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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Home Tour

One of my favorite things to do is to slap down my $25 and spend a day following maps to other people's homes for a Holiday Home Tour. One of the best is the Paris Hill Home Tour that runs alternate years. I didn't think that this was their year, but it was. Wahhhhhh, and I missed it! The other is a fundraiser for the YMCA. Love that one, too.

But this year, I have been enjoying the marvelous tours sponsored by BooMama among others. Am I participating? Right! No, I am not participating; I am sending you along to see what the others are doing. LOL! I have all the decorating talent of Mr. Parker in "A Christmas Story." But I do have a Red Ryder bb gun. See?

Speaking of which, Linda of Restyled Home did a wonderful piece on A Christmas Story. Did you know (you do if you watched the TODAY show over the weekend) that a man has bought and restored the home? SOURCE Click here for a direct link and enjoy seeing some of the actors posing in the living room of the newly restored home.

Okay, back to blogging house tours... One of my very favorites is featured as this month's cottage of the month at The Old Painted Cottage. And look around more while you're there for the runners' up homes. Lovely!

I'm off for a day of shopping. Ohhhhhhhh, the horror! Later...


  1. Thanks for the link Vee...that is SO COOL!!!

    I know I know...I went on a tour of homes yesterday here in Blogland and my feet are SO tired!! There sure are some really pretty homes out there....I may have to go back today!~

  2. ohhhh brother...good luck at the malls!

    I only go there at this time of year to sit with my coffee and watch the horror show. I'm bad. But honestly it is a laugh.

    Crazed mothers dragging 3 to 5 screaming kids through shoulder to shoulder adults.. .. couples arguing about what to get great Aunt Gladys.... people frantically racing from shop to shop with their crumpled little lists..or worse yet..no list..no clue....staggering along like so many zombies. Ahhhhh Christmas...gotta love it hey?

    Give me home made any day. Or a small gift you can get anytime...and save for the occasion... I am cheap to keep.

    The only thing I need to get will be my Callebaut chocolates as they have to be verry last minute. They have no preservatives. I will just go early to be there when the shop opens.

  3. I'm about to go on a home tour...but I'm still wondering about the gun???? Is there a story for another day? If you lived in Canada you would have to have it registered...but in the US it's not nearly so complicated, right?

  4. Well vee,
    I just picked my jaw off pf the floor!! That BB gun...I am feeling sooo envious right now...just imagine how great that would look alongside my "Christmas Story tree??!! You lucky girl, you!! I won't be so corny as to say "Don't shoot your eye out!" Oops, I guess I really am that corny!!

    Thanks for mentioning me...I do love my tree!!


  5. I love home tours...and I'd go see Ralphy's house in a heartbeat! I've been enjoying the "virtual" tours of all my blogging pals this week!

  6. We don't have a home tour here, but back in the Midwest there was a tour of some lovely, old homes that was fabulous! I miss it so much!
    I saw that piece on the Today Show about the Christmas Story home! Isn't that a hoot?


  7. Ugh! A shopping day! How did it go? I would love to come shopping in the U.S. - you have all sorts of neat things we don't have - even the week before Christmas!! Hope you survived the crowds.

  8. I had a shopping day this week and almost finished. No more malls for me though. Local shops only for the last couple of gifts!

    Happy shopping and home touring!

  9. A Red Rider?! You rock Vee! I love the Christmas Story :)


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