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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day Three of Shopping and Counting

Yesterday, the one who matters most and I headed off for the entire day to find the perfect outfit. We gathered many things, but there isn't an outfit in the lot. At least he understands what I am up against given the styles and colors and my figure challenges. So now I'm off for yet another day of shopping on my own. This is the last day that I am devoting to this particular challenge. The. last. day.

Leaving you with a photo of a rose. How very Mary of Little Red House of me! :D


  1. Yes, lovely. It seems that you are stuck in the challenge of needing something for a special event and that's the kiss of death when it comes to shopping. When you don't need a nice outfit they're everywhere, but when you've got a deadline and a party = there's absolutely nothing to be found anywhere.

    I'm wishing you wardrobe luck today.

    - Suzanne

  2. Good luck in your special outfit search! I have the same problem most of the time myself. How frustrating! Surely, today's the lucky day - third time's a charm, right? I think I counted right!
    Have a great 4th! Vickie

  3. Good luck finding your perfect outfit.
    This is a lesson to all of us - when we see something we really like, we should just buy it because when we need something we can't find it. :-)

  4. My your quest be fulfilled today! Happy hunting!

  5. Hoping you find that special outfit today. I think it could be a lucky day for you.

    take good care,

  6. I always shop alone... if I ever shop..which is rare....as I hate clothes shopping.

    If I am totally honest with myself...and with the reflection in the mirror.... I will choose the right outfit. I don't need salesclerks or anybody "helpful" to tell me what looks inappropriate or ridiculous for my body type and skin or hair colour.

    Can you believe one salesclerk told me at Christmas (after me trying on a total of 37 pairs of black slacks during that day) ... that I had a flat ass and I should consider buying some padded underwear!? I just looked at her, took that particular off and continued with others that she had hanging. Two pairs later...I found the perfect pair... on the cheapy rack too. Only $39... a perfect fit. I absolutely marched straight out of the change room... out into the store and twirled for all to see....showing off my "flat" derriere and being darn proud of it. She was strangely quiet....

    Paid my measly bill and left feeling proud of myself for having hung in there through a veeerrryyy long day of puny, messy change rooms and irritating, unhelpful clerks in about 7 shops.... whew... haven't been shopping since.....and...it is time. I need some new slacks for golf....

  7. Oh .. .all the best, I do wish you lived a wee bit closer. Are you observing the Trinny and Susanah book rules? Perhaps a seamstress would help, but the outfit that works the best and then have it alterd perfectly suiting your figure.

  8. Good luck shopping...I have many of those challenges myself and I try to avoid clothes shopping as much as possible!

  9. I come from a family that considers shopping a sport but I'm the odd duck out as I've never enjoyed it. Good fortune in your quest today.

  10. Beautiful photo!

    Good that you both went shopping.

    What ever is this very special dress, for?

    Why do I ask such questions...?




    Thou art the 'Queen Of Concealment', me thinks. ,-)

    'Smilnsigh' blog

  11. Oh - you are so Mary!!
    Hope you had a great day shopping - Happy 4th!
    Karla & Karrie

  12. Oh my...I feel your pain! There may be some good antique shops next to the clothing shops :D, that would be a plus wouldn't it. Take some lindt's in your purse, they may help. I look forward to seeing your new outfit Vee, how is your new hairdo? It's been a while now, just wondering if you're liking it.

  13. I have all faith that you will find just the right outfit that makes you feel 20, look 30 and forever in love!

  14. Hope the shopping trip was filled with success and you came home laden with the perfect outfit & accessories to boot (all on sale, of course!!)

    Happy Independence Day,
    kari & kijsa

  15. I am SO relieved to know I am not the only one wanting to know what the special outfit is for!! You may just call me nosey!

    I know the feeling though.And the pain. Not to mention the confidence issues which arise when everything you try on appears to be designed for a broomstick to wear. And whoever thought of bias cut should be hung drawn and quartered. Well, once you have seen me in it, you would understand why.

    Good luck, my friend. We want photos! And have a very Happy 4th July too!

  16. Just checking to see what you've been up to while I was away...and here you've been shopping non-stop! I feel your pain...I'll be going to a niece's wedding in a few weeks in some old duds unless I find something new shortly. And I actually liked clothes shopping once upon a time!

    Happy July 4th!


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