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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Kitchen Story

Sure. Like I'm going there again...

Okay, I'll tell you this much of what I learned. Supposedly, the number one way to tell that a kitchen is outdated is if the appliances are anything but steel. While steel appliances are not in my budget, this doesn't prevent me from putting my best foot forward to decorate my refrigerator.

There's that charming calendar thingy that we use for writing notes. Important stuff like the mortgage is due! Then there's the handy-dandy scissors holder. I just made that today as the other one cleverly crafted from a pot holder belonged to my sister. So did the red-handled scissors that were in them for that matter. They're packed now. For mine, I used one of those crocheted dishcloths that are ubiquitous. I have a lovely number of them and use them in many different ways, but never as dishcloths. I defy any one of you to tell me that it's not simply sweet!

Then there's that darling little sampler there...

Alison at Posie Gets Cozy tells all about how to find and do one of your own on her January 18, 2009 post. I think it's a great way to design an embroidered pillow or something. If nothing else, it's a great way to waste an hour.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Hi Vee. I love the kitchen story.Thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment. Leiny's real name is Marjolein, and we pronounce Leiny Lane E. hugs margie

  2. Love the scissor holder. I am working on my kitchen to make it cozy as my old kitchen was. To be honest I saw lots of "in" kitchens as we looked at houses and to be honest all that granite and slick was not for me. Remember, that granite and stainless will someday be dated as well. I say, do what makes YOU feel warm and cozy and comfortable, not what the magazines say is in. Enjoy!

  3. Another darling post but I am disappointed that there wasn't any information about how DH did this or said that... oh well, next time!


  4. Creatively simple! Yet totally organized....good job!

  5. Hi Vee...my appliances are black...not stainless. Black is great for hiding dirt and fingerprints...LOL.

    Have a great day...love the lil scissor golder btw...

  6. And here's the other thing...stainless steel is no good for kitchen magnets or calendar thingys...or handy-dandy scissor holders. Enjoy what you have!

  7. I need a scissors holder. We never seem to be able to locate a pair when they are needed. How great!

  8. Everything that's on your refrig, is sweet. And makes it look so much prettier, than mine. Bleahhhhh...

    Well, I only 'magnet' the top freezer door, which does keep my clutter down some. But 'tis clutter. Not pretty stuff.

    Must look at the make-a-sampler site. Even though it will probably be beyond my abilities. I can look, anyway. ,-)

    Aunt Amelia
    "All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon the sand."
    ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  9. Hi Vee,

    I love your knitted scissor holder, very creative. It would also make a great pot handle cover, you know when the handle gets to hot and we are looking for a dish towel to cover the handle so we can pick up the pot from the stove. I think your scissor holder would make a great country pot handle holder. I see $$$$ here for you and a new business.
    Have a great day,

  10. The front of my new refrigerator is stainless steel and one bad thing about that is you can't put anything on it with magnets!!
    The sides though are black and magnets stick there.

  11. I ahve been playign with those samplers too. One can spend a great deal of time on the site! And oh yes, One did!
    I love the scissor holder, Vee. Very clever!

  12. Vee, I dont have steel either. . .white works fine for me .. I think your coloring on your blog with your header is just lovely.

  13. hi Vee, stainless may be in but I'll take my sturdy white appliances any day. Easier to clean! I loved the photo of your kitchen from last week--cosy! My kitchen isn't very old but it doesn't have granite or fancy appliances--the apple crisp tastes good just the same. I'll bet the same holds true at your house.

  14. Good afternoon Vee, I do have stainless steel and I can tell you I'm not that happy with it. It shows every little fingerprint. Besides, I can't hang anything on it. I would choose to have some of the lovely things you have shown us rather than just the same old stainless steel.

  15. Hi Vee

    I don't like stainless steel--it shows lots of smudges, dents easily, and magnets won't stick. I had to recently replace my stove and refrigerator and I went with all black appliances. So far I'm happy with them. If I had an all white kitchen I might have gone with white appliances.

    I like that scissor holder idea! I'm always misplacing my scissor.
    Pretty "sampler" too!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. I have indeed had a wonderful Tuesday, I have been up to my ears in Valentine crafting!

    I love the little scissor holder! I have mine in a drawer but now I want a scissor cozy too! My frig has useful stuff on it too, a magnetic pad for jotting down items I need from the store, my weekly cleaning list, and bright colorful alphabet magnets that Gorgeous Grandson plays with when he is here. I also have frig art in the form of a large metal menu from a local legendary hangout that was torn down a few years back and a metal soda glass sign to accompany it.

    Have a restful evening!

  17. Very pretty! I love your kitchen and all your pretty things!

  18. Stainless appliances are way over-rated! I hate mine, and if I could afford reproduction vintage ones, the'd be mine!

    I'm not a big granite fan, either...maybe I'm just a rebel!!

    Hey, did you get the email I sent you with the kitchen photo?

  19. I guess my kitchen will always be hopelessly out of date because ... (whispering) ... I don't like stainless steel. I love my white appliances! Cute scissor holder.

  20. I love the your decorated refrigerator..... such sweet touches...... I think the stainless is pretty but it NOT for me..... I prefer WHTE appliance...... who's to say everything has to be stainless...... pasha.....

  21. Vee, you are so crafty-ily gifted! I love your little scissors holder! SO cute! I should make one, but I actually use my hot pads and dishrags for what they are intended! LOL! Silly me!

    I heard that stainless steel appliances are now going out of vogue. Good thing --- I chose cottage cream for my appliances and think stainless would look way out of style in my little house!

    :) Happy 'kitchens' to you!



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