Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tip Nut ღ

Have a lot of muffins to bake? Want to save time? Featured on Tip Nut, I ask you, is *THIS* not brilliant?! Brilliant I tell you.

(John and I finally enjoyed our meatloaf, baked potatoes, and spinach with apple cider vinegar. Yummy. My new oven is already dirty. Sigh. I've decided not to bake anymore.)

homemade ric rac on the lampshade

Last night I crocheted some *ric rac* much fun. I'm pretty sure I could make enough to stretch around the house, but what exactly does one do with ric rac? Today I hope to be busy crocheting a handbag and enjoying the snowstorm. I'm blaming it all on Tip Nut.

What're you busy doing?

Love Vee


  1. Thank you for sharing TipNut - what a fun site to explore!

    Now you get to try the oven cleaning feature! Bet the meal was scrumptous.

  2. Oh yes, that tip IS brilliant!

    Glad you were able to have your yummy oven-meal. Isn't it true that you really appreciate something when you must do without it for a time?

    What am I busy doing today, you ask? Hmmmm...spending a bit too much time in Blogland when I should be in the Land of Home Education. My one student is in Nancy Drew Land and we both need to get to work!

  3. I'm going to be organizing closets. I've put it off long enough. I do this about twice a year. Enjoy your day.

  4. Quote: "Sigh. I've decided not to bake anymore."


    New Diet Tip!!!

    Get new stove.


    Get it dirty.

    Decide to give up baking.


    “Anne came dancing home
    in the purple winter twilight
    across the snowy places.”

    ~L.M. Montgomery, "Anne of Green Gables"

  5. stove did not stay clean either. I just can't keep them spotless.
    The muffin ring idea is fantastic.....such smart people out there.

    And...the rick rack. It is so fun Vee. I wish you lived next door. You and I could come up with some plan for miles of rick rack.

  6. OOO, but thank GOODNESS for self-cleaners. I love that feature!! I have to use it all the time. I am of the age that I well remember having to use some chemical to HAND clean my oven....and, I had to HAND defrost my freezer. Oh, the hardship of it all !!! to bake biscuits in MY dirty oven. :))

  7. I'm filing that tip on a shelf where it can be found! Great idea...those muffin rings.

    My oven needs to go through the cycle...soon. I have the self-cleaning oven...but am always reluctant to use it. It seems a little harsh...all that heat!

  8. Your dinner sounds wonderful....and so do your plans for the day. I am hoping to get busy on my coasters. I am off to check out Tip Nut now, haha..Have a good day!

  9. Dinner sound good!
    I'm doing a bit of work around the house, spending some time in blogland and then I don't know yet!

  10. Oh my goodness that is the BEST tip! Can't wait to share it with my girls.

    Love the happy colorful crochet too.

  11. I bet your dinner was delightful! Thanks for letting me know my favicon is working! Yeah! Cute Ric~Rac by the way! Passed the muffin tip on to my baker daughter.

  12. A dirty oven is a sign of love. So Bake on!! Using jar rings for cupcake tins is a great tip, thanks for the link.

  13. This is so cool! Now I know what to do with all those jar caps when not in use. Thanks for sharing Vee! Great site.Love the ric rac great idea too!
    Enjoy your day crocheting and the snow, and please you may keep the snow for a while, I have been enjoying our warm weather, but am told the bottom will drop out tonight, but no wet stuff is predicted.~smile~
    Oh! I almost forgot, so glad you are enjoying the new stove!

  14. That is an awesome idea! I will have to remember that one.
    A snowstorm and lovely, if only we had snow! :)
    There is hope though - I saw a chance of snow on our forecast for the first part of next week...hubby would be very happy indeed!


  15. Thank you for sharing TibNut site. I have signed up for their news letter. I have also become a follower of yours.

  16. What a great idea. Filing it away in my mind for future use. Maybe I should 'pin' it since my mind's filing system occasionally (ahem) misfiles or loses items.

    Snow! Can I say I'm jealous? I'd love just one snowstorm. Just a little one.

  17. Now that is an excellent idea!

    It has started snowing a lot here this afternoon.

    Just the perfect weather for starting some new project except I just want to bundle up on the sofa and sit by a kitty and drink something WARM.

  18. Now that was a very clever tip!

    Love your colorful rick rack.....
    p.s. I just cleaned my ovens yesterday with the automatic cleaner. Boy did the house smell for the first hour!

  19. What a clever idea for using the canning rings to make muffins! Who knew? It's one of those simple ideas that we all wonder why we didn't think of it first.
    Thanks for sharing the Tip Nut site.

  20. My stove is SO dirty! Don't tell. I'm waiting for the snow storm to arrive. I take it it's snowing there already. Is it bad? The east wind is so raw and I have to let the dogs in and out the front door which faces east. BRRRR. I got the thank you cards and emails answered (from my mil's funeral) - big job done! And, I cleaned one bathroom which leaves one to do. Enjoy the storm.

  21. What am I doing as a whole? Or just today? If it's today I am sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket reading a book, watching the thermometer plummet and hoping for even a flurry of the snow the forecaster as called for! We need a day off around here, although it does appear I have already taken one.....

    I am so glad you are enjoying your new stove! Meatloaf sounds so delicious!

  22. Oh no! Not another great website to explore and waste my time away. :)

    Love your ric rac it's adorable. :)

    Today I am just cleaning.. and making lasagna. :)


  23. I love the pic of your home on the header, winter peaceful :)

    I tried to crochet rick rack, I think the problem was the thread was to small for a beginner?
    Meat loaf and baked potatoes, one of our favorites!

  24. It's snowing here too so I'm sitting at my computer trying to catch up with my buddies :)

    Love the ric-rac - just don't put it all over the house - LOL.

  25. Well now you've gone and done it with another fun sight to visit! That tip you linked is really intriguing me. Have fun with your ric rac!

  26. I missed your post!

    Yea, your stove is up and cooking! Your meal sounds yummy...

    That rick rack is cute...I am going to have to check out Tip Nut - but I am afraid it will be too easy to get addicted to!


  27. I stopped by yesterday, Vee. Saw Tip Nut - went there and just didn't get back. The rickrack is wonderful. Great minds...we had meatloaf with peas....I do love spinach with vinegar, too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  28. The ric rac looks great on your lamp shade!
    Wish we'd get a powdering of snow, however it is cold here.
    I'm trying to organize drawers, closets and cabinets.

  29. Wow you have tons of projects going on here at The Haven. It is a shame about that light bill, those out door sparklies are so nice. I am loving the ric rac and only wish I could have one of those cookies. Winter would be a little more palatable for me if I was surrounded by lovely white snow. Not much else you could do but snuggling in and get domestic. Here it is just cold, overcast, dead and dull looking.

    I am trying to get off my you know what and try moving some paint around on a piece of paper today. Enjoy the weekend.


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