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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Such a Fun Day It Was

First things first...the video I shared yesterday was not the video that my beloved wished me to share. The one below is.

Sooo, it was my birthday yesterday. I'm still ♣*♥@ years and one day older than Lovella. She offered such a good example of how to lovingly provide photos of ourselves for our families...you know what I mean? At some point, we become invisible women. At some point when the hair is graying, the derriere has slipped another inch or the chin has gone slack. Lovella says that smiling is her best beauty tip. I say something else entirely, but see for yourself.

Exactly! Hide behind the camera and shoot into the mirror. Do NOT under any circumstances hand the camera over to another person.

Speaking of which, I received the best tip ever on picture taking from Joni @ Cote de Texas. I included that link because Joni shows us exactly how it's done though that is not the topic of her post. Look carefully for pictures of Joni. I refer you now to the final comment on Vanity, Thy Name Is... for Joni's great advice. Some of us need it; some of us don't need it yet, but if all goes well, everyone will need it some fine day.

My best birthday gift? Well, let me just say that my family is very generous and I love them all. I'll be going to the movies and enjoying a gift or two on their dime and I have flowers, books, dishcloths, tea towels, perfume, and decorative things. But the best gift was that my baby grand said "Nonni" for the first time. It warmed my heart!

Oh, should I be concerned about the message on the birthday bag? Don't forget to listen to the video...just a few seconds. (Please don't listen to it over and over as some around here have been doing.)

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Happy belated Birthday Vee! I need to learn how to do photoshop...that is what it's called, right? Anyway, I don't like having my picture taken either! Looks like a fun birthday bag!

  2. A very Happy Belated birthday to you. I can't believe all that snow Yikes!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VEE!!!-- one day late! It sounds like you had a wonderful day and a fun celebration.

    I'm sure the word Nonni from your little grand was the very best gift --and I'm sure he gave you a big birthday hig and kiss too :-)

    I've gotten very creative in cropping photos lately --I try to lose as much of my arm as possible. Unfortunately it won't work for the chin area ..lol...so never look down in photos is a rule I try to follow and turtlenecks are helpful..lol

    But all in all the important fact is we are still here to grow older and grayer, and we have a lot to be thankful for.

    Keep the party going and whoop whoop :-)

  4. A very happy belated birthday to you!! We are going to go over for a few photo tips ourselves!!
    kari & kijsa

  5. Happy Birthday!! I'll never forget your birthday because it's the same day as my friend Bernice.
    So glad you had such a nice day. You are one lucky lady to have such a wonderful family. :-)

  6. Okay...now I will never forget your birthday...when one party is winding down the next one begins!

    It sounds like you had a most fabulous time...showered with love by your family. And how sweet that your grand called you Nonni for the occasion.

    I did the scavenger hunt...spent some time over at Joni's blog...looking for her picture-taking advice. Now I recall seeing that same hint on Regis & Kelly...but I'm sure I'll have forgotten by tomorrow.

    Belated birthday greetings...and best wishes for a wonderful #@#!st year! I'm guessing.

  7. Oh sweet Vee. Did not know it was your birthday yesterday...you share the special day with my son...who is special indeed to me...as you are. Happy Belated Birthday...celebrate today as well okay? I am sure you will as you will receive many many birthday well wishes today too.


    I'm so glad you had a find day! Your gifts are wonderful, sounds like you will be having alot of enjoyment taking place around there!

    The videos are priceless! Especially the Whoops! You are so funny girl!

    And yes, I agree that smiling is the best beauty secret. It turns wrinkles into natural laughing lines and sqinches up (is that a word?) the dark circles under the eyes and lifts the sags above the eyes since your raising your eyebrows most of the time when you smile. I think it's the answer to our challenges today!!

    Big birthday hugs! Sherry

  9. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I watched the video yesterday...plowing into the snow bank! OH MY!

  10. Well happy birthday sweet Vee..... what a sweet gift to have your grand say your name

  11. Belated happy birthday from me too, Vee! I am just catching up, and I shrieked with laughter at the video! Amazing amount of snow. My sister says they have never had as much in Switzerland too. Mountains of the stuff. And, as a Granny of 8 days now, I can just imagine how hearing the little one call you Nonni was the best part of your day. I hope this year brings much happiness love and laughter, my sweet friend.

  12. PS...I know all about getting the right angle on a photo - I took 33 before I had the one I posted!

  13. Happy Birthday, Vee! Being surrounded by family is the best gift ever and your grandson gave you an unforgetable gift.

    Enjoy your trip to the movies!


  14. Happy BIrthday VEE!!! You look lovely in the photo...but I still don't have a video...is it me? Hope you got lots of goodies for the big event!

  15. Happy Birthday sweet Vee!!! I just laughed and laughed at that cute sound you made!! My goodness, I can't even imagine that much snow...we've not even had a dusting! Wishing you many, many more sweet friend, (birthdays that is) xxoo, Dawn

  16. Belated birthday greetings to you, Vee. You have the same birthday as my mom who turned 85 yesterday. So, you may be a bit older than Lovella, but there are always those who are older.

    I got a kick out of your snow plow videos. That is a ton of snow!!

    I need to go find out some more secrets to successful picture taking. There's a lot to remember at this "invisible woman" age.

  17. This is not my day, here...

    My trying to access Joni's blog, "Timed Out."

    And I don't even see a video here.


    Aunt Amelia
    "The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose."

  18. Whoop!!! You go girl. I love the little video clip. Oh goodness gracious, get yourself out there and smile as though you are at your prom. You are the cutest. . .obviously, after all .. look at what happens when you hire someone, they never leave.
    Oh Happy Birthday to Vee!!!!. I'm glad you had a great birthday treat from those you love.

  19. Tee Hee Vee,

    I love the gift from your grand the best! Guess what, we found out today our next one will be....a girl!

    I hope you are basking in the glow of birthday candles this evening!

  20. Happy Birthday To You!!! I love your picture, it's perfect, just the way I like to take pictures....I always hide behind someone :)...family tends to get upset as they only see my face :)

    Birthday Hugs dear Vee :)

  21. What a wonderful birthday gift to have a grandchild say Nonni for the time :>) That was just precious!

  22. Happy birthday Vee! Aging, isn't it fun!

  23. Joni has great advice; I have put some of that to use myself in the past. But I can never figure out what to do with my body for a more slimming pose :(

    Well Happiest B Day to you lovely Vee. I have missed your day a bit. I have been a little preoccupied with my patient. Thanks for all your comments and prayers :) They are very much appreciated.


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