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Friday, December 21, 2007


I need some cozy jammies and a warm bed. A tall beverage with brandy in it would be nice, too.

What's the trouble you ask? Well, and thank you for asking, the scarf that I have been knitting through every snatched moment is in the garbage. Yes. And, given its condition, that's the best place for it. Sometimes things just can't be unraveled. Perhaps they could be, but would it be worth the time and the trouble? No. So the scarf joins the ruined candy and becomes merely stuff to write about.

Anyone else having troubles with anything? Gift wrap multiplying in your dining room? Crumbs in the keyboard? Dishes stacked to the rafters? Ice lining the drive?

(Imagine a woman bathing in a suds filled old-fashioned claw footed tub with candle glow lighting her face.)

Perhaps a nice long soak in a warm tub will soothe the aching muscles and, if that's not enough, you can head to Abbie's Place: Whimsy of a Staggering Woman where you'll find Whose Woods Are These...nice song, too.


  1. "Anyone else having troubles with anything?"

    YeS! I am burning to know how you did your HEADER all pretty again!!!!

    Don't laugh. I am. *Blogging envy* is seeping out of my fingers and into my keyboard. Now... if *Blogging envy* is anything like a cup of decaf, seeping into a keyboard, I am in big trouble. And... Hon.... It'll be all your fault!

    How did you do that????



  2. Vee,
    I hope you have a nice calgon moment and then are taken away to sweet dreams in the land of nod and you wake up rested, refreshed, and renewed! Rest well! Love your banner, I still can't do it and yes I am haveing trouble getting well!
    Miss Sandy

  3. Yes Vee, I too am having "one of those days". My hubby is getting on my nerves with all his plans of how he is going to go for a run, then run up to the mall, maybe go for a swim, take the boys skiing on Sunday...meanwhile I have single-handedly pulled off Christmas preparations by myself! Grrr...for some reason, just the sound of his voice today is like nails on a chalkboard...!! Have you ever had a day like that? Grumpy for no real reason...just cranky and irritable?! Honestly, he normally doesn't get on my nerves, but this "planning out his vacation time" just grates on my nerves!! MEN!!

    Whew...thanks for the vent!! I bet you didn't see that coming!!
    Maybe I need a glass of wine...!!!


  4. Oh..oh! I feel badly about the scarf...and am reminded that mine is still only half done. But I think I'll just head to the tub, because it looks quite inviting (at least yours does!). Remember,'joy comes in the morning'...things we be much better tomorrow!

  5. What happened to the scarf????? Poor baby, make another...no, take out a lovely brandy snifter and fill it to the brim but stay out of that tub. Don't want to read about your drowning...
    Merry Christmas to you all...a lovely fullfilled one
    Sandi (and the Mob)

  6. It will be fine. The scarf is not mocking you from the trash can! : ) It and the ruined candy are not plotting some horrible revenge! *lol* Take that warm soak...enjoy the day...read some blogs and laugh! Merry Christmas sweetie! : )


  7. Hi Vee!
    Thank you so much for the link adn for visiting my blog!! Your blog is wonderful, and yes, I am having quite the winter so far! and winter just started! ;) I hope your holiday gets better!

  8. Sorry you had trouble with the scarf.
    Things running pretty smoothly with me. I made those make ahead mashed potatoes you had on your blog a while back today. Having family over for dinner tomorrow. I'm sure they will be a big hit. :-)


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