Monday, January 9, 2012

She's Here!

No, this is not a birth announcement! = )

You may remember, if you read here over the Christmas season, that my stove decided to give up the ghost just days before I was planning to bake up a storm.

Last night, I loaded it up with my baking chips and baking ingredients just to show how offended I was by its timing.

The stove was over thirty years old. It was purchased for me by my first husband who had grown tired of the comments people made when visiting. Seems that they felt the odor of propane was strong. Personally, I hardly noticed it. Both sets of parents were chipping and urged him to do something. Unbeknownst to me, one fine day he did. I arrived from grocery shopping to find it already in place.

I've not had many complaints about it other than the fact that it was a perpetual cleaning oven meaning that every time one baked, it was cleaning its little heart out and a little pile of debris always needed to be swept off once the oven cooled. I never could clean it the way other gals could clean their ovens because the sides of the oven were rough and caught at any fibers in the material used to wipe it out. Okay, so that was frustrating; otherwise, it has served my family for a very long time and I did feel a little pang when John hauled it out of here last night.

So the new stove is here and we didn't even have to wait forever for the delivery and it's a corker, too!

It's a bisque finish to match the almond one of the refrigerator. I suppose one should just move forward in color choice to what she really wants, but I always circle back trying to match up with what is already existing. I think it'll be fine — nice and neutral.


So the chore of switching it from natural gas to propane gas will keep John busy for a while. He does adore a project. We're trying to figure out if we didn't have them do the switching at the appliance store because we're too cheap or if it was because they told us they don't do it anymore not having the proper licenses. I'm coming down on the side of squuueeeeaaaaak.

Good thing he's such a handyman!

How's your day going so far?

Love Vee


  1. So good!

    Glad your stove is there...and hope your handyman figures out all their instructions. What dish is waiting to be baked?

  2. I had one of those continuous cleaning ovens once too and didn't like it either.
    New stove looks nice.
    Yes, it sure is good that John is such a good handyman.
    I have one of those around too. : )

  3. My hubby too would do the switching. Handyman that he is! I am not accomplishing as much as I intended. I find my self playing on my blog. Currently trying to figure out how those of you with cute little personal icons got them! I will proceed and that too will appear differently soon. I'm all for change these days!

  4. Happy cooking and baking with your new stove! xo

  5. LOVE the new stove! I really like that colour as well.
    I thought about doing stainless steel but I don't know, I just find the whites to be so much warmer. :)

    Did you watch the premier of Season 2 of Downton Abbey last night? I can't remember if you're a fan or not...


  6. Yay for the new stove! You'll be baking up a storm in no time. Are you converting from natural gas to propane or the other way around?

    Electric stoves are pretty much the norm around here - there's no gas line into this house. I cooked on gas in Ecuador and find that there are pros and cons both ways. Gas is for REAL cooks. Like you.

  7. Enjoy your new stove! After a little bit of a learning curve, I am enjoying mine, although I have to confess I asked for new pots and pans to go with it -- which I am also loving:)

  8. Hooray! A new stove is a wonderful gift for the new year...and when the weather is cold and indoor-sy, it's a great time to bake and cook and try new recipes!

    I have wondered the same thing about appliance colors. Should one go on the fritz, do I go with the current trends of black or stainless steel, or match with what I currently have (almond also) so that there is cohesiveness in my kitchen? Oh well, it is a moot point right now, as I hope it will be for some time.

    An you name your appliances?

  9. I like the new stove, color and all, have never cooked with propane, but my MIL did and she found it cooked so much faster than electric..The old one did indeed serve you well, I think it was time to retire it, I think i saw a grin from her among all those goodies, as she knew she was going to stove heaven. ~smile!

    John is indeed a great handyman,and if you are like me you will really be giving her a new try out and soon.BTW I have never noticed the red cabinet before, I do like it too!.
    Glad to hear you got fast service, usually folks have not so good stories to tell
    Enjoy ,

  10. Enjoy your new stove! I have a new dishwasher on the way, since mine died over the holidays!

  11. Yeah! You will be cooking up goodies in no time.

    We have natural gas here. I love cooking with gas, much more than electric.

  12. I see lots of cooking in your future, Vee! Nice stove! Nice handyman, too!

    Whatcha gonna make first?

  13. Oh, a new stove! How exciting! I know you have big plans for this baby .... menus planned for weeks? ;) I do hope you enjoy it.

    And aren't handymen so wonderful to have?

    We had a visit from the moving company today to do inventory and set moving dates.... February 9. I supposed I should rejoice that I don't have to do all of the packing.

    Happy Monday to you!!

  14. Gorgeous, my Dear!!!

    My day??? Guess what???? We have been needing a new refrigerator, for a few years. (Mmmm, did anyone say I'm cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeap???) ,-)

    Today, he went out and purchased a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, he had dragged me to check them out. And Yes, I hated doing it, I hate shopppping and comparing.

    So I told him I wanted double door, in white, freezer on bottom, and no damn cold water and ice dispenser in the door. And we agreed.

    And today, he went out and got the best price. Alll by himself. Didn't make me go along again. Isn't that super??????? YES IT IS! I hate to shop/compare.

    Sooooooooooo we are having a matching new appliance day. Ours comes next week, but... :-) Still.... Kinda' matching!!!!

    Happy Full Wolf Moon!!!

  15. Vee,
    Congrats on her arrival! She's just lovely.
    It is wonderful to be married to a Mr. Fix-it, is it not???

  16. I love it! I always opt for black appliances. Just like the look I guess. I've got an off-white fridge that I've been WAITING for it to die so I can get a black one but not yet. That's okay.

  17. how exciting. i bet you are just busting to start baking & cooking away. so fun!! i love new appliances. the mind starts wandering & wondering. enjoy!! (:

  18. I love the way the newer stoves have a vintage look about them. :)

    Working with natural gas or electricity are the two areas where my hubby usually doesn't touch (he's beginning to add major plumbing jobs to that list).

    I don't know how it is when you go from natural gas back to propane, I know in our rural area, the gas company will help change hook ups TO natural gas for free.

    Probably so people don't blow themselves up.

  19. Glad to hear that sweet things are happening at your house. I know that your family will appreciate all the wonderful meals and goodies your will prepare one the new girl gets properly installed.

    Going good here!

  20. It's so much fun getting something new! I see lots of baking in your future!
    As to my day...I'm battling a cold/virus again. It's not quite as severe as the last one because I've been taking echinacea this time. But I've thought I would die coughing a few times! Last night was really bad.
    About the Amish community I visited, I don't think that this particular one has a restaurant...drat it. But I do know of a Mennonite restaurant in another community that is excellent! If you ever come to MO, look me up and we'll go!

  21. Hi Vee

    Your new stove is beautiful! Enjoy it and all it's features.

  22. My day is going great after 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, a one hour massage and a chiropractic adjustment! You'll love your new stove I'm sure. Good thing John is very handy. Playing with gas and all. lol Enjoy your next baking adventure!
    Hugs, Pamela

  23. I bet he has it done already. We found ourselves good and I.
    It's not nice to feel envious but a gas stove seems like such a good idea. Everything cooks faster and stops cooking faster with gas.

    I love new ovens...

    Oh..and I have bran muffins in the oven now. :)

  24. What a blessing to have a handyman..I have to call my sons...LOL

    Well your new arrival is just beautiful...enjoy her, have fun!

  25. Vee
    Now you're back in business again!
    Yeh! It looks just like my new stove I left behind at my last home
    It was a Kenmore. I think your color choice was smart-it will match everything.
    Lucky for you John can change the connections too!

  26. Oh, how nice! And it looks great! Way to go, hubs! Time to bake something good for him! I'm making cinnamon rolls tonight...and a few plain rolls for me! ♥

  27. You've got gas/propane to cook with ~ that's the best! I still miss mine and have had only electric for the past...I was going to tell the # of years, but decided against it. A girl has to keep some secrets.

    Just want you to know that your Saturday post wasn't nearly as bad as you thought. I'm sure that each and every one of us understood your feelings and disappointment.

  28. How exciting! I like the color and think it was a good choice. Will go with everything. I have never cooked with propane. Good thing you have a hubby is good at MANY things, but don't think this would be one of them, haha....ENJOY!

  29. Congrats on the new stove. Nice. Good for John. I wish my man was handy like that but he cooks so I had better not say anything. Love your header picture.

  30. Congratulations! An exciting moment.

  31. Love you new stove, but there is a hitch to my comment. Do not tell me it has a griddle in the middle nor it is a 36" stove ... chuckle.

    You can bake to your hearts content for Valentine's to make up for the loss of holiday baking, my friend.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  32. It's a beauty Vee! I'm sure you'll enjoy cooking and baking up a storm. Not only is your guy handy he knows how to make sure you don't see anything unsightly while bending over to install stuff! Enjoy...

  33. Yay! You can make your Christmas baking "Winter" baking instead! Cookies are always in season. ;-)


  34. Congratulations on your new stove Vee. I'm sure it will serve you well. I too love the color.

  35. I have always wondered what it would be like to be married to a handyman.

  36. I just love new stuff! You're right, it is a corker of a stove. I wish we had gas instead of electric, very handy when the power goes out . I can't wait to see what you bake - you can't let all those goodies go to waste, it would be a sin!

  37. Oh gosh, I hope he knows what he's doing! Perhaps it is something as easy as changing out a nozzle. Whenever we've needed something like that done, we get a plumber to take care of it. Gas/propane are too scary for us to mess with!

    I think your new stove sure looks like a honey. It will give you many, many years of wonderful service and memory making!

  38. Hi Vee,
    Happy your stove came, now you can be hot stuff again! :)
    We do not have natural gas here, so we had to buy a propane conversion kit. Glad dh can figure it all out!
    Happy baking!

  39. Ohhh...Ahhh...Love it and the fact that it's gas not electric. I want our next one to be gas - they'd have to run the gas line, but I'm going to get exactly what I want the next time. Stainless and Gas - well we'll see how that goes:)

    Love the snowy photo in your header - I'm hankering for some white stuff.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening!

  40. Hope that your new stove will be ready for that delicious baking before too long Vee. I can see why you decided to match colours with what you already have. I like the new look of your blog too!

  41. you're going from gas back to propane? Wish we had a gas stove..or even propane. Ours is electric and we really don;t like that too much..oh well..we'll have to have a gas line run if we decide to switch.

    So, what time are the cookies ready??

  42. Your new stove is glad you got it. Are you going to be baking up a storm now?? :)) That sweet man of yours deserves some of whatever his very favorite is. :))))
    Thanks so much for putting the giveaway button on your side. That gives you three chances at winning this nice craft bag. I've not seen one but have heard they are really nice.
    See ya...:))

  43. Morning the new stove...I am seeing a new fridge in my future as the old one keeps acting up...funny how we take our appliances for granted but let one go out and lordy we are throwed back in the stone ages!!!!! lol Cook that handyman something good..his kind is a rare treasure...I know...I have one myself! Have a great week sweetie...Picket

  44. Your new stove is great! I am envying those gas burners - it's what we want, too. We will have to get the adapter for propane.

    I am loving your red cupboard too! Very nice!

    That John is a saint, isn't he? We are blessed with the best of men, my friend!


  45. Congrats on that new stove! Love it..... Mikey tried to "self clean" ours the other day when he caught some grease on fire. lol


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