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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness. ~ Richard Bach

Thank you, my dear friend! They are beautiful and smell divine and they're still going strong!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Packages in the mail are so much fun! On June 29, Kari celebrated her My One Year Blog-iversary Giveaway and I won! So exciting let me tell you!

And what was in the box? Wonderful things that's what...

And here some of them are in their new homes...

This morning's newlywed news?

"Say, Hon, who do we have on our hit list?" John asks.

That's enough to give one pause, eh? (He meant playlist, but I actually could think of a few for the first.) :D

Have a heavenly day!


  1. Ah, such gorgeous flowers. . .Don't you just love the conversations that surround blogging with your sweetie? Mine says . . oh is that the one from. . . or is she the one who .. it is quite a lot of fun. Enjoy your day and try not to take a hit out on anyone.

  2. Hi Vee!
    What lovely flowers and such cute things from Karla! Congrats on winning her giveaway!
    My hubby also asks me about people and gives his comments. It's fun to have him join in sometimes. He loves the photos people take and thinks we all should be professional photographers! I wish!
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Sherry

  3. Correction: I meant KARI not Karla!! Please forgive me Kari if you see this! I still love everything!!

  4. I've been meaning to tell you that I LOVE the design of your header. It makes me covet. Hehehe...

    My husband would never make that mistake of "hit list". He knows there have been too many days I wanted to make a list of why to hit him. :)

  5. How funny. Tell him that the proper grammar would be "Who do we have on our hit list." That would change the meaning dramatically.

    Actually, I was thinking that he was asking what was on the list of things to do for the day. But you see, I'm living in the land of remodeling so that's where my brain is at.

    The Farmer said to tell your husband that he is now officially "blog fodder".

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  6. Beautiful flowers, Vee! and congrats on winning the giveaway - I'm jealous. I've been curious to know how the honeymooners are doing? Looks like you two lovebirds are doing great! I'm so pleased! I'm still waiting on a photo of you two together....

  7. What beautiful flowers. Isn't it fun getting packages in the mail? I'm reading the Mitford series by Jan Karon. I really like her books.


  8. Glad you like the stuff, Vee. All of it looks so much better in your house than it did on my dining room table. lol

    And tell Sherry I do forgive her for getting my name wrong. My family nickname is "Sissy" so "Karla" actually looks pretty good to me! lol

    P.S. LOVE the flowers!!

  9. You were so lucky to win that giveaway. Aren't those little dolls the cutest and you've displayed them in such a creative way.

    Even after 33 years together, some days I still feel I'm on my honeymoon. And if my husband asked about our hit list I'd know he was talking about our neighbor who allows his car alarm to beep, beep, beep about four times a day.

  10. Oh Vee...I do so love your sense of humor....I am reading These High Green Hills by Jan Karon...remember the book where Father Tim marrys Cynthia? When I read your blog and read a few pages....the both of you are beginning to meld together...hmmmmm

  11. Hi Vee, I have a very special award for you today. I know you have been on the receiving end a lot lately, but it is just your season girl!

    Please stop by for this special award! You and Mr. Sweetman deserve this one!

  12. LOL!!! I love the "hit list" comment by Mr. Sweetman

    Beautiful flowers and give away presents, Vee! It's so good to feel all your joy! :-)

    Hugs, Pat

  13. hahahha....I like that guy already! a man after my own heart! Always several on my hit list I can tell ya.

    Oh, the the little cupcakes are cute...BUT...the muffin tin they are in...now that is a real treasure!! It looks remarkably like my Bake Rite... the best 8 slot muffin tin ever invented!!

  14. The man is making a good start here in blogland.....!
    Lovely flowers, Vee! Just keep enjoying the honeymoon!

  15. Lucky you to win the giveaway!
    The flowers are lovely.
    You sound so happy. :-)

  16. OH MY GOD...you're breakin' him in, Vee...hit list...I love it...hope you two are still honeymooning...do you remember the song Yabba Dabba Honeymoon by Debbie Reynolds? I loved that song as a child...everytime I hear about newlyweds, I think of that song!
    and Kari knew I wanted those dolls, lol!

  17. Lovely flowers and the goodies you won are so darn cute!!! Have a great day!

  18. I am so happy about your beautiful flowers and the prize package. I love the little dolls. Those pretty faces are darling. I also want to say I am so happy about your new marriage. You deserve much happiness and may the Lord richly bless both of you!

  19. Darling post on the newlyweds! Congrats on the give away win and the flowers are beautiful! I'd tell you to have a good day, but, its in the bag!

  20. Oh yes I do!!! So does everybody else! Vickie

  21. Beautiful flowers and gifts from Kari! You have a special "spring" in your blogging lately :), I guess love is in the air! It's wonderful you are so happy, it makes me smile :).

  22. Hi Vee:

    I just nominated you for an award on my blog. You deserve it.

    Drop in when you have a moment.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  23. Loved this post.. I am making late rounds today as I have been out most of today taking care of different family needs. A hit list... hmmm... now that's one to ponder. So happy the newlyweds are happy!

    :-) Christi

  24. Beautiful flowers, beautiful giveaway.....Mary