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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dare to Dream Different Art Challenge~Quill Cottage

This art challenge has taken me way beyond my comfort zone so I am sitting here chuckling at myself. I am not by nature a creative person. Not.at.all.

When Miss Sandy *first mentioned her challenge,* I had just posted about my word for the year, which is "stretch." Somehow I thought that it would be a good way to practice. And it proved so true. I have stretched — hours and hours of stretching.

The challenge, as I understood it, was to create a tag or a piece of "art" using any of the images that Miss Sandy provided and the word "dream."

Let's have at it, shall we? My picture story...



So I learned a few things. I am learning that it takes layers and layers of practice. 

And I learned that one can take a sad song tag and make it better. 

Thanks so much, dear Miss Sandy, for encouraging me to try something new. I  had fun! 

Please visit Quill Cottage and see what others did with the same images. 


  1. You did well...with your stretching! Great tags.

  2. hahhaaa....if you and I lived close, we would be walking, hand in hand, thru CRAFTYVILLE, trying to figure it all out.
    You have much more talent for crafts than I do so you could lead the way, with me following close behind. :)))
    I think your tags are awesome.

    No, no one has hurt my feelings by leaving ugly comments on my posts....but they did on a bloggy friend and that hurts me more.

  3. Looks VERY creative and artistic to me!! I love it!

  4. How lovely! I would not have thought to put one of the images on a little shovel, but it works!

    As to the other ones, -they are very pretty! Not creative, ya say?!

  5. L*O*V*E seeing your stretch your artful wings Vee! Love all your art, you really took this thing serious. Precious pretty pink collage! Terrific tags! And can I say I even adore the little shovel. Thank you as always for the super wonderful support!

  6. Good job, Vee! It only takes trying to see that you can succeed in crafting! You went above and beyond with several tags!!

  7. I think You did a great job...very nice...and creative...I like the word you picked. My word for the year is BELIEVE...I picked it both for spiritual reasons and I have to believe in myself also...that I can also "stretch" myself and achieve things that I did NOT BELIEVE were possible.

  8. Na na na na na na, na na na,,,hey jude....

    Yes you did make it better...I love your dream art.

  9. Aaaahhhhh...it says DREAM! It's very pretty, Vee! I like the way it turned out! ♥

  10. I think you did a great job with this challenge. It takes creativity and imaagination and I think you've got both! It's really sweet Vee!

  11. Yes indeed, Vee, you made the image come alive in your final tags. A little stretching can be good for heart and mind :)

  12. Vee,
    I love all your creations! Don't ever say that you're not "crafty"!
    The more you do, the more you find your own true style........great job!

  13. My Dear Miss Vee, I have to say that I disagree with you. Yes, we are in disagreement.
    You. Are. Creative. Yes, you are. We've Seen Your Work.
    Case closed.

  14. You are obviously the only one who was unhappy with anything you did here, all show creative thinking and a sweet spirit, and in the end . . . talent. You made your stretching count and made a "sad" song much better.

  15. Vee, I love everything that you did with this tag. I especially love the one tucked inside the wreath. You have a wonderful eye for design.


  16. Good morning! Have not been following you long, but long enough to know you ARE creative! You had some good ideas here. I loved the tag in the wreath. Fun project. I am going to go and check out some of the other blogs. Have a good day!

  17. Just so creative! I love the little door hanger you created. So very lady like. And I love the word "Dream".

  18. Ya' know.... I don't think there is any *WRONG* way to do this kind of crafting. It seems that since each piece is unique, then each piece is *PURRRFECT.* Know what I mean?

    Oh and btw, I'm sure you will not be upset by my "The Rose Garden" (Susanna Kearsley) suggestion. Let me say that this writer spins a wonderful tale, and still stays G-rated. :-) Which is quite nice, in this day and age. :-)

    "Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky,
    My pile of books is a mile high.
    How I love them! How I need them!
    I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them."

    - Arnold Lobel

  19. And you are not creative? Oh, but you must be doing quite a bit of "stretching" then! Your tags are lovely, culminating in the finished tagged wreath on the door. (I love it!!)
    Keep on stretching...

  20. Vee....I loved your tags! Don't be so hard on yourself! That one hanging on the wreath was really cute!


  21. They - every one of them - look perfect to me. We're all so critical of our own work. I'm off to see what others did.

  22. Vee, your tags are great. And most importantly, you s.t.r.e.t.c.h.e.d yourself. And dared to show your work even though YOU weren't happy with it. I'd say you succeeded all around!

  23. I love them...applaud, applaud.
    I also think it is great that God gave us words, but He didn't tell us in advance how those would manifest in our life...you go girl...stretch...your stretching looks great and very creative

  24. Oooo... what fun.... and how courageous to just do it and not worry where it will take you!

    I'd say there's something very creative happening there!

    And how wonderful that you've found a new way to live in your new word s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

    I'm so glad you shared.......

  25. Vee,
    Great job. Love it on the little shovel. Very creative.


  26. Isn't this fun? I love your tag!
    You are creative and inspiring.

  27. From one crafter to another, you can't go wrong when being artistic in your moment of inspiration. I say follow your heart and your ideas and you'll do wonderful pieces. I love them. Hugs and thank you for allowing me to visit with you today.

    GIVEAWAY at my blog if you would like to put your name in.

  28. WHAT!! you not creative, HA! You are one of the most creative person I have met in blogland, and if I find out that you are not, then I am in BIG trouble. As you are my mentor. ~smile~ No! really you are. I am always thinking about the projects you are doing, and find myself standing outside the candy store looking in, wanting to go in and get some candy.
    I have wondering how you were doing with your new word for this year, oh yea! i remembered. ~lol~ You are stretching and doing so well! I better say goodnight or your head might get to big.

  29. Good job--creative! Loved your Sunday post--amazingly conforting how these lines from old hymns or scripture come into our minds at such times, like the middle of the night.

  30. Vee, you did a fantastic job! Thank you for visitng me :>)
    Many blessings to you and your family ♥

  31. I think it looks fine!
    And as the gym teacher where I taught used to say, "If you had fun, you won!"
    Now pick up those scissors and carry on!
    How are you liking your new stove?

  32. I really like the look of the one in the wreath!

    I always want to do things like this too, but I get an idea in my head but I can't make it look like how i picture it...if that makes sense...

    Good stretching, Vee!


  33. Well, Vee, this is as sweet as it can be. I think you are creative!