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Monday, December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007

There! Now that's a title!! "December 31, 2007" that is.

It really should be this one

since we're just cleaning up after one snow storm and are expecting another momentarily. No out lates for me...I'll be puttering here at home reading my new favorite novel—The Manual. Hahahaha...

One should have profound thoughts on the last day of the year. I don't. One should be contemplating the New Year. I'm not. One should be doing something. Not me. One should wish everyone a Wonderful New Year. I do!!


  1. We're having a mini-snowstorm with white-out conditions. I say mini because I've been in some real whoppers including several that totally shut down the city of Chicago! Keep warm and stay safe.

  2. As long as there is no power loss I would love a snow storm...good books...hot tea...and toasted banana bread with lots of nuts on a tray by the couch and a fire in the fireplace and a cat on my feet. Lucky you...as long, as I say, you have power!
    Happy 2008!

  3. Hahaha.... you are so funny Vee. I love coming here.. .

    I, too, have nothing profound to say or think... no contemplations...(could hardly spell it never mind think it ..lol) but I am doing something. Laundry. Yep... happy as a little clam, making things tidy. New Year's has never been a really big thing for me. Sometimes I go somewhere...sometimes I don't. This is a "don't" year.

    Just stopping in at a few blogs to say Happy New Year!! Couldn't miss out on my second sister, my blog twin. guess what? I have a sister with your name... and we call her Vee too. Actually, we are the Vee Gees ...cuz each of us has a hubby with the intitial G... hahahha

  4. initial... can't spell anything properly today, my cerebral Biodex must be down...or my fingers are not working right or something...

  5. Enjoy the book...and the snow & have yourself a blissful night at home. We are having an 'in night' tonight also...had my fill of 'New Years' fritters already! Best wishes for 2008!

  6. I'm always up for a snowstorm. But they are too rare around here.

    We are home tonight. Is 6:51 too early to go to bed? I am thinking about it. YAWN!

    Happy New Year Vee! Hope 2008 is the best ever for you!


  7. We need snow here too!

    Happy New Year Vee!

  8. I have just been catching up with your news, Vee.... You are SO right... life happens. What a time this has been for you all. I am so glad your Dad is making progress, albeit slow. Thank heavens he wasn't alone at the time.
    No snow here at the moment. "They" say it may come at the end of the week. Just when I am due to be getting people to planes. Oh well.... challenges are supposed to be good!
    The camera looks wonderful. I can't wait to see the photos pour forth!
    Have a very Happy New Year!

  9. Sometimes slience is golden - I have no profound words for today or yeasterday either, I will just quietly usher in the New Year in silence. Pease send me some snow!

  10. Thanks for commenting and sharing your day/evening with me.
    Sounds like you had a nice time and blogging at midnight sounds par for the course.
    We have snow forecast for later in the week but of course here in the South it will be nothing like yours.

  11. Did you REALLY get more snow to ring in the New Year? Have a happy one Vee

  12. Vee, wishing you a super duper new year and that you baby steps become leaps and bounds! I hope your Dad recovers. He has a long road ahead but with the support of family I pray he will succeed. My Mom tells me they are getting another storm too, after being snowed in yesterday. Guess you get the same weather as NB!

  13. You had the best idea, on Dec. 31st!

    And, along with "doing nothing," you were continuing to take pictures!

    Hey, you were NOT "doing nothing." -gigggles-

    Same here. One storm followed another. But the second wasn't that bad. Well, like you, I've been inside. How would I know how bad it was, hu? ,-)


  14. i do, too! this is very fun to go back
    this far.


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