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Saturday, December 15, 2007

What's Up With Christmas Candy?

Have you ever noticed that Christmas candy is, well, not quite on par with say...Halloween's?

My sister brought home a can of those peach blossoms. Even though they come in a can, they don't taste like peaches; they don't look like peaches; they aren't even the same color as peaches. They do have a funky peanut butter filling. She said, "I love peach blossoms. " I looked at her with my brow furrowed and declared, "I hate them!"

She said, "Well, they do match the dish beautifully."

"Hmmmmppphhhh," I said.

Funny thing about those peach blossoms. They've been disappearing at an alarming clip and no one has been home except little ole me. :?


  1. I'm with you on the Christmas candy dilema! *lol* But I had no idea those were called peach blossoms! And yours seems to be disappearing! Enjoy them!!


  2. Me too! Those are not a fav of mine.

    But -sigh- Me too! They would still disappear, if they were sitting there. Tempting me! ,-)


  3. Vee,
    Do you remember old fashioned ribbon candy? It was my favorite! I rarely see it anymore and when I do I am so disappointed it is not as large, colorful, or ribbony as it used to be. I also like that Christmas mix that had the candies that were round with red or green outsides and a white circle inside with a little flower imprint in the very middle. The bag also contained small square candies in assorted colors. Sigh, those were the good old days! Happy munching!
    Miss Sandy

    1. For many years ribbon candy was made at Kellerhaus at Weirs Beach, NH. It was the real thing, being produced on antique equipment. Even in the 2000s ribbon candy was still being made there, but I cannot find it on their website.

      And yes -- you described it so well -- the round discs of hard candy with the white circle inside and a little flower right in the middle. I always loved those -- not so much the taste as the appearance! So festive looking!

  4. Only homemade candy will do for Christmas...I make divinity and Millionaire fudge...used to pull taffy but the kids don't enjoy it any more...can't figure why, it's not like we end up in a food fight or anything, lol...listen up now, I've tagged you and you need to run over to my place to get the details...just a bit of whimsey for a whimsical season...

  5. Peaches and peanut butter? What kind of a combo is that? I'll pass on those, thank-you! I've never heard of peach blossoms...don't think we have them in Canada. But it looks like you might need to buy a few more...just for the display!

    PS Actually, there are some yummy pastries called peach blossoms (also apple or bumbleberry) that are made by Mrs. Chudleigh's. Maybe I'll forget about the candy and just have dessert!

  6. My husbad probably loves those! He likes the Mary Janes from Halloween, too, but me? Not so much.

    But hey, if it was sitting around in a dish and acting like it was my only form of entertainment...I'd probably eat it just because! lol I'm a real rock when it comes to candy. (wow - excuse me for a second - I had to dodge the lightning that darn near knocked me out of my chair for telling that whopper!).

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Do you have mice? hahha.

    I have a problem with anything sweet. Whether I like it or not, I eat it. David, on the other hand, is one of those saintly types who eats one brownie and says "no more for me" while I proceed to eat 6. I need help this time of year, so I don't bake much till the last minute and we hide all the sweets we buy. :)

  8. I don't like any hard candies except Werther's...so I don't buy it.

    But... now...baking.... yuuuummmm... don't leave any of that hanging around if you want YOUR share!

  9. The candies do look very nice in the dish. :-)
    My favorite Christmas candy are candy canes!!

  10. LOL! I never knew what those were called! I would rather have something chocolate.....like fudge..:-)

  11. Honestly, Vee, I don't think I'd like them... Peaches and peanut butter - sounds weird to me.

    But your post reminds me that I wanted to make some Christmas cookies today: cinnamon biscuits, chraebeli (with aniseed) and chocolate cookies, yummy ;-).


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