Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wrapping Central

So where are you guys wrapping gifts this year? I used to set up a card table in a bedroom corner, but this year my back is balking at that kind of bending so it's back to the dining room table for me. (Yikes! Alliteration run amok!)

We had a good wrapping session last night, my sis and I. She knows all about atmosphere and had purchased the nutmeg candle just for that purpose. We sipped on our hazelnut coffee, chatted, and she wrapped while I watched :) and opened Christmas cards.

Ohhh, do you see that one? It's from Kari. She loves to send cards. She thinks it is important. She loves to make her own, too. This one is so pretty. There's so much detail. I love it! I've already told her that I may have to reform and start sending more cards again. I also loved finding mine in the stash she photographed. Now I can say, "there it is!"

Okay, now I'm wondering if I have time, before work, to bake cookies. I was supposed to take some for a cookie share day and I just ran out of energy last night. Let's just the call of cookies louder than the beckon of blogs? Hahahahahaha...sometimes I just crack myself up. Later!


  1. I like the sound of "We had a good wrapping session last night, my sis and I." It sounds like you were/are joyful. You being joyful, is all that counts to me, in this situation.


  2. You crack me up too!! I hope you and your sister had fun with the time that you got to spend together....I'm doing my baking on Sunday or so....

  3. Blogging wins out over baking...stop by the bakery on your way to work. They've been baking for hours already, 'cuz there was no blogging to distract them!

    I was wrapping yesterday too...the ping pong table in the bonus room is the place. The mess remains! Did your sister's wrapping pass inspection?

  4. A nutmeg candle sounds delicious :) I usually like to wrap on the floor strangely enough lol... maybe this year I too should consider the dining room table!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful evening with your sis, love the idea of the nutmeg candle to wrap by! :-)

    Another busy week for me, but starting this weekend, I am wrapping, baking and enjoying some holiday time!

    Finally getting to catch up a bit on my blogging buds, I sure miss a lot when I get busy!

  6. I wonder if I can lure some unsuspecting guest over to sip some hazelnut beglgin cafe coffee while I watch them wrap my gifts? You are smart!
    Miss Sandy

  7. Vee, thanks for your encouragement. I feel better today - got out and shopped from 3:00 until 10:00 yesterday and actually got alot done. I was sending little arrow prayers up the entire time to find just the perfect gift for my list of folks. I did find a bunch, and it made me feel like I got alot accomplished. I am looking forward to Christmas and spending time with loved ones and that's what counts.

    Sounds like you and your sis had a blast. Wish mine lived here... Cute cards!

    Also, thanks so much for taking the time to post the "how-to" of making a header. I'm sure I speak for many. I'm going to copy that off and keep it for when I have time to do a better job on mine!take care, Vickie

  8. Dining Room Table at one end. Unlike the days when the children were at home and it had to be done while they were out and then hidden.
    I guess you have los tyour light too in your part of the world.
    I have copied and pasted your in structions on headers into word in case I ever need it. Crafty Gardner did mine in photoshop.
    Baking before work - Wow. Blogging, well that is different. It is because of blogging that I am late with my cards and present wrapping.

  9. I enjoy wrapping presents. I sit on the floor with everything all around me and listen to Christmas music.

  10. Sounds fun! I wrap presents every December 18, usually in the kitchen while my husband puppy-sits. This year may be a little different. I dunno yet!

  11. I use the spare bedroom. I keep the paper and tapes and ribbons in the closet and use the bed to lay the presents on...also use the ironing board...I still love the paper ribbon and curl it with the edge of scissor blade...I really get into the wrapping and adornment!

  12. Blogging....cookie baking.....hmmmm No contest! Blogging wins, right? :-)
    p.s. thanks for the tip about my signature. A few others told me that too and I fixed it. I didn't even know I had an option of borders!

  13. my wrapping "stuff", and boxes, tins and cannisters are all over my house. Baking stuff in the kitchen..other in the front room...floor, coffee and dining tables...
    looks like a small tornado just whirled through here just now.

    Just think 2 weeks and it will be over and we will wonder why we went to so much trouble...ahhahahha

    Having said that...I LOVE the wrapping part...well, okay, I love it all.....

  14. Let's see...I've been wrapping presents in the guest bedroom/scrapbook room this year and I must say, it's gone much better than in previous years. My back (and my big butt) are no longer suited to sitting on the floor to do the wrapping (mainly because getting back up is not a sight I want to subject anyone to. Seems my arse is too heavy for my legs to lift these days so I end up looking like a big, swollen, baby giraffe trying to stand for the first time. NOT pretty).
    And thank you so much for the kind words regarding your Christmas card. You're too nice and I have to tell you - reactions like that tell me that sending cards is still a good thing to do! You've "gifted" me with that reaction. Thank you!
    Merry Christmas -


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