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Sunday, December 23, 2007

They are...

Do you plan a Christmas breakfast? I hope that you do. It sets the stage for the remainder of the day. One can't plan it too early if you have been up late on Christmas Eve, but nine o'clock seems close to right. Plan-ahead breakfast casseroles are a wonderful way to just pop something into the oven, pour the orange juice, brew the coffee, serve the rolls, and have the time to sit down with your family.

My grandmother always prepared a lumberjack's breakfast Christmas or not. Her everyday set of dishes was Fiestaware. In my mind's eye, I can see her kitchen table laden with those brightly colored dishes. At each table setting a small plate rested atop the larger and upon that small plate a grapefruit half drizzled with maple syrup sat beckoning. I can smell the bacon frying in her cast iron skillets. She'd take special care with our egg orders and was usually successful with perfection. My sister and I were in charge of the toaster and we kept piece after piece of bread coming or going. I see the honey jar and the marmalade and jam bottles all together. Nan always had real butter (my own mother had switched to margarine); my sister attributes her love of butter to those breakfasts at Nan's. Many happy times were spent around my grandmother's breakfast table.

All this leads me to the answer to yesterday's question. And, really, BumbleVee is the closest. Yes, B-Vee, those Santa caps really are party hats for — eggs. That's right! They're egg warmers! Say what? Eggs need to be warmed? My head, easily confused on the best day, was really grappling with this concept. Well, you can see right here. This is the actual conversation that Mrs. G. and I had just yesterday via MSN.

Mrs.G: what are you doing up? you are supposed to be in bed

Me: I was in bed until my head got so busy that my body had to get up. Have been wrapping gifts.

Mrs. G: thanks for wrapping the egg warmers

Me: You're welcome

Mrs. G: not kitschy then?

Me: They're adorable, you could make garlands with them, wouldn't that be cute?

Mrs. G: too much work for garlands...I put mini hats on the declaration because I figured if you had never heard of egg warmers, the customs guy might not have either

Me: Is it a German thing?

Mrs. G: I don't think so...my dad used to wrap Sunday eggs in a couple of towels for those coming later

Me: Why do they need to be warmed?

Mrs. G: my aunt made me cute ones for Easter one year-chickens

Me: Don't you get to the table on time?

Mrs. G: a boiled egg will cool rather quickly

Me: Don't you boil them all together in one pan?

Mrs. G: yes, vee, we set the table, last we boil the eggs and put them in the cups

Me: I just don't get it

Mrs. G: that's obvious

Me: I think that these will wind up as ornaments on the tree

Mrs. G: North Americans are more familiar with fried eggs for breakfast, i think

Me: So do the eggs sit in an egg cup and wear their little caps?

Mrs. G: yep, now you got it

Me: egg cups...that's next on the list

Mrs. G: oh no, you don't have any? LOL

Mrs. G: What about your son?

Me: He's lucky to have a plate and a fork

Mrs. G: lmao, tree ornaments they are then!

Look, Mrs. G, I found the perfect egg cups for these little caps! Wonder if I can talk the kids into serving soft-boiled eggs on Christmas morning... You may make a civilized person out of me yet. Thanks for all your patient explanations. ;>

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  1. We learned from our Scottish Granny how to use an egg cup...crack that sucker in the middle and pull his hat off and eat him up with a spoon...yumm, and make little toast soldiers...one slice of bread, cut into thirds and buttered...when we moved to England in the 70's I was already more Scottish than American, lol!! I love egg cups...Merry Christmas now Vee, and MAKE THAT FUDGE!!!

  2. Love those egg cups! I haven't even thought about Christmas breakfast yet ... we'll have something special but not too elaborate. As you can see, I've dug myself out of the snow and I'm back in Blogland once again. Merry Christmas, Vee! ~ Lynda xo

  3. The egg cups are adorable...and I never would have thought the little caps were egg caps? How funny!

    Christmas breakfast is a must in our home...a wonderful sausage casserole made to order by my dear hubby! Yummmm! Gotta make sure we have all the fixings!!!

    Have a great Christmas!


  4. Vee, some lovely memories! We haven't really thought about Christmas breakfast yet, but I will get supplies so that we can have french toast and probably pancakes for David, who adores them! We bought various gourmet sausages the other day which will be cooked, and also slightly more healthy turkey bacon, which is delish!
    My Mom had egg cups when I was little, Tupperware ones, that you capped and kept eggs warm for a little girl. :) The Germans were also huge on egg cups when I was there and now I have adopted the tradition, tho' I am the only one who ever eats a hard-boiled egg here! :)

    Merry Christmas if I don't chat with you again! I hope it is lovely!!

  5. Well, hats for eggs was my first guess...but then I thought they were larger... darn it... should have asked for size and then I would have had it for sure!!
    Tell the kids to serve boiled eggs ... that you will be bringing the hats...hahahha! that'll get 'em.

  6. Christmas brunch is high on the priority at this place! It's the same menu every year...Christmas morning wifesaver (a bread, eggs, ham & cheese casserole), fruit salad and croussants. That's tradition!
    Even if you never use your egg cups or warmers, they are very cute & look great with you linens!
    Have a blessed Christmas!

  7. I always make pancakes Christmas morning.
    I love Fiestaware!! I've collected it over the years and use it every day. :-)

  8. Thanks for the info on egg hats! Who knew? I even have egg cups, little glass chickens. Love a soft boiled egg, toast and tea. Now I must get myself some egg hats.

  9. We usually always have a Christmas breakfast...not this year though, since my company will be traveling during breakfast hours; they won't arrive until afternoon. We'll have a "day after" brunch, though...French Toast Casserole, bacon and sausage, and fruit compote. Wish I had egg cups and hats...we'd have coddled eggs, too! (Even though I'm a hard-yolk kind of gal) Merry Christmas!

  10. I love those egg cups .. I really do.


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