Friday, January 27, 2012


Seize the moment of excited curiosity on any subject to solve your doubts; for if you let it pass, the desire may never return, and you may remain in ignorance.
~William Wirt 

Right!  So that's exactly what I've been doing this morning. If anything makes me wonder, I find out the details.

You may remember that the old trunk that originally belonged to my great-great grandparents no longer holds the tv. It now holds a hobby horse right in front of the front door. That can't be good, but it will do for now. I promise that it is only temporary.

As I was sitting here this morning visiting the precious few of you who have posted...ahem, I noticed some hen scratch on the sides of the trunk. My ancestors' surname is written there, though it is misspelled. Then I remembered finding a tag on the opposite side, which I had planned to photograph, but never returned to. Not today!

Misspelled Surname

What does that say?

American Express Co.

April 1905

Another Great Find

Aha! My mother's old lard bucket...empty and tucked beside my desk. I've been looking for something to hold Molly's dog food. It comes in 50 pound bags and this will be just the ticket. Yay! A new home for it coming right up beneath the farm table in the kitchen.

Thus ends the ho-hum photos of the day you will be happy to know. =)


We're in the middle of an ice storm. I have horrible memories of the nightmare one in 1998 and do not wish for a repeat. Still there is a beauty in treacherous weather. 

Ice Storm Mosaic

spruce cones

Two questions for perhaps mundane and the other a bit more interesting: 1. How's the weather in your corner?  2. What thing could you explore in your home/world today that you have been meaning to do?


  1. Crazy weather around here. Today it is 60 degrees and after a rainy morning is now sunny and very windy.

    I have to get to the old house and 'explore' the garage and get rid of some stuff. We really do plan on selling that house this year!!

    The ice storm mosaic is really pretty. Ice can be so pretty but does so much damage too.

  2. Nothing ho-hum about your photos today. How wonderful to have a trunk belonging to your great-great grandparents.
    Your ice storm photos are very pretty. Be careful out there and I hope your power stays intact.
    The weather here is springlike. Low 60s and sunny.
    I have been exploring the recipe for that bread you bake in a dutch oven. I remember reading about it all over blogland a few years ago and thought I should try it as it looks sooo good. I think this will be the year I quit thinking about it and do it.

  3. We are having heavy downpours on and off but it is 55 degrees, may even get to 60 in late January!

    If I could comfortably get on my knees, I would be digging around the crawl space as I believe I have an unpacked moving carton hiding in there, with a few other boxes on top of it. (sigh) one day soon :/

  4. For once today we have sunshine! This makes me happy, as today is a rough one in other ways for me...peri-meny type stuff bad!!! Can't wait until that's all done! I should be exploring a few rooms in our home, but seem to still be learning new things on blogger. I keep finding stuff I can tweak. Right now I'm stuck on adding the "pages" gadget and then what to do with it....mind isn't grasping this one! Hope your icy weather never comes my way....I mean that in the nicest, friendliest way too!

  5. The weather here is was raining and hard this morning, but has now stopped. The weather is mild, really mild, but is supposed to drop into the 40's again, and get windy. The wind is picking up.

    As to exploration, hmmm, I think we are going to go explore the library! Haven't been in a while!


  6. I guess I don't have to tell you about our weather since you have visited me. I will say that our power has gone off again and is now back on. 6 days of cold is more than I can take... but I digress (as usual) !
    I would go through my mothers trunk. She passed away some 20 years ago and I just have not been able to open this trunk. I guess it is time...
    I hope you didn't lose any trees.
    I still can't look at all my Japanese Maples without tears.

  7. I think it's a yucky 70 here with storms brewing. I was so hot last night and already the furnace was down to 62 while the tem read 69. Certainly not time to turn on the a/c in January! Might need to mow the grass soon--what a mixed up winter we have had here in the southeast.

    And I'm on my way to do the main thing on my list today--search through some of my dad's vast boxes of the archives of his life ... looking for some particular documents. It will be a journey into the past and probably not completed today.

  8. The trunk and lard bucket are really cool Vee.
    Well I'm in someone else's corner of the world and it's sunny and in the 70's. Judging from some facebook entries it sounds like it's sunny in Seattle, too! I've been enjoying walking around with no need for a raincoat!

  9. Hi Vee, Loved seeing the trunk and the label as well as the lard can. It is snowing here in Colorado and I'm planning to work on a quilt-getting it ready to quilt. If I could go out, I'd love to head to Wyoming and go antiquing.
    Loved the photo of the snow & ice and pinecones. Would love to hear the story of the storm in '98.
    Have a warm and wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. Vee, in our part of Colorado, it's 52 degrees, sunny, and the mountains have a backdrop of blue, blue skies. North of here is a different story so we've changed our plans to drive to Breckenridge to see the Snow Sculpture Displays. Hope they won't be melted by the time we see them next week! Heading south to Albuquerque tomorrow for a visit with dear friends and at least one tasty New Mexican meal. Your weather scares me - got plenty of milk and bread?

  11. Do you really want to know our weather? It's 72 right now. I would like to work on some journals today. I want to get some of my old ones out and photograph them. When I first opened this post....I thought that was the horse we were going to ride when we play Cowboys and Indians today! I was thinking...I might break it! heehee! Love that old trunk...what a treasure trunk of memories! ♥

  12. Lovely photos, though ice storms are more beautiful than "friendly" around here.....I love having things from ancestors, near or far back, and enjoy seeing your trunk and the lard bucket which will be so useful!

  13. Love the idea of using that great red tin for dog food!

    Pretty ice pictures, but I know how devastating ice storms can be. I hope you are safe and warm.

    Our weather is sunny and about 50 today, after several days of rain.

  14. Sunny and unseasonably warm, almost 60 here.

    Hmmm, what would I explore a packet of very old family letters that I have not had time to pour over or maybe it would be the box marked "important to family history" that I found when we were moving my mother.

    Now you have got me off track, I might have to stop working and go and have a peek in that box!

  15. What a treasure that trunk is! It has so much character, even with the misspelled name. Are the photos from today's ice storm? They are really pretty. So far, we've got about 5 inches of snow here but there is some ice pellets mixed in with it now which we are supposed to get for a while then maybe freezing rain or rain. Nasty day! I haven't had time to explore much today other than getting caught up on blogposts - after I did my housework of course. Have a great weekend Vee! Pamela

  16. Since you're dealing with ice, I'll spare you the details of today's weather in Oklahoma, but I can tell you we'll be in the 40s tomorrow. I hope your ice doesn't cause problems...there's not much worse than an ice storm.

    As for areas I need to explore, it will be every nook and cranny this weekend as I look for last year's tax return so I can file this year's online. That's not nearly as fun as your exploration! Sigh.


  17. The weather here is nuts- warmish stormy, then freezing windy blustery cold. One minute I'm thinking springish thoughts, the next I want to add layers because I am chilled to the bone. Love your trunk!

  18. I hope you don't have too much damage from the ice storm! We're in the middle of a thaw but expecting snow tonight. I really need to get the attic cleaned out! I'm sure I'll find lots of interesting treasures up there that I haven't seen for years.

  19. The beauty of not moving often is that you tend to keep those treasures, but how many of us take the time to explore as you did today? What great discoveries you've made!

    Ice storms scare me, too. I'm hoping our Christmas presents (the generators) would help us live with some creature comforts.

    Our place is so small that I don't believe I would find too many treasures to explore here, but I would love to explore those boxes in the storage unit!

  20. The weather here is about 45 degrees and cloudy! Also, I have been meaning to finish my book club book, Molokai.

  21. I love the trunk! The only memento I have of my in-laws is the wooden trunk --or rather large box with a hinged lid--they used when they emigrated from Italy. I use it as a blanket chest at the foot of my bed.

    I have many negelcted chores which I hope to twackle this weekend. Taking it one day at a time these days.

    We had heavy rain on and off all day, but thankfully it has remained above freezing. Hope you don't have to go out in your freeze--stay safe and have a good weekend.

  22. Truth be told...I've done nothing but visit today with live people who I can touch. It has been good. I am so tuckered out...I'd love to just sit with not a thing to do....never mind try to conjure up ideas.

  23. Well it is sunny and gorgeous here in So. California. 75 degrees is what my temperature gauge reads. However, truthfully I'd love a little cooler more "wintery" weather. That probably sounds horrible to most, but I guess you always want what you don't have, or is that just me? Loved the trunk btw.n How neat is that? Have a wonderful week-end!

  24. It's a beautiful springlike day here in Texas. Everybody's out. I've seen people jogging, walking, playing soccer, fishing, bike riding, even pogo sticking.
    So far this has been a very mild winter.

    I have some unopened boxes of Sunday School materials that I need to look into, or I need to spend a little quality time with my vacuum cleaner.

    I love your trunk -- my mom has one that has been in her family a long time too.

  25. The weather here in the North East of England is quite unseasonably warm for Winter. However, we may be having snow shortly.

    What I want to look into is my new Crochet Instruction Manual but I daren't because I'll never get my knitting project finished!

  26. When I get back from my trip I want to put some pictures and other mementos in a scrapbook. I've been meaning to go through them and label and get them in my book. I will be leaving my sons a lot of scrapbooks on their ancestors. The weather here in Oklahoma has been mild unlike last winter. I am enjoying it.

  27. "Still there is beauty in treacherous weather." Wow, you sound like a poet!

    I didn't exactly explore anything new today but I did do something I've been meaning to do for quite some time. I called and brought an error to the attention of our Insurance company that should be a refund our direction... Nice.

    Blessings, Debbie

  28. Vee:

    It's sunny and in the mid 60's here today!! I love it.

    If I could explore anything in my house today, it would be scrubbing the downstairs tiles floors, first thing that came to mind, but THAT is not going to happen!

    Funny thin about your trunk... my hubby collects antique western things, and we have a porcelain sign exactly like your label, hanging up in his cowboy den!! How fun.

  29. The weather has been unseasonably WARM! I'm loving it. Particularly since I have to pay the gas bill out of my checking account, LOL. And the 2nd question? Mmm, I keep putting off dusting in my office. Is that what you mean?!

  30. We had a very warm and rainy morning which gave way to a windy and cooler afternoon. I know I didn't post this morning...just didn't get there. My camera was in the glove compartment of the car and......and.....oh I am making excuses.
    Love your photos...both of the pines in ice and of your repurposed treasures. What a wonderful place to store the dog food. Love it.

  31. Our weather has been great since the fall. It's been the best winter in 18 years of living here on our farm. We had 10 days of cold weather and some snow in November and then a week of very cold weather two weeks ago. Sorry to hear of your ice storm but the mosaic is well done. Oddly enough my husband and son are going ice fishing tomorrow and I was wondering what I should do tomorrow. Opening my grandfather's army trunk and taking photos of the contents had just come to mind awhile ago....I've been organizing family photos...a massive job! Keep warm Vee

  32. The ice storm mosaic is very pretty, Vee. Lots of interest there.

    We had a sunny day today (and yesterday) for which I'm very grateful. It's a little chilly, temps hovering around freezing (0 - 3 Celsius). But I'll take cold and sun over warm and rain anyday - because the warm is not really warm at all.

    Not much exploring going on in my world. I did go to the mall today, haven't been for a long time. If I'm to start subbing, I'm going to need a few more clothes. I hate trying on things. Came home with one top. And then I watched the last episode of the first season of Downton Abbey. I'm a little late to the party and didn't want to jump into season two without any background. Now I'll have to download Season Two from somewhere so I can catch up. I want Lady Mary's wardrobe. And figure.

  33. 1. Quite rain...a snow melting kind of day.

    2. The storage closet upstairs needs a whole lot of exploring...since I have no idea what is in all those boxes. One day...soon!

  34. Jan. 28th...

    Ahemmm... "...Some precious few of you who posted..." -grin- I did! I did! :-)))))))))))

    Somehow, though I've been a bit grumpy, I've still continued to post.

    Wonderful old items, you have! And I take it, since the chest is in front of the front door, that you don't use that door much...

    I too have some old items, but don't think they hold any secrets, any more. "Don't think......" I hear you. Go look see, you are saying. :-)

    Mmmm, ice storm. It's a wonder you are not scccccccccccccreaming at me! For huffing/and/puffing about no REAL Jan. weather in the north east. I just got not-much, over here. And you got an ice storm. Yishhhh....

    Is this the real reason you missed some posting? Because you didn't want to let-loose-on-me and tell me to stop with the weather-whining????????????????????????? ,-)

    Wouldn't blame you, if it was...

    But yes, ice storms can be lovely Photo Opportunities. Nope, that doesn't make up for the fear that they engender!!!!!!

    Happy Saturday!

  35. Weather here is wonderful, almost spring like.

    Wow on your priceless treasures. In a society that is so disposable I am wondering how many of our descendants will have treasures like yours.

    I do have a bread bowl that was my mother-in-law (who is 96 and still living on her own) her mother's bread bowl...we have figured out is old enough to have been in the civil war time...I am still researching things I have recently been given..I think my age is starting to treasure these past items.

  36. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos Vee. Your home looks so warm and cozy!

    I wish I we lived in an area that has the four seasons.

    My husband and I live in southern California and our seasons are much more subtle than yours. Today we have gale force winds from 20 to 60 miles an hour. The sky is bright, sunny and clear and it's going to be a warm day.

    I've been meaning to make a trip over to the arboretum for some time now. Today will be filled with cleaning, but perhaps tomorrow I can slip on over for a little while?

    I'm enjoying your blog, it's very inviting.

    Blessings in Christ...Susan

  37. Your ho-hum photos are welcoming indeed! "Ho-hum" sounds delightful about now! Snow is melting outdoors and inside the "kitchen" I am calculating the best placement of old, useful cabinets. I am visualizing quietly while Mike is pouring over his open Bible, preparing to preach tomorrow.

  38. Well we've had spring-like weather complete with storms. Had short sleeves on today!

    That trunk is truly fabulous - in looks and family history. Also love the red lard bucket

  39. Love that awesome olden trunk.

    I am so far behind in my visiting, I'll never get caught up...
    Right now, however, I am on the search for your molasses cookie recipe....


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