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Friday, October 31, 2008

I've Missed You

I certainly have. Gee, when Lovella's right, she's right. She said that I wouldn't be able to stay away for too long.

Thing is, I don't have a lot to share. Every day we wake, get dressed, eat a quick breakfast and off we go. John works on his carpentering...new door, new wall, new sheetrock, new floor. I work on packing up the remains of his life there bringing it either to my house or to the transfer station. He's also donated a lot of things. This packing up of a life isn't easy. I know he's had some trouble letting some things go.

In the evening, we come home and I try to absorb all that was gleaned...books, clothing, linens, dishes, food. It gets interesting. Course I do love a good yard sale. ;>

Tonight we went to town and shopped at Home Depot for lighting fixtures. I had decided to completely defer to him. I wound up selecting the light for the living room and he selected the lights for the bedrooms. Perfect. Out for a hamburger and home we came where he busily washed dishes while I was at the computer.

Someone asked where John would live — why with me, of course. I think that the wedding may have gone by too quickly for my visitor to have noticed.

Here's a photo of John's long driveway. Good thing that he has a plow because that thing would be a real pain to shovel. Wasn't that a nasty trick Old Mother Nature played on so many this early in the season? And did I hear that it snowed in London today? Whatever happened to global warming?!

Have a relaxing weekend, Dear Ones.

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Ghost story for Halloween...

One night a weary traveler arrived at an old hotel to rent a room. His fourth floor room was right at the top of the stairs. At midnight he heard the creak of the stairs far below and a quavering voice said, "It floats. It floooooaaaats." Frightened the traveler covered up his head with his bed coverings, but still the steps climbed higher and higher and "the voice" proclaimed its eerie message. Finally, when the traveler could take it no more, he screamed, "What floats?"

And in the most cheerful way imaginable the voice responded, "Ivory Soap floats!"

Sorry, it's the best that I could do. Why this is the only ghost story I remember is anyone's guess.


  1. I've missed you too Vee :). It sounds like you have your work cut out for you but the end result will be worth it. That is a long and winding road.

    Great story by the way!

    Have fun with your Grandchildren!
    Kathi :)

  2. I like your story Vee!! I wish for you the most special weekend...m...

  3. VEE,
    loved your little story. I know that John is really enjoying your input in his project,but most of all, I think that its the company that he's enjoying. Have fun!

  4. Why does that driveway appear white...is it morning frost? And not a leaf to be seen on the trees...it looks like winter to me. Enjoy your project at the end of the long and winding road!

  5. Hello there girlie! Good to see you! As you've told me on more than one occasion, you don't have to have anything substantial to blog about for it to be interesting to the rest of us! Just blog what's in your heart! Shoot, I blogged about nicknames the other day. Silly but turning out to be a fun post! LOL!
    You've been busy, busy! Take time for Vee!


  6. Talking about the difficulties in culling through and packing up a lifetime of suff reminds me of the TV show "Clean House". It's amazing to realizing how emotionally attached we are to some objects and how difficult it is to let go.

    Alot of couple actually sell both houses and buy one that can be theirs exclusively but the idea packing up TWO households seems downright crazy to me.

    I'm glad you are finding a way to give and take in the decorating department.

    - Suzanne

  7. LOL! Great story!

    Just stopping by to wish you the happiest of Halloweens!


    kari & kijsa

  8. So glad to see that you popped in for a little visit! Fun ghost story! I hope you have a little time to enjoy your little goblins this evening. My little Ninja will be making a stop. My son let the cat out of the bag and daughter-in-love was not pleased, the costume was to be a surprise.

    We plan to carve pumpkins, eat pizza, snack on caramel apples, popcorn balls and candy corn until we are sick, and if we can stand another sticky sweet we will head outside for a little bonfire and marshmallows. We will probably douse it all down with soda followed by a large dose of tummy ache medicine. It will be great fun!

    Happy Halloween!

  9. sure is pale over here......

    oooh, yeh...must be fun going through his stuff. Just like those yard sales..... sounds like he has the typical carpenter's home...not finished.... the old cobbler's story eh? My brother is a great carpenter, but lives in the most ramshackle places.... sigh... he is always too busy fixing things for everybody else... and of they pay versus his own not paying....but..... he would actually save some $$$ if he would get busy and fix his own especially the one he is in now... it has little insulation... and he lives high in the mountains of B.C. .....brrrr.... wait til it is -35C.. maybe it will be a reality check for him ... but. somehow by +30C in the summer..he forgets all about ice forming on faucets....

  10. Vee, isn't it amazing how even when we "think" we have nothing to tell, we still want to tell it? I like hearing about days, even if it seems redundant to the writer.
    I'm so glad you are sorting through the stuff and I think I would find someones past life so interesting. . .and I'm sure you do.
    That is one early looking winter you have there. . .quite something.

  11. Sounds like the two of you have been very busy.
    Glad you couldn't stay away for long.
    This blogging becomes addicting. :-)

  12. Happy Halloween Vee...Cute Ghost story btw.

    Thanks for your concerns and prayers Vee, you have blessed my heart. I'm doing wonderful. I never had any pains or bruses, just my elbow area...I'm telling ya, the Lord had his arms around me completely....I'm so thankful!!

    Have a blessed weekend and don't work too hard you guys....step by step, it will all get done.

  13. All my ghost stories were handed down from my grandma. And she was convinced that her late mother-in-law was haunting her. lol

    Are you telling me you guys got snow? What the heck?? It's in the flippin' 80s here this weekend. Kari is NOT happy. LOL But even as much as I love snow, clearing John's driveway would probably cure me of that love. :)


  14. No snow here yet except for a few spits. The "white" in John's driveway is only sand.

  15. That is a long drive. I am sure it is not easy integrating the collections of 2 lives when you have both had homes for so long.

    Like the subtle colour of the Autumn leaves.