Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Winner Is...

So much for getting away from the computer. I was on the phone and at the computer for nearly six hours yesterday. The only thing that I successfully stayed away from was this blog until last evening when I retrieved the names for the apron giveaway.

Without further drama the winner is...

Ahem, I said, NO MORE DRAMA!

Yay! It's Lovella @ What Matters Most! Lovella, I have your email addy and I will be in touch. Don't be surprised when the subject line says "It's me — Vee."

(Seems those of you who have been sending me email all this time at have been wrong. My real name has been all along. Anyway, I'll be in touch. Talk about troubles...oy vey.)


  1. Congrat! I know she is thrilled! What fun! Thanks!

  2. Congrats to Lovella.....I am jealous!!

    Have a great day Vee,

  3. And more Congratulations to Lovella!

    I don't understand the e-mail addy problem. But... Then... Neither does anyone, but "The Great E-mail Goddess In The Ether," I suppose.

    {"She" is a sister of "The Great Computer Goddess In The Sky." They are both known to have lots of hissy fits.} >,-)))))

    Aunt Amelia

  4. Oh Vee. . .with the last few days a blur. . .one of our best friends past away very suddenly. . .this is just a precious gift. . .thank you so much.

  5. Vee,
    Congrats to Lovella! I am glad your computer problems are getting sorted out. I hope you have a great day!

  6. happy for Lovella! Maybe she'll model it for us once it arrives.

    Hope all your computer glitches are resolved sometime soon.

  7. 6 hours ..... oh my that is too much...... I have been having iweb problems also..... so I feel your pain.....
    PS love the new look on the blog ...very pretty

  8. Good luck with your computer problems, Vee!
    I spent the evening installing a web cam so I can "talk" to my grandson.

    Congratulations Lovella! You'll enjoy the apron -- I love the one I won from Vee's last give away :-)

  9. Lovella congratulations!

    Thank you Vee for hosting this fun event :>)

  10. Oh that is wonderful for Lovella. Terrific. Have a super day there Vee...well goodness...I guess it is evening by now. Oh well, take that as a special blessing for tomorrow then.

  11. Congrats to Lovella. have a nice weekend and stay warm.

  12. Congratulations to Lovella (what a pretty name)!


  13. Glad you were still here today! Vee - you create a haven for all of us! Yes, congratulations to Lovella!

  14. Congratulations Lovella! You are truly blessed!


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