Monday, February 2, 2009

Nonni Day

Saturday was my first Nonni Day in quite a few weeks. We've all had colds since the boys' birthday party so we were trying to avoid one another. After this long, I start to get a little antsy so was happy to get the call from my son asking if I could watch the boys while he and his sister went up on the roof to rid the house of those treacherous icicles and built-up snow. My darling daughter-in-law was working at the library hence the need. Not to be left out, John decided that he'd like nothing better than to climb very tall houses and help out.

Good thing that I was nice and warm inside with the boys who were a bit spooked at first with the sounds of thumping upon the roof and the snow cascading down past the windows.

It's a veritable Thomas the Train Amusement Park in their home these days with Thomas himself roaring his way right through the living room and new wall decals in the boys' bedroom. I so wanted to sit inside Thomas and read, but when I tried to climb in, a little grandson zipped past and held up a hand looking for all the world like a junior traffic cop. He said, "No, Nonni. Not now. Get back."

The decals were so wonderful...nothing like the old things we used to have. My mind's been going in all directions since seeing them as I'm hoping to dress up a few things (not here and not with a Thomas theme). I'll have to see what's available, but I'm certain that I'll find that there's a lot of cool stuff going on since I last checked on decals back in the 80s. I really need to get out more often even if it's a visit to the grandsons' bedroom.

After the cleaning of the roof, etc., the hard workers came in for some hot coffee and the scones that my son had baked earlier in the morning. They were so delicious and the lightest scones I've ever eaten. While the men chatted in the kitchen, my daughter, the boys, and I hung out on the sofa where we counted and counted and counted some more.

This is a little experiment to see if I can share a video. It's of our little confused counter (who is counting the pictures on his aunt's camera) and our extremely focused reader. You'll hear the men talking in low rumbles in the background and my chuckles at the grand's speech. Well, see below as the experiment didn't work out quite the way I expected and now I'll just have two posts on this topic or work on figuring out something else... I refuse to tear my hair out over this!

Have a great Monday...


  1. Oh, it must be so fun to be a Nonni. One day! I better not push for that at my kid's ages and at their marital status of

    What did kids do before Thomas? And I have found those decal things to be a wonderful tool in the right circumstances. Chelsea has some in her room and I have used them at the church...the ones with the pretty scripted words.

    Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with the family - I'm so glad! Those little guys are just precious!

    I've never made scones but now I think I will. =)

  3. We must be reading each other's minds today Vee...I posted about my granddaughter today too, lol! Those are some sweet little boys you've got there. I love the Thomas the Train theme. Did you really let John climb around on the roof? Have you lost all control? And how about a recipe for those scones?

  4. I love being a Nonni too! Your grands are so cute! Perhaps sometime when you're allowed to enter Thomas the Train someone could be so kind as to take a picture :)

    A wonderful day to you Mz Vee :)

  5. Cutest little petunias!

    I have to tell you, I had a good chuckle after reading your comment on Judy's Front Porch this morning:)

  6. So the video...what a cute lil baby sweet!

  7. Aww too cute and such a good counter! Sounds like a wonderful day!


  8. How adorable! I loved hearing your little counter and your sweet giggle! We are into tents around here but I am welcome inside. Sounds like you had a fun day!

  9. Good evening Vee. You have such a lovely family! My grandson's loved Thomas too. There is nothing in this world as nice as spending the afternoon with the grandchildren :>)

  10. Roof work sounds so dangerous! Glad everyone finished the work OK.

    Those Thomas the train decals are colorful and fun! I think my DIL is putting up happy lions and tigers and monkeys on my grandson's nursery wall to match his bedding. Every time I see a stuffed lion I want to buy it for!

  11. What a beautiful reading you shared with us on Sunday. I liked the picture of the hands once again, batting and swatting at our foes, instead of simply putting our hands in His, where they belong so that He can lead us!

  12. Hi Vee!

    Oh what an adorable video! You did a great job Nonni!! Your grandsons are so cute and smart too. I love Thomas the Train and all the wonderful things they have now to make childrens rooms so interesting for them. We really had to use our imaginations when we decorated our kids rooms! LOL
    Have a great week! As always your Sunday scripture spoke to me! It usually does, I love that!!

    Hugs, Sherry

  13. Your son baked the scones. Yessss, a man who knows his way around the kitchen, is a treasure!

    I just took a pic {through the window} of someone on a roof, next door. Eeeeeek!

    What's the matter with your video posting?

    Aunt Amelia
    "A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous." ~~Ingrid Bergmen


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