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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sometimes Blogger is a Bugger

I spent the entire day yesterday working on my Kitchen Musings Part II. Last night at nine, I hit the publish post button and received an error message. Then *poof* it was all gone except for two lousy paragraphs. All the photos, all the links, all the remaining words. Yes, I had faithfully saved everything throughout the day as I worked on it, but apparently Blogger had not. I am so frustrated that...well, I won't go there. And it doesn't stop there. I'm one of the 260 thousand whose email account is in limbo because my stupid, incompetent provider (Fairpoint) couldn't handle taking over from Verizon. And I've been dealing with stupid and incompetent from the top levels in government to the little things like blogging. Sometimes I think God is trying to tell me something. Yes, indeed, I think He is. I'm off until further notice. Oh, I will return tomorrow to announce a winner...that I will do.

Sorry for the vent... Hope that you enjoy your day. I know that I'll enjoy mine doing anything but being anywhere near this computer!


  1. Right. I hope all in authority are quaking! I HATE it when that happens, but thankfully it seems ok at the mo. For me, that is. Have a wonderful time doing things far away from the computer!

  2. I'll miss you. Please don't stay away long!

  3. Oh we all know what that's like.
    Enjoy some time away from the computer and once you get back I'm sure things will be fine once again. :-)

  4. Enjoy whatever creative thing you find to occupy yourself!

    See you soon.

  5. Chin up! There must be something else that needs your attention - or perhaps you've just been given a day off!

  6. Oh Vee, I'm so sorry that happened. I know that has happened to me, and you are wise just to walk a way a bit. Last week I had one of those annoying weeks also, I found myself so annoyed. I lost myself in creating things, and spent more time alone with the Lord.

    I am sending you a prayer that God fills you with peace. You'll see during this little break, you'll discover something wonderful that you otherwise might not have found.

    Blessings, Karen

  7. Vent away Vee. This morning I awoke to the news that someone wants to tinker with the free enterprise system. Can you spell "collectivism"? I thought so.

    - Suzanne

  8. Vee,
    I've had this happen a few times. I feel for you!

  9. I know what a pain it can be! We are switching over to another server
    ...hope it goes smoothly! My hubby has to HELP me! lol Hope you enjoy your day!

  10. Computers can be one of the most frustrating things in our possession I think when things do not work.

    I am having problems with formatting at present and photos not loading. This is not a major problem I know but shows that blogger must be overloaded or something.

    Thanks for yur concern, I did not hurt myself at all. Too much snow underneath me for that.

  11. I do believe that sometimes you just need to walk away....LOL.


  12. Aww, well sorry you're having blogger etc. problems. I've had that happen to me and I know it's frustrating.


  13. Dear dear Vee, my goodness you do need a break! Good for you for turning that computer off...why not grab your honey and drive down to the nearest diner and have a piece of pie...I heard that pie fixes everything! Go ahead treat yourself you deserve it! You are always spreading joy to everyone else, especially me and so faithfully! Take a break, get refreshed and when the time is right for you, make friends with the computer again...cuz we all love to hear from you and about what is going on in your wonderful life.
    Blessings to you my friend Vee and lots of hugs!
    Ruth Ann

  14. Yeah, you have to watch Blooger, like a hawk. :-(

    Sometimes I like to compose ahead of time, too. But! Gotta' make double-sure that what you've done, HAS been Saved by Blogger. Before you leave it.

    With dreams of coming back to finish up, later. And dreams of finding your Draft on your Dashboard, when you click on 'Edit Posts.' If it's not been Saved As A Draft, you're out of luck. -sighhhhhhh-

    Enjoy the day off from the computer. Maybe you needed one, anyway. I do, now and then! "Hiss and spit," every time you think of how Blogger lost all your work. By tomorrow, you'll feel more like tackling it again. :-))))

    Luck with the email provider thing. Happily, I don't have a history with that.

    Aunt Amelia
    "To shorten winter, borrow some money due in spring."
    ~W.J. Vogel

  15. Been there...I know how you feel!

  16. Sorry dear one...
    I can't seem to figure out the Mr. Linky thing either????

  17. God is trying to tell you to make yourself a sandwich, take a nap, and stop looking at the computer for a couple of days. : )

    Advice I wish i could heed. Yes, Blogger totally sucks. I have often printed PUBLISH only to have error messages and have what remained before the last save (usually before I did a LOT of work). Sometimes I think it is a crummy tool and I really need to switch to something better. Uploading photos is another complaint!

    go have a snack...xo

  18. Oh poor Vee,
    I know your frustration well! I have had Blogger as well as my email zap things into oblivion. I think a break is in order. I hope you get the wrinkles ironed out and have a sweet and peace filled day!

  19. OH oh! That has happened to me a few times in the past. It is very frustrating and you have my sympathy, Vee.
    Someone suggested to me at that time to use a word document to write everything out first, as a backup in case that problem happens, and I did that for awhile, but then I went back to the same way out of laziness. All the cutting and pasting in between the photos was just double work.

    Enjoy your computer free day!

  20. I've just strolled into your charming blog for the first time today. I had such a wonderful time peeking through your past posts.

    I hear your blogger frustration! I'm always getting wiped out! I tried combining post and all the comments were deleted. Yup, I spend a lot of time back peddling.

    Sweet Wishes,

  21. How frustrating! Me, too. I've been having some problems with Blogger - especially last week. It was acting really wierd.

    Hope you have a fun day WITHOUT the computer! When you feel like tackling it again, we wanna see your kitchen post re-dun - inquiring minds want to know....

  22. That is a really annoying thing to happen. Been there before and all I can say is AHHHHH!!!!!!!!(thats me sharing your frustration).
    Dont give up...Bloggers are still here for you and waiting for your comments. Thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment about the snow. hugs Margie.

  23. There is nothing that gets my husband more upset than dealing with computers and other technology when they don't work.

    Of course, this is the man who used a slide rule in college. :)

  24. Well, that was so encouraging because if you have days like that after all your experience then I guess I don't feel so bad as a beginner! BUT you are such a blessing! So don't dispair! I know you'll be a blessing wherever you are and whatever you do!


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