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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kitchen Musings Again

Tuesdays seem a good day to discuss kitchens once again. This is a photo of my kitchen taken last night and not an especially good one.

It is open to the dining area and the living area. This may change how I think about the kitchen as time goes on. Right now, I'm thinking about function, function, function. Later this morning, I'll try to pop in a daylight photo of a different angle so you'll know what we're up against.

So many offered suggestions on last Friday's post about this topic. Pat suggested that I visit Picket's Place. I found a wonderful and funny post about a cabinet redo on January 24, 2009. This looked very doable. I am quite certain that my beloved would have the very same reaction that hers had except for one thing, my cabinets are already painted.

Heather Bullard was suggested by K. Ashcroft. Heather's kitchen redo appears on January 29 and is a delight.

Also, Melissa at The Inspired Room featured this post on Creative Unique Kitchens, which makes so many helpful suggestions. And I loved the Perfect Pantry post (almost as much as I love alliteration). I really want to incorporate the screen door for my pantry one day soon.

Next Tuesday, I'll delve in a little deeper. I'd love to have an I'll show you my kitchen if you'll show me yours post, but my techie abilities are no match for Mr. Linky. ;>

ETA: My this morning photo with only some of my concerns noted. I'm changing that "next Tuesday" bit to tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll revisit kitchen concerns with a list of his concerns and a list of mine. This could get interesting...

Wishing everyone a fun day!


  1. I'm anxious to see what you do with your kitchen, Vee. I love how it looks very homey & country right now, but if you're tired of it, well, then, OK, go ahead and do something! JK

    OR - here's an option, you could have a tornado blow a huge tree across your kitchen and get a complete RE-DO. How's that? Shall I send one your way???

  2. I am looking forward to Wednesday's post!!

  3. Your kitchen looks good to me as it is but I wish you luck if you fancy a change and look forward to hearing what you decide.

  4. Will be watching to see what you do in the end. At least we only have snow outside, not in the kitchen as well!

  5. Your kitchen looks fine but it's always fun to decorate.
    We bought door handles for all our kitchen cabinets and drawers. Will be putting them all on this weekend.

  6. Vee,
    You house looks so cozy and inviting. I am interested in seeing what your think is wrong and the his vs. hers discussion of kitchen planning. I'd not let him get involved if he were not the handy man of the house. Have mercy we are still in the throws of headbutting over an ottoman! I can well imagine if it were a whole kitchen! I'll be posting on that experience in the near future. Happy meeting in the middle!

  7. I love the top picture of your kitchen. Very cosy.

    But I really look forward to seeing the changes you make. I need to do some changing in mine too, so I'm always looking for ideas!

  8. Kitchens - we spend so much time there that it's worth making them pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do.
    I love the textured background on your blog. It's so soft and welcoming.


  9. I like your kitchen Vee, but I see you have the same problem I have ..not enough cabinet or counter space. My kitchen is a small squarish rectangle. I have the ideal work triangle of stove/sink refrigerator, but if the refrigerator door is open the stove door can't be opened and only one person can stand at the sink, so I'm sure that will give you an idea of how small it is!
    I have to store extra pots and baking pans in my basement, and all the endless china sets I see people tablescape with all over so many blogs is a dream as I only have room for one set of dishes. We did a total re-do about 18 years ago, so my oak cabinets are getting worn and my counter tops are tile -- not the sleek modern granite that so many have, but the thought of doing all that work again and going through all that expense again makes me consider taking a cruise instead...lol!
    So I live with it, and make do.
    If I ever move, I want a big kitchen next time! :-)

    Looking forward to seeing what you and John come up with tomorrow!

  10. Kitchen musings...what fun! When I look back at my first kitchen photos (from so long ago)...I am quite amused. I painted my white cabinets two shades of green (lime & avacado)...and thought they looked wonderful at the time. Have fun planning...and then let the carpenter begin.

    Here's a link for you...where you can check out some of the latest in colours and styles...from a local cabinet maker who does 'retro' cabinets. Great stuff!

  11. What great links! I am decorating my new red kitchen so it's fun to see what everyone else is doing! I am a copy cat most of the time! heehee!

  12. Dear Vee, I am really not great with kitchens! Plus, I think yours looks fine!

    But I guess a new coat of paint would be nice (I like the colour though) and maybe replace your handles. That will be wonderful.

    What John should do is build you an ISLAND with closed storage, closed at the back and front or at least closed at the back (from the living area side). In small kitchens, storage must be a problem (I know, because my mother gripes endlessly, and justifiably, about her lack of storage!)

    So, how about a new enclosed island and a new light fixture, something grand and large? I must admit that I don't pay attention to kitchen fixtures (yet) but I have seen some amazing ones, with perhaps two heads or three. Or is that too much work?

    Another idea is to build the fridge into a box (you could put a chalkboard on the living room side!) like that gal from the Just Beachy blog did. And you could have closed cabinet above the fridge to hide things.

    On the new island, he could build in a spot for your microwave, freeing up some counter space...

    I really love your kitchen - it looks like a place that would be nice to stand in the morning at the sink drinking your tea and looking out the window (do you have a nice kitchen view?). I am envious of people who live in the country. ; )

    Thanks for your nice comments on my office. The blues are both lovely. They don't have General Paint in Maine, but if you ever want a nice blue I can send you a swatch.


  13. You, my dear Vee, are so sweet. Thanks for your kind words...

    By the way, I think your kitchen looks positively cozy in that evening shot!!


  14. What fun, I love to see kitchens redone. I am addicted to all the shows on television about redecorating. Can't wait to see what you do.

  15. Your kitchen is already beautiful but make overs can be fun too.
    I can't wait to see what you decide to do.
    p.s. My brother is a doctor :>)


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