Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Boys



September 2010

The January grands have had their respective birthdays. The family gathered recently to honor them. I know that all grandparents say it, but does time fly or what?! It is actually getting pretty scary.

This morning, my daughter, John, and I gathered to pick up the home version of what you see above. It now sits in two big boxes waiting for spring and a patient papa to assemble. Hope that they will love it! Though when the six-year-old was informed about all the fun things...monkey bars and a climbing wall...he asked, "Who thinks I'm old enough for that?!"

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Just a reminder that *the giveaway* ends tonight at 7!

A happy weekend to you...


  1. Love his response! :)

    They will love it! I didn't realize they were so close in age - how fun for them!

    I hope the wait won't be too long for you and John!


  2. My youngest grandson was 6 on the 10th!

    My oldest one is 20!!! Now that doesn't seem possible. I just don't know where the years went!!

  3. Kids are funny aren't they? they say the neatest things...and the years do fly. As far as the "tomato server" as you could imagine, a slice of tomato (as my mom would serve them in the summer) fits perfectly. I think she may have served other things with it but that is what I remember! I was so delighted to find it when we broke up her home.

  4. A play gym is such a fun gift for the January boys! Happy birthday to your cuties!

  5. Loved the comment, haha They will love the gym set, and you will love watching them enjoy it. I have a couple of grands very close in age too and I love how them enjoy each other. Such a gift. Happy birthday to those cute guys!

  6. Happy Birthday to your cute grandsons! I have no doubt they will have lots of fun with the new gift. Although his comment is hilarious.

  7. Happy Birthday to your two grand-boys. They will love the set once it is up.

  8. January boys are the best in my humble opinion! What fun and what a funny response from your grand...

  9. What a cute response! Happy Birthday to your January boys!

  10. Those cute young'uns are growing like weeds!

  11. Aw, kids say the darnd'est things!!
    They will have fun and probably gain a bruise or two here and there. No doubt, why your 6 yr old is wondering if he's really old enough for it!
    Happy Birthday to the dear boys!

  12. I suppose all grandparents do say such things about time flying and all that, but isn't it so true?

    Your dear grandboys are sure to have oodles of fun with their birthday gift...and I feel certain that Grand #1 will feel old enough when it is all assembled and ready to go.

    Happy birthday to the boys...and happy anniversary of grandmotherhood to you!

  13. Oh Happy Birthday to them...Benjamin is wanting one of those it thinks he is a teenager because of all his older siblings and I am trying to keep him just six.

    Have fun, enjoy...they are precious.

  14. Oh, I know! I can't believe Elisabeth is turning ten soon (she was born on 02/02/02).

    She had her big birthday party early so all her friends could attend. Her next big party is age sixteen.

    I don't even want to think of that.

    "Baby" Anna (the youngest) turns two about the time they are here in May.

    That is a great gift for the grands! When we were in Williamsburg, Matthew and Grammie played hide and seek (alone) in the playground. Hubby said he would have paid good money to see that.

  15. Such sweet and beautiful boys. And such wonderful grandparents! Real toys that will provide hours and hours of entertainment (for boys and grandparents alike).

  16. Happy birthday to your sweet/handsome January boys...from a January girl!

    Wishing John many hours of enjoyment in the assembling...and the boys in the playing!


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