Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project Runway With a Twist and Beyond

Yesterday, I visited a dear friend in Blogdom who had herself *a grand adventure*! Judy writes so well that you'll get taken away, too. I shared her fun with John who laughed along with me and then I said, "Of course, if we're ever going to have an adventure like that, we'll need a runway." I kid you not, by afternoon we had one! ;>

We're having ourselves another snow day. Lovely largish flakes falling steadily.

Molly there is in the process of making herself a nest. She plumps pillows, gathers her blankie, tends to some grooming and she's gone for the day. Zzzzzzzzzzz Thank goodness! She's one needy, attention-seeking dog when awake. We only have to deal with that from six to nine every evening. ☺

Pardon the mess, I didn't pick up just for you. You're an old friend and you can find me as I am. I want to ask you a few a lot of questions. Where is your tv? What room of the house? Is it mounted on a wall? Standing on a table? Hidden in an armoire? If my situation were your own, what might you do with that tv? The reason I ask is that we have a few decisions to make before the cable boys arrive later this week. Edited to Add: Lovella wants to know what the available wall space is so I'm reporting back that the location you see there is exactly where the tv will remain. Why? Because of all those windows and the glare. That little corner works best. Thanks for all the suggestions...keep them coming! I can see a plan taking shape. In the meantime, John has shoveled a path to the crawl space where he is gaining access to drill holes for the cable guys. He will never allow them to come do their own thing again.

I know this, I want my antique trunk back (yes, it qualifies—my grandmother's grandparents' trunk). It has a lot of room that I use for storage and I want it back at the foot of my bed. It is inconvenient to be using a trunk for storage with a tv on top of it.

Looking forward to your suggestion...

A great day to you!

Love Vee


  1. Love your run way...now go have that adventure. That is the word that just yelled out at me during our watching of "We bought a Zoo"...Benjamin loved that movie and so did I...they were having an adventure.

    Oh TV...always a problem, we are using our son's tv and it is setting on a stand...big and black, males seem to want it on center stage! Good luck

  2. If we ever get a flat screen TV it will be mounted on the wall with our nice art surrounding it. That way we can face the Tv instead of sitting sideways which is awfully uncomfortable. I wish we had a separate TV room but we don't and I wouldn't have a TV in our bedroom. Flickering grey light is terribly unflattering to this aging face :)

  3. -clapping hands- Oh thank you so much Vee! For the MEMORIES!!!

    I left a comment over there, and said I was sent-by-you of course.

    And thanked her, for the memories.

    "8424 LIMA"... Our little plane's call letters. From long ago. :-)

    "The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought,
    this in turn makes us think more deeply about life,
    which helps us regain our equilibrium."

    ~N. Platt

  4. Hmmm...we still have an old "3-d type" TV so it's hidden in a cabinet. We've talked about upgrading to a flat screen and I still want to keep the cabinet. I like to hide it away when we have guests.

    Although a friend of mine mounted his on the wall and then had a frame built around it and I really like how it looks.

    I'm taking a vacation day today - they're putting in a new furnace! OY - nice way to start the new year!

    Enjoy your day!

  5. Placement of tv... I will send you a pic of ours, back channel (email). :-)

    Anyway, ours is fine, sitting where it does, on a low table he made, years ago. We have no wish to wall-hang it. (Especially NOT over our fireplace.. Brrr, don't like that.)

    Our Hearth Room is where our main tv is. (Old one is in Front Room) Room is not too big, and very rectangular, and furniture can never be placed any other way.

    Next door, son put theirs on a wall. Not over the fireplace... A lovely family photo is over their fireplace. But they did put it on another wall.

    So... Both sides of the story, here. ,-) Actually, daughter/family, and other son/family have theirs on stands too. They *fit* perfectly, that way, for them too. Same as for us.

    Looking at your room, which is large and has different sitting areas....... It seems you need it on a wall. But what wall?

    The position it's in now, it can not be viewed from all areas of the room. But maybe you don't want that??? In fact I can't see where your tv-viewing-seating IS.

    Can't watch from the sofa. Or from both the chairs, which show up, on the left of your pic.

    Where is tv-viewing-seating for you and John, placed????

    "The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought,
    this in turn makes us think more deeply about life,
    which helps us regain our equilibrium."

    ~N. Platt

  6. Good Morning Vee! We don't have a flat screen TV....yet! It is something we've been wanting for awhile though. So right now our TV is in a cabinet in our family/TV room as we call it. It is large enough though that we can't close the doors of the cabinet. I like what I've seen though where some hang their flat screens and others have them on a nice table of some sort. Not sure what we will do when/if we ever get one! Can't wait to see what you decide. Have a lovely snowflakey day!

  7. Several years ago, we had a local carpenter make us an oak TV cupboard. Our flat-screen TV sits on top, and all the equipment (and some movies) are stored inside. It's a beautiful piece of mission-style furniture - money well spent! I'll send you a photo.

  8. Hi Vee,

    I visited your friend. Phew I got dizzy and felt like I was flying with them through her gorgeous photos. We had a bit of snow too. Just a New England dusting, maybe just one inch. But stay tuned, I think more is heading next week.

    Oh I love your cozy living room. My cat Mittens used to make herself look like one of my throw pillows. Cats are so cool and I love how comfy they can get in the smallest places.

    I always loved having a trunk at the foot of our bed. We don't have the width to carry that off in this home, so I have mine against the wall.

    Have a lovely snow day.


  9. Love the runway!
    I was just thinking I should ask Dear if we still have a snow shovel.
    Our T.V. is in the family room in the only spot that will work for it. We have a stairwell that cuts into the ceiling so the tv fits under that space nicely on a t.v. stand lower to the ground with all the other t.v. and stereo equipment tucked inside of it.
    Have a nice snow day!

  10. I have used a trunk to set my TV on too and you're right, it's aggravating! We now have a flat screen and it is mounted on the wall. It's not what I have, but I think a long horizontal dresser or something with DVD storage and the TV on top would be ideal.

  11. Good morning, Vee. A snow day! We're having one here too but I have to get out and shovel so that I can get down the drive - I have to work up Island for the next two days.
    We have one TV in this house and it is a flat screen behemoth. It hangs on the wall in the library/computer/family room. We bought some IKEA pieces that look like built-ins to surround it, so it sits amid books and beloved items, which makes it easier on the eye(for me). Like all men, The Great Dane thinks it's just right, but would take bigger if it came along. Is there a way that you could build a beam across the corner where the TV now sits, just higher, and hang the TV from that?

  12. Hi Vee - Oh wow - I look out your window and it makes me think about my kids (and probably yours, too!) Mine would have LOVED having that runway in our yard. We rarely had snow, and when we did, they were outside all day long. Wore out my trashcan lids sliding around. I didn't even complain!

    TV. Well, mine at the farm is sitting up on top of my $4 butter yellow cabinet in the LR. I still want to find an old cupboard that opens up big enough to hide the TV, but I haven't run across just the right piece yet (at the right price) but I'm lookin'... But if I had a thin flat screen and had a place on the wall that was easily accessible to all the furniture, I think I'd put it up there.

    Let us know what you decide ;)

  13. Your room looks lovely and cozy with the view of snow outside your windows, Vee. I have a very small tv in a corner of our living room on an antique cupboard with doors that hide the combo dvd/vcr player. We have an old floor model tv in our lower floor family room where I quilt and the farmer usually has control of the remote there...We haven't moved into this century and purchased a flat screen tv yet...there's lots of time. Good luck figuring out a new location!

  14. Love that you got yourself a runway! You are ready, my dear...whenever your plane comes in. There will be no planes landing anywhere near here today. We have several feet of snow...and and arctic wind...and it is -10C. Jeremy is digging out our driveway at the moment....with the JD, that is.

    Our TV in the great room sits on a low console...much the size of your trunk. It is across a corner...so not the right place for wall-mounting. In the bedroom, we have a small one in an armoire. There it would be nice to wall-mount, but I like the armoire! Not sure I have any good advice for you.

  15. Good morning! I would love to see everyone's "TV" situation, haha...just curious I guess. We have ours (a large 52 inch one) in a HUGE (or it seems like it to me anyway ~ it did take 4 grown men to move it into this house, haha)solid Oak entertainment unit that has doors that shut. Soo not the modern feel right now I know, but it works for us. We have had it for YEARS... It is in our family room. It also stores our cable box and wireless router, DVD player, our Wei, (which we use for Netflix and occasional games I guess, haha) tons of DVD's,and our stereo and CD's in various other cabinets in the unit. I often wonder where people put all this gear when they have a flat screen and no entertainment unit. I love pulling the doors shut and having a really pretty piece of furniture to view when not in use as well. We are planning (soon) on putting a flat screen on our guest bedroom wall for a couple of reasons as well. One being that it would just be nice when hubby wants to watch HOURS of football that he have a comfy place (laying on the bed in there) to watch his beloved games, and I still might have a place to watch something different. : ) Also, my grands when they are here could pop one of their videos on there and watch again freeing up the other room for adult conversation etc. Our living room has a fire place, no TV, and is the room used for CONVERSATION and company. As for suggestions for yours....I am curious to see what others have and you eventually come up with. I will be anxious to see. Have a wonderful day....

  16. Your room looks so cosy.
    My not huge TV is on something I bet no-one else's is - an antique oak commode! Not used I hasten to add but it makes a great table.It's in the room I call the parlour, sitting room I guess it is and is quite near the log burner and the stairs which go up from this room. Hard to say what I would do if I were you, it would depend on the size of the room and the TV.

  17. Our TV is on top of our old TV cabinet because it doesn't fit inside. Our son wants the old cabinet when he moves, so in the meantime our TV will continue to sit on top. I'm thinking of getting an old dresser to paint and sit it on. It could be great for storage.

  18. ah TV's.
    Since our oldest son has a side business which wires and installs home theatre systems...I know something about them.
    We finally got rid of our big box over Christmas and have a nice thin TV on our TV stand in the family room. This will eventually be mounted on the wall.
    We also have a small thin tv in our antique cabinet. (not sure if it can be called antique or not...it was made for my parents as their hold all before they got married)...

    I think my vote is to have one mounted to the wall..if you have wall space. Photos of the available space would help...just sayin'.

  19. Where is my TV? depends on the room I'm in. Since I live alone, mostly--grandson is gone most of the time--I have a TV in every room except the kitchen and bathrooms. In the living room it is in a shaker armoire with doors that close, in the office on a shelf in a bookcase, in my bedroom mounted on the wall, in the studio, a small one sitting on a blueprint case. Sound excessive? All but one were my kids hand-me-downs.

  20. We have a flat screen in the family room downstairs (I call that Hub's man-cave because he rules the remote there) and an old model TV in the living room housed in a nice oak entertainment center. I don't watch much TV so it will probably last forever. My son complains when he is home about how small the screen is compared to the huge flat screens and thinks I should upgrade. I just say 'this is my house, go downstairs if you want a bigger screen'. Ha. I hate to give up my oak cabinet, I like it.

    Back to your TV, if the glare wasn't a problem, I'd put the TV across from the sofa and maybe on the wall. But aren't there bookcases there? Otherwise, I'd probably mount it to the wall in the corner if that can be done. Then get some kind of corner cabinet or shelving to put the DVD, etc, on so you can return the trunk to its rightful place! Good luck.

  21. Hi Vee!

    How inviting your living room looks! I love the snow in the yard . . . we are bare . . . not hardly a patch of white to be found... :0(

    I have a TV in my living room in an entertainment center - but it takes up so much space, that I would just as soon have for other things in my life! We also have a TV downstairs, and like Cheryl, it is my husband's domain and he also runs the remote. I only watch movies on it. I wish I didn't like TV so much - there are just a few shoes that I love, and I can't help it... ;0)

    Your cookies looked divine by the way - I love molasses cookies, can't wait to try the recipe!

    Thank you so much for your kindness, as we were going through some pretty tough times. Your thought and prayers were felt. I thought of you often . . . about you and your mom. Warm hugs to you, I know that you miss her.


  22. Vee
    My TV used to be hidden away in a lovely cabinet, but when we went to the large screen it is now sitting in the open, in a corner like yours.
    I do want a shelf like your above mine. I've been wondering how one would look and now I know! Love it.
    I also like the bookshelves between the windows. Did John do that?
    I'm on my way to find out what the great adventure is.

  23. Snow adventures... where the very best of memories are made! =) We still have rain. I am considering building an ark.

    We have a flat screen TV, but I keep in in an armoire in the living room. I don't like it taking center stage, so a lovely cabinet does a great job of hiding it when company is here, when I don't want to kids to watch it, or I just don't want to see it!

  24. We have our tv up on an old trunk-works well. :P
    We were going to do it wall mounted but then I got my panties in a twist about it becoming the focal point of the room. :P


  25. I do believe that the perfect place for any TV is where it's easist to watch. Now, how is that for brilliance?!! :)

    I'm dying to know what the real purpose of your runway. Is your drive that long? I would love that kind of privacy.

    Loved the pictures and writing of your friend, Judy. What an absolutely beautiful area in which to live.

  26. We have a large screen tv in our living room and it sits on top of a tv cabinet. Works wonderfully for us. It is between 2 southern windows but we have plantation blinds on the windows so we can control the amt. of light and glare.

    We have a smaller screen tv in the bed room and it is in an armoire that I can close doors on and I love it.

    I have no suggestions for yours, tho...I think only you and J. can come up with a workable plan.
    Good luck.....

    Daughter has her large screen tv mounted above her mantel but not loving it very much. no other spot for it, tho. What's a girl to do??

  27. Our tv sits on a tv console in our living room. I wanted to mount it on the wall, but then we would need to have something to hid all of the wires in or place them behind the wall, and it seems like a lot of work.

    Had fun going on the plane ride with your friend. Those were some wonderful pictures.

  28. How extra cosy a home looks when there is snow outside.

    Like it better when house is not tidied up for a photo. Like the real thing. I did same when taking shots at Christmas and Alan's legs. It was like it was.

  29. We have one television in the living room mounted on the wall. We bought sectional bookcases from Ikea and it sits between two tall ones and above smaller ones.

  30. A very UNadventurous sort am I...I would have emphatically said "no" to any such offer. (I do have adventurous children though; they take after their father.) But I loved reading about Judy's adventure, and even looking at her lovely pictures (albeit peering through my fingers as my hands shielded my face).

    Ahhhh...the dreaded TV. They just aren't pretty. But my family won't hear of doing without, and truth be told, I'd miss my nightly Jeopardy viewing...so our old-style box TV sits on the window seat between the built-in bookcases in our living room.

  31. I had to click on your link to see what the runway was for :) We have one of those runways now too!

  32. sigh, every time I visit I just sigh at your house at the top. and love to see inside (and outside the window view) ...such pics just warm my heart! I used to have my husband's grandmother's trunk as your TV is on ... I finally got rid of it with some subsequent regrets... and, we have MY grandmother's hope chest squeezed in at the end of our bed ... and wonderful storage, yes. It is cedar and I used it for my "hope chest." I wonder if young brides have such things any more?

    Enjoy your snow --slightly envious!

  33. Love the runway! Are you going sliding? It sure would be fun and not too steep. As for tv's. We have 2. I have 'mine', a 32 inch, in a corner of the living room on an antique cottage table. It is adjacent to the window but the screen has some anti-glare finish on it so there are no issues with seeing it clearly on a bright day. The other tv is in the family room. It's a biggie - 54" - sitting on a wood cabinet that hubby built 36 years ago. That cabinet has been cut down twice to fit various sizes of tv's and it stores the sound equipment and LP's. Yes, we have quite a collection of LP's from gospel to rock. :D That looks like a good spot for your tv but it needs to be on a higher table I think. Check out the attic or a thrift store maybe. Then you can get your antique trunk back! Pamela

  34. I have a small flat screen TV in my kitchen that sits on a small corner table next to my cookbook collection. That TV gets the most use. We have a second flat screen in our bedroom that sits on the dresser for lack of a better place. If we watch a Netflix movie that is where we watch it so we can put our feet up (of course more likely than not we then fall asleep...lol!)
    Last we have an old fashioned box TV in our basement "family room" that is in a wall unit. When my kids were home they liked to sit on the couch down there and watch their shows, but it doesn't get much use now.

    My suggestion would be to buy (or have John make) yourself a little corner table that you can rest your TV on, and that would free up your trunk.

  35. I can see why that is a good spot for the TV. LOVE your window views....it would be hard for me to watch TV with such scenery beyond those panes!

    Our den TV - which is the only one we really watch - is sitting on a custom built (by Louis Dean) shelf across a window. He put electric boxes on each side so it is truly a handy thing. Like a shelf BOX with electric inside and outlets on the outside.

    The bedroom TV sits on my high chest. But we seldom turn that one on.

    Hope you get your chest back!!

  36. I'm interested to hear where you will place your television. Because we entertain (visit) so much, we've opted to not have a TV in the livingroom. But I have a fold-down one above my kitchen sink which twists over to view from the kitchen table. That way it is hidden when I want it to be but is handy to catch the news when I am cooking. We do have an ancient "box" in the family room downstairs for "videos" when the grandkids come.

  37. Oh, I meant to say, that as I've considered having a flatscreen tv in the livingroom someday, I've thought of placing it behind a wallhanging or drape which can be drawn to the side when needed and loosened to cover it when necessary.


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