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Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Fascinating!

This is going to be an all-over-the-place post. My brain is firing on all two cylinders. = )

I have discussed this before, though I'm hoping that it was so long ago that you've forgotten. Years ago now, I took an aptitude test designed for college students. I was an instructor at the time and since I wanted my students to take the test, I took it just for fun. I was quite shocked when the results came back:  I like to think! That's basically it. They suggested that I would like to belong to a "think tank." < insert chuckles >

So that's probably why I adored *Jill's post yesterday.* You will enjoy reading it; you will love watching the video she shared. The video is 15 minutes long and it will be the most fun and the most fascinating 15 minutes you've spent this week. I promise! Besides, you need some new interesting conversation to share with your friends and family. This is going to provide it. Yes, I promise! All that and it will give you a new appreciation for these:

Well, not exactly those, but close! If you regret it, please let me know. If you love it, please let Jill know. She features some amazing things on her blog!

 Like These


Deb at A Blade of Grass just let me know that she has translated the crocheted bag  I spoke of a few days ago into US terms right *here.* How cool is that?! Send your message out and the answer returns. Thank you very much, Deb, so appreciated! I shopped Thursday and didn't find anything I wanted so I am on the search for some quality yarn for this project. Anyone want to join me in making this pattern? Let me know!

It's Cable Guys day and still in time for Downton Abbey on Sunday night! John has done the most splendid job of installing conduit running the length of the house to the connection box. He says that this will be the easiest hook-up these guys have had in a long time. 

It's also a Nonni Day as the youngest grand will be here soon. Seems big brother is now a basketball player. Must be that two inches plus that he's grown lately. Anyway, little brother at a basketball practice would not be as happy as little brother at Nonni's. Yay!

The new comment feature? I'm torn. What to do? What to do? Tell me what to do. Somebody. Anybody? Torn no more! When I had a number of emails this morning, in addition to the emails yesterday, that all told me that they couldn't comment without seeing a big blank white page pop up, I knew that I was going back to what wasn't broke. I can still respond to your comments here, IF that's any big deal or I can answer questions via email. I liked the new comment feature, but it is not worth losing touch with people. Work out those bugs, Blogger! One more thing: Should you wish to return to the old interface, you'll find a gear on the top of the dashboard page. A menu will drop down and returning to the old interface will be listed as an option.

Leaving you with a pretty picture of a drying rose. At least I think it's pretty.

Now go visit Jill!

A happy day to you...


  1. Ahhhhh... there's your comment page!

    I'll go watch that video this afternoon. I'm off to go look for a flower girl dress for Gabriella. You can imagine how excited I am! Wheeeee! Princess dresses!!!!!


  2. I had to push comment just to see what happened! All ok!

  3. Good Morning, Vee.

    I do like your rose. Have fun today with your little guy....we are getting snow and sleet. Warren and Mikey have headed out in it. They both have to work this morning. :-(

  4. Good morning! Enjoy your day with your grand. I am going to check out that video. : )

  5. I will, I will! Sounds very interesting...and have a good nonni day, we just finished a sleepover with our oldest grand...and had a grand time :)

    Have a lovely Saturday,

  6. I noticed someone say in my comments, that she could comment in mine... But not in Vee's.

    And I thought of.... Mine is very old. Not changed to that *new thing,* whatever it may be. Just to New Editor, which is swell.

    And mine has Pop Up Comment Box.

    But NO new reply-in-every-comment feature. Is this the secret???????


    We are all massochists (like to beat ourselves over the head) aren't we? To put up with the "hoops" which Blogger makes us "jump through"?!? -grin-

    "Childhood, catching
    our imagination when it
    is fresh and tender,
    never lets go of us."

    ~J.B. Priestley

  7. Your pink rose is simply lovely.....

    Please keep taking a pic of it, daily. As it slowly fades... And yet, becomes a different kind of beauty.


    I just love progression pics. :-)

    Please and thank you...

    "Childhood, catching
    our imagination when it
    is fresh and tender,
    never lets go of us."

    ~J.B. Priestley

  8. A 16 minute film...thought I'd get antsy, but the video is fascinating. Then I went to duolingo.com - did you, did you sign up?

  9. Good morning, Vee!

    Have a wonderful morning with the little grand! Fun at Nonni's!

    My kids are still sleeping - can you believe it? Lindsay and Tim went off to work today...I am keeping the home fires burning...I may do some sewing, too.

    I am off to check out Jill's blog!


  10. I prefer the old blogger. I have come across some blogs that I can't comment on because of the same "ghost" screen. Some blogs I have followed for a long time, suddenly I can't comment. Why can' they leave well enough alone?...

  11. That's exactly what I did Vee with the new interface, went back to the old way. I will have to check out that video. Lovely flower, if only they would last forever! Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Enjoy your grand and I hope all is connected well in time for Downton Abbey. I finally got around to watching it this season. Sad I missed season 1 but there are ways to remedy that...
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Good morning Vee,
    Thanks for the sites I have bookmarked them and will visit them hopefully today, I am so far behind on my visiting.
    Enjoyed the verification word! lol
    I haven't tried the new comment thingy, have enough trouble with the old one, but will wait until Blogger has worked all of the kinks out. ~smile~

    Enjoy that grandson today, as I know he is going to have a fun day.
    I am so enjoying your photos, that new camera is super great! What a closeup shot of the rose~Wow!
    Now I am off to see what you have been doing this week while I have been away.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  14. That was a great talk- as you say - fascinating! One of my intentions for 2012 was to watch more TED talks because my daughter often suggests a great talk. This morning, after watching Jill's suggestion, which was suggested by you, I watched two more. I'd like to suggest this talk to you and Jill...."The Hidden Influence of Social Networks" by Nikolas Christakis.
    What do you think of it?

  15. I'mm baaaack,.. enjoyed catching up! I would so loved to have been able to have given some advice on where and how to place the flat screen, but we are having similar problem.
    Thanks for the review of War Horse, dh has been wanting to go see it, I will now pass this info on to him.

    Now if they brought back Gone With The Wind or a sequel, we both would be first in line!
    I am a true believer in Shaklee products,thanks for the site, another one book marked. lol

    I have to comment on Molly settling in at night, Lucy, our GS, has her on ritual too, and she entertains us with hers. I guess since we don't have very much excitement around the farmhouse, she feels obligated to entertain us.LOl. a poor site we are. lol.
    Always a joy to visit.

  16. Morning Vee
    I'm so glad you switched back to the old comment format.
    I just got back from Jill's. I'll have to become a follower. Then, when in need of some fodder for intellegent conversation, I'll be able to show my superior knowledge on topics no one else knows a thing about. wink! Beleive me, I never would have qualified for one who would particpat in a 'think tank'.
    Have great fun with your g'son today!

  17. Good grief. I despise typing in those letters. And now I think I despise them even more now because I am doing free work for somebody else. I know, I know. You're probably wondering where my generous spirit is this morning. I still have it. And I want to have the ability to decide when and where to apply my generous spirit. I guess these geeks have concluded that the ends justify the means.

    I am really glad that Blogger vastly improved their spam filter so that I don't have to use the word verification anymore for folks to post comments. I was getting spammed almost daily beforehand. Since then, I haven't gotten a single one. I wish everyone would get rid of that feature on their blogs.

    Hmmm, I guess I better go back to the pop-up window if you say that there are still too many bugs with the one where you can do replies. Sigh...

  18. I was trying to think of a word while I was typing my earlier comment. I finally thought of it. The word is "deceived". When I am being made to do work for free, without my knowledge or permission, I feel deceived.

  19. I was having the same problem with my comments because I had embedded them, now with the full page, everything is working fine.
    You've given much to contemplate this morning and I will go and visit Jill as suggested.

  20. I never had trouble commenting on your blog, although there were some others that bumped me right off when I tried to comment.
    I like Ted Talks, so I will get some coffee and go over to watch the one you recommended - and the one Sheila mentioned in her comment. I love a good recommendation!

  21. Thanks for the link. I'm popping over to read it right now. Have a good day.

  22. Greetings from the airport...we are heading back home.

    I just gave a lovely rose to the guy who checked us in (told him to surprise his wife)...as Canada won't allow me bring home the American rose I got for my birthday. Enjoy your rose.

    Have a fun Nona day!

    I'll check out the new blogger...and all the blogs I have missed while away...once I am home.

  23. I went and watched the TED talk over at Jill's place (I've never been there before but I'm planning on going back) and am totally impressed.

    And what a great topic for conversation for the dinner table tonight - our techie kids will be over and I'll be able to impress them (or not) with my knowledge!

    Thank you.

    Love the fading rose...

  24. vee- that Captcha video was amazing. thanks for sharing. i always learn something here....


    xo terri

  25. Oh Vee!
    Thank HEAVENS! I was getting so discouraged with blogdom as it seemed as though everyone was totally satisfied with mundane thinking and sharing. It is so good to hear that you (and your readers!) actually enjoyed stretching the old brain and exploring new conversation fodder.


  26. I visited Jill and enjoyed the video very much. I've always wondered why so many of those words look like someone made them up. Thanks for today's lesson!


  27. So today my "vist and chat over a cup of tea" is occuring rather late...lots of items on the to-do list today! I am so glad that you returned to the old interface, so that I can connect with you. The interactive comments concept is appealing...but white screens are not. Hopefully, blogger will work the bugs out.

    Hope you had a lovely day with your grandboy! We will see our local five tomorrow...can't wait!

    And yes, the TED video was fascinating. I always took those mysterious little words at face value. Little did I know...

  28. Hi Vee,
    I enjoyed catching up on your posts.
    I can't wait for Downton Abbey, I am hooked,

    As for the comment thing, I clicked something on Susan's Between Naps on the Porch. Next morning I had 100 email comments in my box! Now why would I want to read all those comments to her? I thought i had suddenly become very popular, lol, but what a pain to delete all those comments!

    Have a good Sunday!

  29. Good morning, Vee.

    Great post! I couldn't figure out that new comment thing and now I am glad. I can reply just fine the "old" way. This afternoon is "football" and I shall knit and listen to soft music in another room LOL.

    Love the picture of the rose. I shall try to watch the video later.


  30. I've been away from blogland due to a minor surgery and am presently trying to catch up. It seems there are changes to commenting and things on the sidebar and I am clueless to it all.
    I had thought I'd like to see War Horse, but now think I can wait for it to hit Redbox.
    I'm intrigued to see what this video at Jill's is all about. Will go take a look shortly.
    Hope your cable is all squared away now.

  31. Vee, I can't find a comment option on your mosaic monday post! :0)

  32. duh! Just read that you had the comments closed LOL!

  33. As you can see I'm up at 3 a.m. reading this. Don't ask.... it involves painful leg cramps. I'm off to read Jill's page in a moment but I wanted to say that I'm totally addicted to Downton Abbey. I found it on Netflx and watched all seven episodes in one sitting. The problem is that I'm left hanging till the next batch comes out.

  34. Hey darlin' I just wanted to drop by and wish ya a blessed week.

    I love the rose in both of your 'rose' pictures sweetie!

  35. I agree..."if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I learned a few years back to be VERY careful about trying new stuff on Blogger...so when I saw the new Interface, I just ignored it.

    Now, all the people on typepad and such are going to have to move....again...in order to keep their followers.

    Then, Picnik is closing down. I went into PANIC MODE over that one. I use them for ALL my collages...and my other headers. Just sick about it....BUT...little mizz DebbieDoo told me about a site (can't think of the name right now) that may be just about as good as Picnik..thought I'd play around with it a bit tonight and see.

    For the last two weeks, Mr. Sweet and I have just "forgotten" grand's basketball games. No excuses...just ,.....forgot. I am just beside myself.
    Maybe we are getting that Alheimizer thing....see, I can't even spell it...

  36. It's not a dying rose--it's a faded rose! We even have a restaurant in our town called The Faded Rose!


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