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Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine Idea from MGCC

Do you need a quick and easy, delicious and fun idea for Valentine's Day? Visit Mennonite Girls Can Cook and snag the Five Minute Chocolate Cake in a Mug recipe posted by Betty R. Purchase a sweet Valentine's mug from the dollar store and make a mug kit using the dry ingredients from the recipe. Cover with some red plastic wrap and attach the recipe directions with a pretty bow. I'm definitely doing at least one this week. It'll surely look better than this original that we enjoyed. I think that there's room for experimenting with the recipe, too!

(If I'm not already known for my wild leaps in all directions, I will be after this post.)

All week long I have thought about the Elizabeth Goudge book that I left behind at the Book Nook of the local flea market. I could've just kicked myself because at a $1 these books fly off the shelves. I visited A Woman Who Is and noted that she was reading one and Barbara so often touts them. I couldn't believe my stupidity. Would you believe that I even prayed that no one would buy it before I did?

So Saturday afternoon, we followed our transfer station visit with a trek down the road. I held my breath entering that nook, I lost heart as I couldn't find the book anywhere, but then! Then! I saw it on an end rack; I grabbed it; and clutched it to my heart.

It's titled Thorns of Truth by Elizabeth Goudge. What? What's that you say? It's not by Elizabeth Goudge? Eileen? Eileen who? Who in the world is this E. G. imposter?!

Nuts! Foiled again. For a dollar, I hope that I haven't gone too wrong.


  1. Oh, bless you, that sounds like my kind of luck. I hope it is a good read anyway.

    BTW thanks for the post about Apron*ology. I have been looking for it everywhere. I will try JoAnn's.


  2. You started my morning with a good chuckle- sounds like something I would do but I probably would not have realized the error until I started reading! Enjoy anyhow! I meant to tell you that I enjoyed the clip with Ethel Waters. Billy Graham crusades had a great impact on my life as a child and I did so enjoy that song- hearing it again brought back such pleasant memories.

  3. Good Morning, Vee.

    The cake in a mug looks wonderful!

    Have a great day!

  4. Wow, that cake in a mug looks so delicious. I just saw some cute valentine mugs at walmart yesterday...

  5. I think I will make these cup cakes (get it!) for my secretaries for Valentine's day!

    I don't believe there are accidents, just gentle nudgings from God... enjoy the book He wants you to read!

  6. Good morning Vee, I do the same thing. I see something I like, don't get it, and then go back, but at least for me it's usually not there any more :>) Great Valentine's idea here. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. What a fun idea!
    Oh and people are always trying to sell me Eileen when I ask for Elizabeth...

  8. Oh Vee, thanks for the smile this morning. .I am definately buying valentines mugs for my valentine party this year. Thanks for the plug of our blog. . .

    Oh. . and do enjoy your new book. You may be sending us all in a new direction of authors.

  9. -giggles- Yes, I'd have done the same. Left the book. Gone back for it. And grabbed the wrong one. ,-)

    The idea of a Valentine's Day gift, is a cute idea. But.... {Why am I always seeing a "but"??? -groan-}


    Is it wise to pick up a sweet Val. mug from the $ Store or the like? 'Cause soooooo much that's cheap, is made in China. And I'd not expect a good glaze on it. Nor that it would be microwaveable.

    Aunt Amelia
    "Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age." -Anais Nin

  10. Hi Vee. I just this morning printed a recipe for cake in a mug. How fun!


  11. You are so funny, I hope the book is a grand one!

    I have to tell you a story about that cake in cup thing. My cousins wife sent me a similar recipe and said how wonderful it was and how they sliced it into three slices and topped it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce. So, I decided to try it. It smelled heavenly and looked wonderful and slid out of the mug ever so smoothly. It sliced neatly with nary a crumb making a mess. It was properly topped and sauced and then it was time for the very first taste. We did, one, two, three and all took a big bite together and THEN there was a collective GAG! It tasted awful!!!!! Yes a five exclamation point awful! I hope yours is a different recipe or perhaps we are finicky and our cake cannot come from a cup but a large pan! Best of yuck, oh, I do mean luck!

    Have a sweet day!

  12. Miss Sandy! You don't think that I would share a recipe that I hadn't tried or didn't like do you? It's a good recipe and ours tasted fine. Course we are on diets, which makes this entire concept such a good one...limited portions! I think you left out an important ingredient. =)

    Oh, Aunt Amelia, leave it to you to come up with the thinking it completely through. No, I wouldn't advise getting a cup made in China nor one that would not be microwaveable.

  13. That's funny. Things like that happen to me all the time. I bet it good though. Thanks for the cake mug tip!

  14. LOL! I hope it's good anyway! Maybe you'll have discovered a new author!


  15. I love the idea of packing up the ingredients in a mug as a Valentines' Day gift! I've just been scouring the internet to see if this chocolate-cake-in-a-mug recipe has a non-chocolate twin...but to no avail. I'm not really a huge chocolate fan...but then most people are, so it's safe as a gift.

    I also ran into Eileen at the Bookman a few weeks back...when I was looking for Elizabeth (I left her on the shelf though!). We'll let you review Eileen before we all go out and buy.

  16. I have made these and do so love them. Yours looks sooo good. The weather was so beautiful here yesterday and is again today. It makes me want Spring. Have a great night....m.

  17. I hope that book is good! I tried that cake once and it came out dry, but everyone else says it turns out great.....so obviously I did something wrong -lol.

  18. Hi Vee!

    I've got to try that recipe one day -- it sounds like fun, especially for a child to "help" make it.

    Oh I've made some mistakes with author's name too! I hope Eileen's book is as good as Elizabeth's was supposed to be :-)

  19. Morning, Vee!

    Lol about the author mix up!! I've read a couple books by Eileen Goudge and really enjoyed them! If I'm remembering correctly, Thorns of Truth is part of a series by her!! You may need to read the first books in the series before reading the one you accidentally snagged! I don’t think her books are much like Elizabeth’s books, though. I do remember Eileen’s books had some unexpected twists and turns!

    I tried watching the video of the grands counting, but I couldn’t get anything to play!!
    It sounded so cute by all the comments!

    Have a wonderful day!



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