! No Christmas Tour of my Home for this gal. But I love looking at all the very clever others and how they decorate! :-) Hey, some of us need to be those who applaud, right? Right! ,-)

  11. There's nothing in the world like spending time with your sister(s)! I licked the peanut butter fudge spoon at my house this last Sunday afternoon. A once a year delight! I hope it was a fun evening!

  12. Thanks, everybody! We did enjoy our evening for a while...until our over indulgences caught up with us. LOL!

    Didn't make the fudge for fear of the weather after all so I have that to look forward to still...


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