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Monday, December 17, 2007

Snowy Days=Baking Days

Just as I decided that yesterday's snowy day would pass by without my baking anything...a rarity...a friend called to say that in a few hours he'd be over for the season finale of Survivor China. What? The season finale so soon?! I vaguely remember that at the end of Thursday's show there was some sort of announcement, but I was slipping off into sleep. Oh yes, Survivor is riveting. It is.

Anyway, can't have a Survivor finale without a treat...definitely not rice. As inspiration waned, I ran smack into Linds's recipe for Cinnamon Cake, which you can find by following the link. Linds has a terrific blog called Rocking Chair Reflections; I very much enjoyed spending time there.

Everything that she said about her cake recipe is true. It filled the house with the most Christmasy aroma of cinnamon and sugar. This cake was a definite hit. We only have a couple of pieces left this morning. My oven temperature is not accurate so it took a long time for this cake to finish baking, but the smell made the wait well worth it.

So, check out Linds's picture of her cinnamon cake on her blog. That's how it really should look. :) You won't regret baking this one!


  1. I got the golden colours by turning off the house lights and using 'firework' setting on my camera. That way you could see how it looks in the dark.
    I agree with you on Lind's blog. It was wonderful to be able to meet up with her recently. I cna just smell the aromas in your house.

  2. I fell off the Survivor China bandwagon while we were on vacation, and forgot to get back on. I'm sorry I missed the finale...did you enjoy it? I'll have to read about it in the paper.

  3. Oh sighhhhhhh... That looks soooooo yummy!

    Ahhh-hahhhh! I see you got around mean ol' Blogger's new unfair rules! You got yourself a nice thinnnnnnnnn pic of decorations! -gigggles- Good for you! Thanks for the idea. I ought to try it. :-))))

    And another visit from a friend... Who is a 'him'... Mmmm, you know I'm gonna' keep noticing these referrals. You just know it. :-))) And i'm ... well, I am thinking nice warm thoughts. :-)

    Yes, I am incorrigible! LOL. I know it!!! But I have your best interests at heart.


  4. The "truth" would be quite shocking, Mari-Nanci! Quite shocking indeed!! LOL!

  5. Can't wait to go check this out...you can never have to many recipes!!! Thanks....

  6. Gosh, that looks delicious! I can almost smell it here...

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Oh that cake looks yummy and I can smell it already! I am doing all my baking this week as I haven't done ANY yet!

  8. That sounds delicious! Very yummy, just something I would love to eat.


  9. That cake looks soooo good. I went over to Linda's and got the recipe.

    BTW - I made the banana bread pudding for my breakfast this morning that I got on your blog a while back and it was delicious.
    I made mine with an eggbeater though and white bread and I put whipped cream on it. It was a dessert for breakfast. :-)

  10. We watched the finale last night (although we were a little sad because we wanted James to win)...and we didn't have something that yummy to eat!

    Merry Christmas blessings,

    kari and kijsa

  11. Thanks for the link to the cake. Merry Christmas